Dec 4, 2012

The twins are both now start walking which are so cute!  To see the small little bodies and their proud with each step. but if they want to get to a place quick they speed-crawl.

They are all over the place right now. I leave the safety gate on the stairs open, so now they go up and down all the time on their own. They love going up and play in their room. You can see its their special place, which they adore.  I think they like the new freedom.

They are climbing on to everything which are a bit dangerous because they not afraid( i hope the afraid will kick in soon)yesterday Nika climb up the ladder to the slide and slide down on her own.. if you could see her face, I did not think see know the speed down.

Its unbelievable how they managed their bodies in ways to get where they want to be. They are unscrewing everything that gets into their hands.

And the fighting for things is getting more. Both got a way of their own, but they battle their own fights. But to see how much they love each other is so special. Wium is a real little boy and Nika are the sweet little girly with the curly hair.

I’ve got them more or less in a routine that works wonders ( if that ever happen with twins)

They go to bed most nights 7 o’clock and a few times 8 o’clock but that’s it. Have to say at the end of the day its nice just for me and Luv to have our chats  and some time for our own things. I just put them down in their cots...tell them to sleep and close the door....and it work like a bomb.

They wake once or twice maybe at night so its wonderful the nights.

Thet getting so big now and want to talk the whole day to me. To see their personalities is unbelievable. There is such a mix!! The one will do things my way and the other way Luv’s way.

I love every minute of being a twin mommy xxxxx

And can you think its their 2nd Christmas.....Wwowwwww
I want your hat sissy!!

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