Oct 15, 2012

Its suppose to be the start of summer.... but  its pouring outside!!! Its raining cats and dogs!!

And when it rain the first thing on my mind...” pannekoek” !!

Rain=Pannekoek ( pancake)


My grandma have live just opposite us on the farm and she was the best “pancake-baker”,

 the clouds could just look like rain and she have start making the mix...and then when the first raindrops fall, we ran to her house because all our kids just LOVEEEEEE pancakes, and we know she will have then , so when you hit the door, a pancake was already waiting on a plate for you. That such wonderful memories I’ve got form when I was a kid.

I think South-Africans just love them because at any fair or “boerebasaar” the waiting rows are endless...

Me and Luv both like pancakes. I am not the best baker of them ( maybe because everything must be snappy with me, luv will  take his time and that’s why he is the best pancake baker ever in my eyes) as you see its something that get made often in our house. We love them with fillings , sometimes weird ones but interesting....but the best pancakes

Ever are the cinnamon-sugar ones!!!

And today they will be on the menu!!!

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