Jun 29, 2012

Yesterday the twins got too the 9 month mark. Its unbelievable how things happen at a speed-of-pace. Today you enjoy this and tomorrow they have passed that doing, and new things are on the horizon.

If you have in mind that their actual age is 7 months, they are doing ssssssssssoooo good. Wium have been crawling for the pass 2 months already and Nika was following 2 weeks later.  ( the boys are always behind girls????? Not this time) It took Wium 2 days and he have had the crawling motion under the knee. Nika was the lazy-age and was going more like a snake through the house. But now she have the crawling right.

They are eating anything I give them, so glad they love mommies cooking. Their sleeping habits change as we speak.... they sleeping right now and acutely I was on my way to town with them,, now I need to wait for them to wake.

They are most adorable right now, I just love every moment. Nika is very social and Wium will be like his father looking the cat out of the tree.

I leave them to explore, which is a very good thing and for them and for me, extra work. They have eaten half of my new unread magazine, getting up to everything and they have loads of bruises. This morning they have open Luv shaver and when I saw it they have cover their heads with the hair..... such a mess. Yesterday it was the fireplace and just after I dress them, they were ..BLACK!!

And this morning, I saw 2 shining diamonds in Wiums mouth......2 teeth have appear !! This is a Highlight for Luv.

Jun 27, 2012

... and then our holiday ended with a CRASH!!

On our why back home at a traffic light a young girl crash into the back of our car. It was a hell of a “BANG” and that total shock! Because we are not 2 anymore in the car.

The moment she crashed us and that utter silence before the twins start crying, made me old, the thoughts that cross our minds .within seconds we ripped the crying twins out.

They were sitting in their car seats buckle-up so they were fine, we all have had whoop lash. On our why to the Chiro so that will be fix, thanx goodness.

So thats what happen on our break!!

Jun 25, 2012

.. and from the last place we stayed in Wocester
View from where we stayed..

Jun 24, 2012

During our 2 week away we also visit the Infertility Clinic. The place that was so part of my life for so long. This time with babies.

The moment we get to the hospital so many memories buzz on me. All the times I was getting up in the dark to get to the clinic. And that terrible feeling when you open the door and you see the reception and remember the million of times you was waiting and hoping and praying and believing and whatever feelings that jump on your back.

It feel very funny to go in there with babies.....but O damm  it was the best FEELING EVER!!!! The 10 years of try...was so worth it.

There was a couple waiting and it was as if I could not look at them, because I know exactly what’s going through their heads. I was so glad it was not me again.

The next moment the sisters pitch and it was  such a happy seeing each other!! And I was fine...but then I saw my doctor....and it was too much for me........I CRY !!! it was so emotional for me.

We have had such a nice chat and he was so happy to meet our miracle twins and say it is such a story of hope. We have come a long way.  One of the sister’s mention that I have join them, even before they were at that hospital. Yes I have even seen the decor-changing of the new premises a few times.

When we left  I told Luv it was a very emotional time for me the last 2 days visiting the hospitals , doctor, ICU, sisters, it drained me big time

BUT ...................It was the BIG END FOR ME. 

It was FINAL

IT was the END

We have come a long and difficult way, a not so easy way....but it was closure


Thanx to everyone that was  part of it , I love you all xxxxx

Jun 21, 2012

The next week we did our entire Doctor’s check-ups. Many moon ago, you would not see me at ANY doctor. I hate them and the big thing I was shit scared of them. (Injections were my down fall)... but now dr’s are my best friends. It’s the people I visits the most the pass 10 year, not willingly, that I can tell you.

I am a regularly-check-up-person now. I went for my eyes test every 2 years, my teeth very year, Chiro- maintains every 6 months. Gyni yearly. I do that because I am not scared anymore, and I don’t want to hear....If you just did your checkups regularly we could have help you, but now.....sorry! So from my side I will do my part.

We went to the Dermatologist, we go every 2 years, then he check all our sun spots ect. We are out door in summer mostly and with skin cancer all over the place, nice to know you fine. 

I went for a mammogram, I am not 40 yet but I know so many women younger than 40 with breast cancer and I know friends who have died from it. And after all these years of hormonal treatments I wanted to know I am fine. At the breast clinic they told me all the treatment can have a big effect. I did not know what to expected, because some people always tells you how sore it is.....I  felt nothing.  When I told a friend I am going, she said, so you can going to make a saucer from cup ?? When the girl got me lined up for the mammogram, pulling and squashing my boob to the scanner I was thinking about the “cup and saucer” thing and when I look down and I saw my flat boob, I thought I am going to burst out of laughter, it was just so damm funny !! SO she is asking are you fine?? Not uncomfortable??? I could just peep out a Yes....all I wanted to do was laugh!.  So boobs check ....all fine....the saucer is back to cup now.

We also took the twins to the Pead, they are fine.

The hospital wanted to see them...so we first visit the doctor who did the birth, he could not think it was those ,ones small preemies. And then we hit the hospital, who like the Pead said, I did not told them, you coming but they cannot wait to see you. When I hit the hospital, loads of memories hit me. For a while a few months ago it was my home and the people inside my family. They were all so excited to see us and Nika and Wium. We peep into ICU and there was this super small baby. Luv was shock and ask, Geee how much do that baby weigh..... she was 800g more than our babies. Its unbelievable how small  they were and for us they were babies!!!!

Jun 19, 2012

Jun 18, 2012

The Saturday it was Suro-sus girl’s Bday party. It was a “princess castle party” with loads of kids!!! And the twins enjoyed it so much. They are not shy at all and love to socialize, I am so happy they are not these shy-sitting-under-my-dress-tipe.  Wium is crawling all over the place, you cannot leave him for one sec. He just leaves nothing!! He floods the mat at one place, with a sealed water bottle ( how did he do it??? Don’t know!) he took a wind-up-torch and break it ( how did he do it?  Don’t know?) Nika is the one that don’t ever stop talking....and the louder the better!) and she yell at Wium allot. Its very funny. To see them operating is priceless. Me and Luv are enjoying them so much!!

The evening after the party we did babysitting for Suro-sus, because it was her Bday the next day and she was having a party ( yes we stay home.....party time are not as easy as in future and the best part I don’t care a damm)

For her Bday the next day we went up Table Mountain. The twins are already busy with their adventurous.  They like an outing and its not that much effort; you just need to know....everything took way longer!!! We are now every good with feeds in the car’s boot and diaper changing at any place needed. And because we move so much they are not petty of where to sleep, they sleep anywhere any place.

In one of the shopping mall I by accident bump into someone, just to see its a fellow-clinic-friend. We did our Transfer on the same day.... she also got blessed with twins!!!! It was such a  wonderful surprise and so nice to see her again. Sorry we are not near for playdates!!

Twins enjoying the party!

Jun 17, 2012

Happy Fatehrs day to all the fathers !!... and to Luv for his first. Little secret what did we do today....NOTHING ! because the "eager-beafers" thought it was fathers day last week.  Yes we could to WAIT!!!

Welcome Home Again....yes where are back in town after 2 and a half weeks. And I have missed you all. This was due a Luv’s work and  a few leave days. We have had a really FULL programme of which I will tell you over the next few days.

The day before we left, the twins grandma have visit them.... she was as sick as a dog, and now you will ask...so why the hec did she visit you if she was sick?? That’s what I wanted to know too. Form we have left ICU I have look after the twins with my life, I wanted to keep them from getting sick. All of our friends did not visit if they were sick and stay away, thank you all for having the brains for that. If I am sick I don’t go to other people, I my eyes its is super selfish and just thinking of youself, to spread your germs on other.

So when I open the door and she telling me she was sick, I thought Geeeee what the hell are you doing here!! ...

... and so the twins as so sick on our 2 week leave and I was so seeing forward to our little break, and so we where sitting with moaning kids with blocked noses and which did not sleep. Thanx Grandma!!!

First day we drove 7 hours to get to our destination ( Vredendal). (loads of road works) you can just think how the twins was. I know they don’t like the car seats , but buckle up they will be.  We are very strict on that.

The next day is was back to Cape town to friends, again a few hours of driving and road works. But it was so nice be visit them and the twins love being out of the car!! I think after the weeks the twins are so used to driving we can go anywhere. We have move 7 times over this time. You can just imagine the packing!! I want to keep our stuff as less as possible, otherwise we will not do this, often. But over the years we have pack-up-and-go-so –many-times  that I love it,  it is adventurous for me. I don’t see the slepp –in-packing I see the-fun-in-it!  Who in any case want to stay home..... not me....

Over the weekend it was Suro-sus Bday and her daughter 5th. So we stay there. The twins just love other kids and parties!!!

Nika taking a bath in the kitchen sink, because the guest house only have a shower.

Daddy doing a feed before we hit the road. as you can can see his a "hands-on-super-cool-daddy"

Jun 11, 2012

Still not home......just a note ...WE HAVE FUN.....

Will Chat more at the end of the week xxxxx