Nov 27, 2014

Tuesday night we have had a Christmas night at our home. I collect soft toys for kids in need. When I look at my kids and see how touch they are with their favourite toy, the “MOUSE” it’s their ALL in LIFE. Then I can just think how terrible it must be if kids have nothing!!

I put up 6 trees with decorations, lights, candle light and loads of flowers. It was like a fairy night! And a huge success!

Someone sing and then and actress perform a show. Afterwards the people picnic in my garden.

It was a beautiful night and so much thanx for all the soft toys. I collect over 100!!!!!!!!!

All these are going to make so many hearts happy!!!

Nov 18, 2014

I think I would love  a calm, relax, organize, silent sound peaceful environment.

I must be so nice, and the more and more I try to tend to “that” “life”. The more and more my world turn out to be chaos, un-organize, full of things around me, noise ....noise.... noise all day!

It’s like I cannot operate without it, but I also cannot operate with it.

And the moment things are total freaky, I will give the twins something to do like cutting paper ( which leave my whole house with 1000000 of pieces of paper) or please paint , cause I need to do something and when I look they have paint my walls....

This is spinning me out, but I think I need it, it’s my personality. And now I have allot to organize.

3 months ago I book a woman for a house MY home. This is the house where I have NO help I need to do everything myself.

And I live to overdo everything I touch. So what about a I Chrismas my house... and now my overfull house are even more ‘Full-with things-hanging-from-the-ceiling’ my garden have Xmas trees in it. And the lights are all over. And  as I look around I wonder how the hell will all be finish before Tuesday???

But I can’t wait!!! For my Xmas-Garden-house-full-of 50-sqeeze-in-people-having –a-night”


 So hell-bells...Bring on the chaos!!!

Nov 11, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

When I was young growing up on a farm, I just love all the activities that go on around.


And now I love to take the kids too different doings to see how things work and to have a look at a different life. I want to expose my kids to everything possible that’s interesting.

And now in our area it’sharvesting time of the wheat. Friday “I phone a friend” and after work off we go to see how it’s been done.

The kids were asleep when I call them, like one man they jump up and say yeeeee we are going to grandpa!! Just look at the connection they made. The husband’s name sound like my father’s.

As we enter the wheat lands they was so excited!. We went for a ride and the kids were running around. They were having so much fun, and mommy nearly die. I get allergic from it. I look terrible with so much tears and snot. Took me two day to recover, but it’s was worth it.