Dec 14, 2012

The twins are super fed-up

To everyone that is following my blog, I am going to take a holiday break and a blog break till 2013. I am seeing forward to just enjoy this season that are upon to hit us. It’s so nice to start creating our family memories together. It’s  special!

So to everyone out there...

Geseende Kersfees

       Joyeux Noel      Frohe weihnacthen

Buon Natale           Felix navidad

Meri Kurisumasu        God Jul

     Mijlaad Majiid       Krisimesi emyoli



Hope you all have a wonderful time.

Will miss you, see you all in 2013 



Me, Luv and the twins


Dec 13, 2012

.. and now the end is near... 2012 was defiantly on a speed-jet. In a blink of an eye it has come and go...

I cannot really tell you what I did this year, except giving attention to the twins and their needs. It as a full time job which I enjoy to the fullest. Its a job that feels as if it just are going to quickly.

I miss the small little baby-stage sooooo much, and it is so sad to know that there will never be  small babies in this house again and if the pregnancy I lost this year ( due to the ectopic)  went thought.... I still wish, with my changes of zero.... the baby was as we speak on the way!!!

But my two little miracle, I will not change –in for anything!! I just adore them with every inch in me.

I am still in “un-believe-mode” I look around me and if I see how my house, change in this miracle-disaster! I don’t have a care in the world, because its my kids that have done it, and I am so glad there are two little people who are living with us now and that they have change my world up side down!! I am addicted to this chaos!

My to do list for 2012 are as long as an elephant’s trunk, with a few out standings form 2011... but Saturday night at 23h00 me and Luv have finish the first thing on the  2013 list. We paint the walls and fireplace. The red colour on my walls I painted 6 years ago after a failed IVF, it was my angry colour!!   I hate it every time I look at it the last few months. We paint it the colour I hate most.... white, why you will ask  just get it white, I am not finish with the walls I ‘ve got plans.... and we needed to paint the fire place inside, because I am fed-up with the millions of stuff in front of it to keep the twins out and to keep them clean.


When they wake up the next morning they just could not believe how lucky 2 people can get!
...can this be true????

Dec 11, 2012

We have been away for a few days due to Luv’s work. We decided to stay with a friend’s at their beach house. It was very nice.

But last night, just before 4  o’clock the morning my friend was hearing noises in the kitchen. She thought it was Luv ( it was his duty turn) thinking he was searching for something, Luv was awake hearing it too , thinking it was my friend in the kitchen fiddling around...

My friend was getting up to see what’s up with Luv, but there was no-one. She went to the loo and before getting into bed, looking on her cell phone for the time. While lying in bed looking at the cell phone’s light that was still on, she saw, something reaching for it. Next moment someone was grapping it next to her..... she wake her husband telling him something is in their room..


Next moment a man jump up and run away.  I know this is fuck!! But this is what happening all the time in SA.

He have take cash for the handbags and cell phone’s and from the neighbours where the same happen while they were sleeping they stole laptops, cells, jewellery, iPods and ipads.

You not even save in your own houses while sleeping!!! and to think they are next to your bed...

And this is the 3rd time it happen to us while we were staying over at friends, its freaking!!

Dec 6, 2012

If we buy stuff for the twins like toys, whatever, we do not buy two of each. For the simple reason,  how will my house end up looking? And from the start we want them to share ( something that no kids if any ,not even these two understand)

Sometimes I do get presents which are the same , but that’s where it end.

But their cots look identical. With the same trimmings and stuff inside.

Each have a 1 metre long worm ( the first thing I bought when we know its twins) we use it more for packing them tight in their cots, because they are turning like a “fun fair” there are a extra cushion that’s the one plus the one for their heads and then they got a small blancky-toy-thing  and then each got and identical same mouse.

This mouse’s, was the first thing I bought after our 3 months scan, after seeing our two precious identical twin boys ! I can still remember that scan, it was so cool to see them....I never bought baby stuff because  every time it ended in a miscarriage. But that time it felt so real.

After I lost the boys, I was putting everything in a memory box and when I felt the need, I open it and have a cry-of-life-time. In this box were all the scans pic’s, prezzy we’ve got and the 2 furry mousses.


When the twins were born, it just felt real to give them, their 2 brothers, little toys. I think it was like a healing thing for me.

The mousses are the exact same but for some reason there are a huge difference that only Nika and Wium can see. Its crazy I know.

We can do what we want they both cry for the same mouse!!! Even if I put the two next to each other they go for the same one.

This morning Nika got “THE ONE” first and showing it to Wium like “Look what I’ve  got” WEE LAA!! And Wium was charging towards her and she was going like the wind doing everything so that Wium just could not catch the mouse and her.


Dec 4, 2012

The twins are both now start walking which are so cute!  To see the small little bodies and their proud with each step. but if they want to get to a place quick they speed-crawl.

They are all over the place right now. I leave the safety gate on the stairs open, so now they go up and down all the time on their own. They love going up and play in their room. You can see its their special place, which they adore.  I think they like the new freedom.

They are climbing on to everything which are a bit dangerous because they not afraid( i hope the afraid will kick in soon)yesterday Nika climb up the ladder to the slide and slide down on her own.. if you could see her face, I did not think see know the speed down.

Its unbelievable how they managed their bodies in ways to get where they want to be. They are unscrewing everything that gets into their hands.

And the fighting for things is getting more. Both got a way of their own, but they battle their own fights. But to see how much they love each other is so special. Wium is a real little boy and Nika are the sweet little girly with the curly hair.

I’ve got them more or less in a routine that works wonders ( if that ever happen with twins)

They go to bed most nights 7 o’clock and a few times 8 o’clock but that’s it. Have to say at the end of the day its nice just for me and Luv to have our chats  and some time for our own things. I just put them down in their cots...tell them to sleep and close the door....and it work like a bomb.

They wake once or twice maybe at night so its wonderful the nights.

Thet getting so big now and want to talk the whole day to me. To see their personalities is unbelievable. There is such a mix!! The one will do things my way and the other way Luv’s way.

I love every minute of being a twin mommy xxxxx

And can you think its their 2nd Christmas.....Wwowwwww
I want your hat sissy!!

Nov 30, 2012

How do you have hope???

How do you still believe???

How do you go on ??

How do you keep your sprit up high??

How the hell do you cope??

... IF things don’t work out the way , you so badly with every single cell, fibre, thought, and every inch of our whole heart wanted it to be ??

It’s then when you realise that Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance in the rain.....

Because that storm you in, is bad , its really  bad, for you it’s the worst storm ever. It’s a storm that can be storming out within no time, or it can be one that will keep on  and keep on twirling you for side to side. And not matter what, you just don’t see the end. You are planning, but the end it just not in sight.

Its a storm that will leave you with bruises, scars, personality changes, it will fuck you up emotionally in so many ways. It will take years, if ever to heal.

And all you can you for your self is dance in the rain !!! even if you hate the rain!

If you are an IF this time of the year is the worse!!! I am still trying to get myself in the sprit ( after all these years its weird I hate this time), because if you don’t have kids!! Christmas is a horrible time!!

I know how you so badly just wanted to be pregnant at Christmas....maybe because its the end of the year....which mean next year you start with another infertile –new-year or its because you have to face you family with loads of kids and loads of preggy-bellies

I’ve got friends who just did Ivf-ing with a big-fat-NO

Friends who are busy with  IVF-ing

Friends that so badly wanted a next kid, but don’t wanted to go thought this whole treatment again ( it already took them years just to get one)

Friends who have to call this the end ( who in their hearts still HOPE)

And then I’ve got friends that I know and suffering in silence...

So to all of you out there who are in this freaking rocking boat, I salute you !! and I wish I can dance with you in the rain.

And in this time of the year all I can say is ...just think of yourself and no one else. Do what you wanted to do and not the family. Do what makes you happy. Do things for you and enjoy it... and be happy.  Maybe 2013 will be the year without storms!!
Love and Kisses


Nov 29, 2012

It’s the twins Grandma’s Birthday today!!!! And all they want to say is........ Happy Birthday Ouma!!!!

When are you going to visit us again, we miss you!!!

Nov 26, 2012

Twins are busy with their exercise programme...I think they are scared of all the holiday food that are around the corner. Or maybe they wanted to fit into their swimsuits when going to the beach!

Nov 22, 2012

This week is our actually due date week a year ago. The twins are their official one year old!  And I am proud to say that they have reached all their one year millstones.

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, you are not babies anymore and are moving to toddler stage....WoW !!  I can dearly say I do miss the baby stage and every time I am holding a small little baby my heart start missing a beat, because I just adore little babies!!!!

The pleasures my miracles are giving me are just endless. We enjoy them soooo much and every day are a treat just to watch and see them they have change our life into so much special moments.

Some day’s I still cannot  think that this would not have been possible if one special girl did not wanted us to experience to precious gift of PARENTHOOD

Nov 19, 2012

We have had a very busy schedule lately, we visit Suro-Sus quickly, and some friends ( that was really nice) and pop in to the shops , while friends and family babysit...yes I am leaving them with other people now..... But it’s always quickly!.

We visit my parents on the farm, and let the twins swim which they love. I want to learn them now too, not being afraid of water and to be water-wise. In the town where we live there is a lady doing swimming classes and when I phone her, because I want to take the babies, she said she only do  it from 2 years... you cannot learn them now they too young...... yes I was shock!! every one I know took their kids from 3 months and I have been to classes with suro-sus kids and saw with my own eyes how babies, where operating in water and it was amazing. I wound  nottake my kids to her,  I will do it on my own.... that’s small-town –bummer I suppose!!

Nika was climbing against an eating chair and have had a really bad fall!! Poor little thing , but minutes after that she was up and about again. She just love climbing.

My parents have planted a fruit tree for every grandkid when they were born. Nika have Plumcot and Wium a Nectocot. We took some pics at their trees. They love the farm. Just before we leave, we bath them and put them in the car, they were so tired of all the playing and swimming, they fall asleep in seconds. When we arrived home, its the gamble do we wake them or let them sleep???? Because they went to sleep to early..... we both were so tired!! Decision..... put them in bed and see what happen......and they sleep till the morning!! Wowo that was nice.
Nika all "armed up" for the swin
The "ouma and oupa" grandkids fruit trees.
Nika and Wium before their trees.
Twins having a "ball" in their grandma's nurcery

Nov 14, 2012

Nov 11, 2012

Awhile ago, friends of us where talking , how fed-up they get to make the same food and don’t have time to make different food and its simple to do a spread for only 2 people and bla blab la...

Then we decided ... every first week of the month one of us ( me , Luv and the other couple) needs to make food for the others.

The rules: something you never have made before, it must be enough food ( we don’t want to starve at the end)  you need to do everything on your own, the others just arrive, enjoy and go home, you don’t need to bring anything or help in the kitchen... and the best part we catch-up all the stories and laughter of the past month.

It’s something on the calendar that we cannot wait for every month.

I have had a turn, and the other lady too, Last week it was Luv’s turn. Here is the menu...impressive for a man!! And I think he defiantly needs to make more food in this house!.


It was Chicken snitzels filled with, basil-pesto, figs, and camberment cheese with a spinach, with strawberries, feta cheese and “biltong”( very south African) soak in cranberry balsamic vinegar.

And desert was Crème Brulee ( a bit burned but it’s the oven’s fault)

Its always great excitement to see what’s going to be on the plates. Nobody even give a hint of what will be on their menu’s !!!

Nov 9, 2012

This week my parents visit us for 2 days, and it was wonderful, the extra pair of hands.

I have had the time to go alone to town for shopping that was wonderful and we went out the one night. Like one of my friends said, we did not see you the last year and now you are out every week.....I suppose things change. But now the “oupa” and “ouma” are gone so stay at home nights are on the list for some time.

The twins where freaking out their Oupa and Ouma with all their climbing skills...often I was hearing...are they supposed to do this?? Nika like showing off all her circus-tricks.

The twins love the visit and all the playing....but when my parents left. Nika start crying hysterically!! she will miss them, Wium just wave “ta ta”  

And their other Ouma and Oupa form far send them such nice prezzies!, thanx xxxx

Nov 5, 2012

This past weekend we went away for a break ( with the twins) just a family-get-away. I was seeing so forward to it.

We went to a hotel in Haroldsbay ( my special-eye catch this huge special for the weekend and we book)

For the moment we set foot at the hotel we where treat. The twins got their own room, which is nice , we struggle to sleep with them in the same room. We they have had a connecting-room. They think it was heaven all this new spaces to explore.

They love the breakfast-buffet in the morning, luckily we got time to eat while they was climbing on their pram . It was such a relax weekend just to do NOTHING!! And just enjoying our time together.


The Saturday I went to the SPA.... I love the treatments and just the peace.... and just the me-time which is very seldom now.... silence is golden.... ( wonderful hubby look after the kids) and after me he went for a massage.

We meet up with friends for drinks and then it was back to our rooms for bath and sleep time.


Before kids you operate at night, now when the clock tick 8 at night you stay in your room. Like I said to Luv, we don’t even know how the lights in the garden look at night!

But it was just what we needed!!! A weekend away!!
Nika enjoying her Latte
Mommy we can not wait to get bath !!
Twins taking a nap at the pool
Suppose to drink their bottles, while we having a drink
the "Fam"

the twins with their private driver for the weekend...Wium waving like a king

Nov 2, 2012

The local school have had a “musical” last night, and on number 99 me and luv decided to go....


And the outcome we need to leave the twins for a few hours at someone who will babysit ( this is a big thing for me) a friend of mine offer to look at them and we I said....okay thanx it will be great...I put down the phone and wanted to start to vomit!! This will be the second time ever I will leave them for a few hours without me.


Thinking will they be fine, will they not cry, will they miss me, will they survive, will they not hate me, ???????

The outcome.... they did not cry once, was having a ball, and went sweet and sound to sleep zzzzzzzzz. And we enjoyed the quick break so much!!!


Thanks to the babysitters xxxxxx

Nov 1, 2012

Books, Magazines, papers....  I am in love!! They are part of my life!

When I was in school, I hate reading! I did not read at all. Not even the books that we needed to read for school. My friends did that and told me the info, and I pass!! My last year of school was my first book I ever was for the English class..Something like the “Mountain rocky road ???? did not make an impression as you can see. I thought it was my first and last book.

I have had a grandma who read every week 12 books from the  library. When she goes to get  new books, she have had this basket to carry them.

And I have had this roommate at school, who every week when we got our off day to go to town...she went to the library to fetch books and she was always reading...I was thinking it was waste-time.

When I was in primary school there was a reading month, don’t know which month and then they give out the “bookmark” and on it was an owl with spec’s on and it said....reading is power ( I cut out the owl to make gift cards....)

But then somewhere along the line I start reading and I have not stop doing it. I love reading! I love magazines and start at the first page taking it though to the very last,  I read 4 books a week, favourites are life stories that’s my best and when I don’t have time” mills and boons” because its only 2 hours and its quickly, I know loads are rolling their eyes but I like them.

In my house there are always books lying all over the place because I am reading a few at the same time. Each time we move to a new town the first day I will go to the library. And once I months I took the morning off to go and read the other  magazines I don’t have at home!!

And then I got the twins !! that leave me with zero reading time, or if I have time, I am to tired!

I did read my magazines, some took months longer to the other to them finish.

But 2 weeks ago I went to the library, they were so happy to see me! And got myself a book, which took 3 days !! and it was utter bliss, it felt amazing! And yesterday I quickly go and return and crap another one. I do the reading while I try to get them to sleep.

I cannot think my world without reading....and the owl was on the dot!!


 Reading is power!!!

Oct 29, 2012

The weather is changing and we just love to go out more!! And the kids like that too!

I can watch them for hours!! They are just so cute, and when I look at them I am thinking, do  I hold them enough, do I kiss them enough, do I say I love them enough??? Because time is on a jet plane.... but I am here with them 24/7 , and I haven’t miss one thing of them.....I COUNT MYSELF SOOOOO LUCKY!!  To have the privilege to be a stay-at-home-mom...its the best job ever!

Wium is racing to have all his teeth soon but Nika ( have the symptoms but no teeth showing) They getting more and more talkative , saying the basic one years old words, and their own twin langue. Nika can say her name!!! But I think it’s only because it such an easy name.

This morning she wake and I was lying in bed listening....first she call mamma....and then when she defiantly wanted me to come and get her....she call Nika..its so sweet.

They are sleeping so much better, I can not tell you how more sleep for us has changed my life. For the past 2 weeks( when we decided to not get up for them all the time)  every night one of them will sleep from 7 to 6 and the other one will wake once ( so much better than 10 time a night) for the first time in a year we have had time to start watching a series on TV, its addictive!! So soon all the last years missed movies will follow.

They are eating everything you give them and are not fussy about food, its great. And they love coffee shops ( maybe because other people are having them on the hip,  and they got attention.

We are going out ALLOT!! So when they saw I am getting out their Orange-bag ( with all their goodies in it) they go BALLISTIC !!! Then they will cling to your legs ( which mean you cannot move to pack) they will start to moan. I think they know we are going out and they are so scared we will leave them behind ( who will ever leave them behind??) if I pack for the weekend they will be on me the whole day till daddy comes home. If you put the one in their car seat the other one will crawl to the other side  of the car and sit and wait for the door to open.....just so scare to not leave with us. When they all strap-up.....they start smiling!!!

They love playing hide and seek for the past 2 months. They do it daily! One will go behind the curtains and then the other one rip the curtain open.....and then they think its the best ever. Last week I saw them each with a cloth over their eyes while they think you call that game hide-and-seek-on-the-run.

Their best game of all time, when I am lying on the floor and they can crawl, attack, climb and abuse me. Very funny for them to put the fingers in my navel....

..they love giving kisses and hugs!!! They adorable!! xxxx
if you catch them like this.......trouble

Oct 25, 2012


Oct 23, 2012

Sunday we went for some shopping at a nearby town. Just to fill-up all or cupboards and baby stuff we are in need of. After an hour in the mall we have done NO shopping, just diaper change and giving food!

Before kids..... in that hour , I would have finish ALL the shopping !! now NONE.

Then we sleep over  at friends, which are always a bliss!! To see them and to have so many laughs!! Thanx for your hospitality chaps xxxxx

Next morning 9h we visit the chiro, Nika was having a bit of discomfort after her leg got stuck 2 weeks ago and I have had terrible headaches lately  ... now we sorted out!!

Then it was vaccinations time, I am always feeling so sorry for them and then they take it was a breeze ( maybe use to needles after their stay in ICU)

Nika is weighing 10, 7 kg and her length 79 cm.  Still only have 2 teeth and she got her first torn in her foot ( and she can not even walk where did she got that from?) Wium are weighing 9, 7kg and his length 78cm and busy with tooth no 8.

After that they fall asleep and I hit the shops while Luv did car-baby-sitting, amazing how much you get done on your own!

As we hit the road they wake and so we end up at a coffee shop where they played on the grass. For them to be in car seats all day not nice at all.


Family time are just so cool!!

Oct 19, 2012

after  getting into and onto everything in the house

you look pass-out like this at the end of the day...

Oct 17, 2012

We are a week and a half into our new very strict sleep routine. The twins did not sleep well at all and we where awake almost the whole night. Sometimes better than other but then when they hit it full on again!!

Wium never want to sleep. Nika is a better sleeper but then her brother wake her all the time.

I don’t want to move them away from each other tried it months and months ago they were so in need of each other so we won’t go that path again,

So we were in despite need of SLEEP!!!!!!!

But when they turn one..... Enough was enough and we both agree we will not get up anymore at night. They were never screamers at night , they just don’t stop talking......when they awake.


We start this not-going-you-2-too-manipulate-your-parents-anymore-ever-at-night-again...

And it works like a bomb!!!  They will go to sleep from 7-8 at night and will wake at 4 o’clock ( thats what you call heaven) have quick sip and sleep till 6-7.

Funny how scared you are to try something new, and then you wonder, why did it took us so long???

Oct 15, 2012

Its suppose to be the start of summer.... but  its pouring outside!!! Its raining cats and dogs!!

And when it rain the first thing on my mind...” pannekoek” !!

Rain=Pannekoek ( pancake)


My grandma have live just opposite us on the farm and she was the best “pancake-baker”,

 the clouds could just look like rain and she have start making the mix...and then when the first raindrops fall, we ran to her house because all our kids just LOVEEEEEE pancakes, and we know she will have then , so when you hit the door, a pancake was already waiting on a plate for you. That such wonderful memories I’ve got form when I was a kid.

I think South-Africans just love them because at any fair or “boerebasaar” the waiting rows are endless...

Me and Luv both like pancakes. I am not the best baker of them ( maybe because everything must be snappy with me, luv will  take his time and that’s why he is the best pancake baker ever in my eyes) as you see its something that get made often in our house. We love them with fillings , sometimes weird ones but interesting....but the best pancakes

Ever are the cinnamon-sugar ones!!!

And today they will be on the menu!!!

Oct 12, 2012

 Wium are getting new teeth again so he is a bit like a whizz now, moaning and complaining. Shame poor chap! Nika have decided this is not for me and still only have 2 shining teeth.

Their sleeping during night turned into a night mare!!! We where up all night. But now they have turned one.... and we decided this is IT. On Sunday night we decided we are just not going to get up for them anymore. They must start learning to sleep. We will only get up when we hear after a long time that they not going to settle. And the outcome....wonderful nights!!!!! They only wake once now, which is heaven on earth. It makes a unbelievable difference for us....more sleep!! We really hope this will last, because with babies, they always do things that amazed you.

They can stand for longer times now and give a step to something near, for me this is not walking ( walking is when they walk) so for now I will call they trying to walk babies. But they are on the move now and I cannot leave them for a sec.

They love climbing stairs ( I think if they can they will do it all day long.) and they can get down too, after lots of practice. Nika is better than Wium she is more stable. They are getting onto everything; the coffee table is where they almost sit all day. Its funny how you think they still babies and then they do stuff that shock you like yesterday.

I went to town and while talking, I get them out of the pram so that they can crawl, what they did. They climb onto their pram by themselves, and wanted to get to the top bar. They just wanted to get onto EVERYTHING!!

Then when I got home I put them on the grass. Wium wanted to swing he loves that. Nika is always playing around the slide, her favourite. I put them on the grass and quickly just push the pram inside the house, it took a few sec’s. When I turn around Nika was climbing up the heart nearly stop from shock!!
Nika is not scared of anything....she climbed to the top!!

maybe she is a monkey and not a baby.....

Oct 10, 2012

what will a world be with out DREAMS ?

Oct 8, 2012

 And so a year have passed... it have passed so quickly that I am still in a super-space-of  “really” did I made it???

Did I get to the year mark ??? and O so many was telling me NO YOU WILL SEE !!! and I still waiting to see, and you know my eyes are wide open and I don’t see it ( not even with my spec’s or contact lenses) I am still waiting to see....

That made me wonder .... these “OTHER PEOPLE” of who is family and friends,

Is it just to have a say ??

Are they just a parent with no baby-skills?

Are you just super=dooper=damm=freaking-lazy?

Are just a parent for the shine ( you know the family with the nice fam-photo)

Or are you this know-it-all-parent ( who don’t even look after your own kids and are always without them because YOU NEED A BREAK and are always telling others how hard it is to have kids)


When I got my babies, it was my OWN decision to raise them on my own with Luv. I wanted to look after them myself ( afterall I have waited so long for them and I don’t want to miss anything they do) and its not that I am not career driven, its just my decision to be a stay at home mom. And because I did not have someone helping me at home ,people was sitting waiting to see that I will not from the first month I was hearing SO will see, you cannot do everything on your own just wait till they 2 months or this or that month....and no its a year and I still wait to see, what I don’t have a clue??

And I am coping well without a day nanny or a night nanny or a grandma or a babyguru. I have been with my babies all the time except the day I was in hospital with the ectopic. , I took my kids with where ever I go and it fine. Bit chaos but its fun.

So people can do it and some cannot, so if you cannot do it keep your mouth shut.

I don’t want a star on my forehead for...nicely done!! It was my decision. Why not give me some credit, because I have done it on my own and it was fun and still are... I love my babies to bits!!

Oct 4, 2012

Playing is I think one of the most wonderful things for, being a kid. You can play all day long and just have fun !!! and that is what me and the twins are doing ALL DAY LONG.

I don’t get any time more to do my own stuff, due to the extra help I’ve got. If I un pack the dishwasher, they climb into it( I do that in the evenings now) when I do the washing, they immediately crawl to the veggie-garden to rip it apart or put old snail shells into their mouth, it give me the creeps ( so now I do the washing at night ) because I was vacuuming for when they were only a few weeks old, they are so used to the vacuumed machine, when I put it on, they charge to me and start to attack the nozzle, it’ s a BIG GAME for them ( so now I vacuum at night) if I want to do any other thing they grip my pants, what leave me to leave what I was busy with and give my attention to them.

As you all can see all that’s left is to play all day long, and they just love every sec of that. Because we did such a lot of things they love to swing and slide( not on their own) love water playing and sand is a all time favourite ( can be of the lust for their new sand-diet) stairs is fun and the newest thing to put cushions and then climb on them into the couches ( it gives me nearly a heart attack, but at the end its part of life and learning)

So see how they develop due to playing is so wonderful and rewarding to us. I believe that what you put in ,you will get out double in life !!

 I want to keep them playing for as long as possible...
..playing at their party...

Oct 1, 2012

And so the twins turned ONE !!! the few days before the party its was the weirdest feeling to know that I am going to bake a Bday cake ( have you ever thought that??? And our babies will have friends over to party with them....have you ever thought that will happen, and people will sing” happy birthday” to YOUR KIDS !!! can we be so lucky !! at last !!

It was a bit emotional for me and I cried after looking at our miracle day, a year ago. It is the best ever to look at our birth video. It bring back soooo many memories and moments!.

... and the girl with the golden heart who made all the possible... THE BEST SIS IN THE WORLD  and I am the lucky one to have her.....SURO-SUS!!!! I salute you xxxxx

I have had 2 cakes( one for their bday date and the one for the party-day) I enjoyed it so much to made it myself.

On the Birthday, Suro-sus and her family and my mother came to us. So nice to have the family over and we have had loads of fun. And the next day it was


PARTY-DAY!! Or do I have to say Circus day! It was a circus in my house, I have only invite just babies-friends for the first year, because nobody can really walk yet.

When I put the cake down...Wium get a  grip on the nose of the clown, and we could not get it back again... so it was n nose-less-clown. I struggle to get the candles going, they just want to touch it, my only conclusion of a 1year old  party..... its total chaos and FUN     !!

It was such a special day and I huge milestone in our lives!!

We were exhausted!!!

Nika and Wium I cannot tell you how much you 2 mean to me, there are NO words for that. I just adore and love you to bits. You are the most special babies of my heart and I enjoy having you ALL DAY on and over me. You have bring so much to me and you dad, we cannot think a live without you 2.




The family circus arrives

Their 2 nieces, sing to when on their Bday!

The cake I had made....clown with candyfloss-hair.

Nika and Wium with their Tummy-Aunty !!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Sep 28, 2012

Happy Birthday my lovely little Miracle twins!!!!

The first birthday updates will follow soon...

Sep 26, 2012

Sep 26, 2011

32 WEEKS!!!!!! And Guess what!!!!!!!


Wednesday half pass one; we are going to meet the most precious, beautiful, special, cute, miracles twin babies!!!!!!!!!!! In the world!!


We are going to be PARENTS!!! Can you believe it!!!!!


We visit the doc today and Suro-sus cervix is hanging on threads!! It’s open!! I could see that on the scan and if there is one thing we don’t want, it’s labouring at home. Not again. When the doc made the call of the due date , I start crying!!! After all these years its happening.


Luv got time to get his ass down here (He is super ecstatic!!) and I need to get the cameras charged and we need to do the last minute waxing and sorting of the suro-sus kids for Wednesday!!


All I can say is WoWWWWWW WoWWWWWW!!!!!


This was my post a year ago... I still can remember the excitement!! it was overwhelming !! it can still feel the fivers.....and how we could not wait to meet them.. at blooming last.