Nov 28, 2011


The twins are 2 months old today!!!! They are like full-grown-full-tern-babies now. Where did the time go...... 2 months of super joy!!!! And still time is passing to quickly, we are enjoying them sooo much, and I just adore this baby-stage.

I will take a 2 month foodie later today and post it.

This weekend we went out with the twins for breakfast twice, they just love an “outing” !! and if they knew their parents they must get use to a” pick-up-and-go-life-style” and we went to friends for a braai on Saturday night. And the best they behave like 2 angles.

Weekends are bliss with Luv here. Its so nice to have an extra pair of hands. But when we hit Mondays.... the twins have a conspiracy against me.

Then they make me run for my life!!! There is always one awake, leaving me too not get to all the things that need to be done.  I think if you put a camera in my house you will sit the whole day and watch and laugh your ass off for the comedy, thats playing off. They don’t like to be on the same place the whole time so they are scattered all over my house, because now they like it in their pram and then on the kitchen table, then to the couch and then to their bed.

If I feed the one the other one will look me straight in the eye and........PUKE!!!! then I need to put the one down , pick up the other one, clean-up....and then the other one will start to POO!!!! Then I need to put the puking-one down and pick up the poo-one ( the poo-one like to see how far he can test- poo-the-diaper-brand)

When the phone ring, and I am so glad to just have a chat...I pick them both up plus their dummies and run for the phone. If I dare leave then they will just start to complain and I will need to end my call. SO if you phone me it will probably be all 3 of us answering the phone.

And the newest twin-trick...I think they love each other dearly, but in the week when it’s just mommy at home. They want all off mommy’s attention JUST FOR THEMSELF!!!!! So I may  only have one sitting with me, not both!!! If I pick up one, that don’t want to sleep( the other one is then sleeping) it will only be a few seconds then the sleepy one just know( how the hec I don’t know) and will start to complain!!!! What if they are not babies, and maybe bionic-robots....visiting earth????

...but I am enjoying every single thing about them and we laugh allot!!

Nika is gunning Wium most of the time , but last night in the bath....( they are lying on their bath-grips) WIum was peeing  with an arch into his little sister’s head!!!. SO Sus you need to look out,,, the game is on!!!

Nov 25, 2011

First friend's visit

One of the twin’s friend’s come to visit them on their way pass our little town. It was so nice to meet him for the first time!!

He was also a teany weany little preemie!! He weight only 840g at birth and now his is 4kg. He is also a little miracle.

We and his parents where having coffee , while the 3 of them where talking all there ICU-TALKS  .  About monitors, doctors, needles, peepers and ALL the very nice sisters that was looking after them.

Wium is listening to all of his friend stories, the stories just scare Nika all over again...

Nov 23, 2011

You are going to be blessed!!

Exactly a year ago I have had another miscarriage. Yes, yet another!!. I defiantly fuck up the miscarriage-statistics big time!! Me .... not a good experimental guinea pig!!!

We live in a small little town, and here is not allot of coffee shops or restaurants. But we do go often to the one for coffee. Me and Luv are coffee-junkies!

SO last yea,r more around this time, after a coffee. One of the girls that waiter there, call me back and tell me.

...YOU ARE GOING TO BE BLESSED IN ABUNDANCE!!!! She did not know we are doing Suro.

And look where we are now.... blessed with twins!!!!

All along this last year the ladies were asking how is the babies, how are your sister and when are they coming?  When the twins was still in “just-stay-indoors” I went for a take-a-way and all the girls come running to me to, congratulate me. One of them have seen it in the newspaper and tell the others...the” Mocca-Chocca’s ” twins have arrive!! ( you can just think what we always order....mocco chocca’s, and I think that is our nickname in that shop)

One day they have had a peep through the car window and last weekend we went for breakfast with them in the wraps...

Total chaos!!!! Very one even the kitchen staff wanted to see them!!!

Nov 21, 2011

Due date....40 weeks

Today is 40 weeks!!!! This was our official due date in the very first beginning!!

...and now the twins are 8weeks already!

In the beginning I wondered will we ever get to this, will this be it, please that this be it, please!! And now we are sitting with the 2 most gorgeous twins in the world,  in our arms .  If I look at them and I see how they just love us and want to be with us every sec. ( luckily for them their mommy have waited sooo damm long, and don’t mind sitting with them 24/7 )

I look at them and think they have come in such a special way into our life and how many life’s and hearts they have touch. They were so mend to be!!

The utter joy and contentment they have give us, up till now...I just know they are here with us because of lots of prayers and hope and love.

Wium  and Nika you are sitting your mom and dad’s heart full!!!

Nov 19, 2011

What a looooong day!

Friday was a very long day... we got up at 5 o’clock to feed. Me and Luv got dress and pack everything for the day. Milk supply + extra because we always got hook ups somewhere. Extra clothes, enough diapers, wraps and the pram.

On the way there is always time for a take-away-coffee. We arrive half pass 8 and need to do a feed again IN THE CAR!! We unpack everything on the dash-board, we change the diapers on our laps. ( few people we defiantly peeping at us)

Diaper change...

We put them in the wraps and off to the lady who will do the injections. Did not know what to expect...and we where angel!!! She was so nice and babies are her passion. She did a thorough examination of the twins and then did the injection. They did not even cry allot!!! She was so caring and help me allot with questions.

Luv doing a quick feed.

Nika is weighing 3,78kg  and Wium 3,58kg. I am so proud of them doing so well and now I know we are on the right track!!

The "angel" busy with Nika

Then it was off to the pead!!! What a bummer ... she was terrible!!! Afterwards we were still in shock, how not up to it she was!! She is suppose to be the one to see if they are on track with their millstones. She did not ask anything about them. Like birth weight, age and length ect. She put Nika on the scale and said, she have a nice weight.. Duuuuud!! You don’t even know how many weeks this girlie are. Nika pee on her bed , she did not even wipe it and then next she put Wium next to the pee ( sorry they can be twins, but he is your next patient ! and you will defiantly bill him for the full!)

Nika have this neck that is bending to the back allot. Look like a spasm. It worry us abit. I did not say anything and wanted to see what see will say....she said: this girl is every strong!! Then I know, we need to hit the road!!! She will not see us ever again!!!

Right after the injections, and sleeping again ( I did not drug them)

Nika at the Chiro

Then is was off to the Chiro. I know she is good and I always don’t tell her anything to see if she can find the problem. Wium was fine, his neck a bit out, but fine. Nika....have problems!! With her neck, a nerve is pinching and so her neck is in spasm ( the chiro could see this, I could see this, but pead???? NO!!) the neck is  better and she need a check-up again. And today they are not suffering with winds so much!! Chiro do babies so good!!.

Then we where off the do shopping and we met up with my brother next to the road at a gas station. They have not see the twins!!

Wium just enjoying his ajustment.

We got back home at 8 o’clock the night.... and what did the twins do the whole day????


It was a utter bliss with them, they just love an outing!!!

Nov 17, 2011


First outing with the pram!!! ( Can you spot the one that take the photo??)
We need to take off early tomorrow morning, its a 1h20  to get to the town and then 9 o’clock it’s the injections and 10 o’clock it’s the Pead visit ( its a new one) then its feeding time somewhere in the car and them its chiropractor-time.  I know this every good chiro and she love working with babies . With my last visit in August I was telling her the twins will be coming.

Then its stocking-up time with milk and diapers and groceries. After that I am as you all could see on the in desperate need of a hair cut.

I hope my babies will love their outing.

Nov 15, 2011

I've got a P.A.

I still dont have anyone helping me out at home( you will be surprize what I have achieve in the last few day) or a night nurse.

...but I have a new P.A. helping me to blog... her name is NIKA

Nov 14, 2011

Best diet ever.... twins!

I know all of you wonder about what’s going on in Suro-sus life??? Can tell you she is not busy with a new suro-project and she is not open for any new suro-attempts. Sorry you all!! She just did it for lucky me!

When she was still preggo’s with the twins, her oldest daughter was telling her one night. Mommy when the babies is out you can lay down in a bath full of bubbles, on your back and then you will say “ this is the life! “

Suro-sus is enjoying her newly-back-on-track-life-till-the-fullest!! She got her own life back!! And she can play with her kids and pick them up. And we have a new life, thanx to sus!!

She was amazing is so many words. She hates it to be pregnant, but still did it.

She have only pick up 4kg the whole pregnancy ( i still remember after the 6 week scan, she was asking how am I going to look with twins on the end? And it turn out...she look awesomely good!!!!!

She picks up 4kg and the twins weigh 4kg at birth!!! You go girl!!! And with twins its all the extra blood and inside stuff. She loose her own body fat during the pregnancy. ( It look like I was pregnant one)

So now 7 weeks after the twins birth, Suro-sus is weighing 10 kg less!!! She look amazing!! She is in the clouds!! It was her best diet ever!!! People that did not see her during the pregnancy is asking What did you do!! To look this good and all she answer is..... I was having twins!!!

Nov 13, 2011


This was on Friday morning, looking around...

I think I am addicted!!!! To my babies!!

I can not leave them for a second!! I am just so in love with them!!! And weekends are the best then Luv is with us the whole time.The twins are being more and more awake during the days!! And Nika at night.  They are 7 weeks this week and they start being more like babies everyday.,

They want to be  near us the whole time and I know  I am making a big mistakes, but you know I don’t care and want to have them on me the whole time. After al,l I did  wait 10 years for this.

They don’t cry, just  even they hungry and when we undress them for bath time otherwise they quiet . They love it when I sing to them “OUR” special song.

This weekend we went for our first outing to a restaurant!! Likely there were not much people there. I am a bit anti-germy!!

This was how I did some clean up at home this weekend!! With Nika, she just love to clean the house.

After a very tiring weekend!!

Nov 10, 2011

Family rocks the house

 I am not sure what happen....our whole house is still in bomb –shock!!! Something hit us??? What???? family!!!  

My aunt is down here to see her sick mother ( she is also a grandma of the twins) and she come down to see her new grandchildren, and with her my mother ( also a grandma) and the twins “tummy-aunty” plus her kids. As you all can make the sums...they fill-up the car with family and visit us. I do have a family that is scared they will loose out.

After 5 minutes with the kids over excited to see their new family-little-friends, everyone talking and laughing and camera lights flashing, I could see the twins are rock!!!

The rebel Nika just sleep ( I think  that was a cover... only pretending) and Wium sitting with eyes so big, look like he have just step on a landmine. This was the first meeting with the family, and I can only say, good luck kids this is just the beginning!!!

Suro-sus was so surprise to see how BIG they have grown!! She was the one that saw them the most in ICU. 

Now the fam have left, and the twins cannot believe the utter peace of silence... as the song go...


They just love there new dolls!!
Suro-sus with the twins!! Can not believe they where in her.
Granny!! Look at the smile!!

The twins were very privileged, they were listen to the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven while we bath them

and another Granny with Nika

Nov 9, 2011


This is when they get fed-up for their bed! I think they want to hit the road!!!

Nov 8, 2011

Nika and Wium

Let me tell you more about my 2 little angels at home. They are twins, this is just here where all the differences start.They are a boy and a girl. With so different everything it’s unbelievable!!!

We spot the different personalities from when we saw them first. In ICU it was visible already!!

Nika was the slightly bigger one at birth. She came out with dark hair on her head and she was the taller one ( only with a cm) She look more like Luv, the hands and feet, but my personality and my round shape face.

When she was still inside, one day Suro-sus told me the following...the one that is on my left side, NEVER GOES TO SLEEP!!!!! This one is ALWAYS awake!!. We could not wait till birth to see what’s going to pop that don’t want to was NIKA!!! Surprize!!

Nika is hyper!!! Not a shock at all because most of my family are hyper!!! When she is awake, everything move the whole time, she can already lift up her head and move it from side to side....she is curious off whats around her.. as I type this she is awake in the wrap , she is wake for most of this day....

She is always hungry ( just like me) and she want to eat anything, the burp cloth is very scare  of her.She just love her purple dummy. When we feed her she spills and burps,  not a lady-like-drinker.

When we put them together for their sleep, she is always punching Wium and kicking him. I will soon start to separate them if she don’t stop to be a bully!!. She is pissing him off.

Wium have a  oval shape face like Luv, but he have my hands and feet and Luv’s personality. He is a sweetie with good manners. He have light hair and are always sitting and just staring. He is not all over the place like madam.  He sleeps well and if he drinks his milk and its finish he closes his lips and we can wipe it. He is my good manner –boy. He don’t like his dummy allot.

One thing in common, they both hate POOOOO in their diaper-pants!!

I think they love each other hopefully, because we adore them!!!!

We just love to explore every day, their new wiggles and twitches!!

Decent little Wium

The wild girl Nika ( yes she wanted to eat the flower, it was in her mouth)

Nov 7, 2011

38 weeks

Time is flying so quickly and my babies are getting bigger and bigger. Nika is weighing 3,1kg
and Wium 3kg and they are only 6 weeks old! ( 38 weeks). One little secret I just adore small little babies and now mine are babies, big babies. And every day I stare at them I can see the huge changes. Where are my tiny little babies??? This is why I cherish every single second of them, because before I blink my eyes they will be BIG... O Gosh!!! And I want be a mommy forever!!

I can not complain about them at all, they do not cry ( just when you take off their clothes to bath and when we are not on the dot with their bottles, then they start to complain.) but otherwise they are champion babies. We are still sitting on the edge and wait for this to change. But time will tell I suppose.

This weekend we put on some curtain rails and I was Luv handyman and I just pop the twins in the wraps and they sleep though all the work that need to be done.

We are starting to stretch their feeding routine. This will took a while to adept to this robot-twin-routine.

Because the twins was born on 32 weeks , they told us to not have sick people near them till 40 weeks and that people dont pick then up and NO kids, because kids have all the child-germs. Now we are on 38 weeks! WOw!! so near to start to hit the road.

My grandma she is 90 could not wait to meet the twins, and on our way home we stop, so that see can see them. Everybody was waiting sooo long for this special babies. She is now very sick...

Nov 2, 2011

Cracks???? where??

Nika sitting snug and safe...

Yesterday I was alone for the first time the 9 o’clock feeding – I was facing my first challenge ( I love a challenge) to handle the twins all on my one. I need to get the hang of it because Luv is going to work on Friday.

I wake Nika.  Feed her and burp her and then it was Wium’s turn. This all happen in 30 min. They are really sputnik’s!! I was feeling on top of the world.

..but I am scared, because I know that  sooner or later the cracks will show in my little angles, wings...

The sit-and-watch-twin-holiday is also about the get to an end....after all, there is a world out there! Yesterday we have started to do home-stuff. Doing washing and bottles, plant some plants in the garden and do some bottles, and iron and do some bottles, and Luv need to eat and I have to do the bottles.

Luckily we have bought this wonderful wraps  so now when the one is awake I just pop her or him in and go on with normal stuff. And they just love to be in the wrap. The wraps have defiantly give me extra set of arms!!.

With the 3 o’clock feeding at night we are now going to make turns so that the other one can sleep through. It was my turn and all went well.( Have to confess , Luv wake me I did not hear the alarm clock. I am BAD with alarms!!)

...but this moring , Luv went out and I was alone, not a problem at all.  But then an hour before the feed, the twin’s wings scatter in million pieces!!

They scream together!!!! On top of their voices ( did not know they have voices) now I know.

I turn into overdrive and change diapers in seconds and put them up against  the cushions ( thanx goodness it’s not in the ICU-Chair anymore) and feed them together till they calm and after that I took one at a time....and the wings jump on back....

They are sleeping right now...Z zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... let sleeping dogs sleep...