Jan 31, 2013

You can call me Miss Disinfectant, I WAS always busy cleaning. Sometimes I think it just got worse, but then things change...

When twins change into toddlers!

Geez they always super dirty, sometimes after a day of playing just their eyes are showing. First it freaks me out if they roll and throw each other with heaps of sand, just so top it up with messy mud. I hate it but, its super for their development to explore and play and what’s best form them , I will stick too.

So I leave them to do what they want any place, I dont mind their clothes ruined. For NOW playing is best, but I will never put them in bed dirty!! Because afterwards I will redo their cots with new bedding, and because I don’t have any help, I don’t have time to change the bedding every single minute.

My house look most times as if Hurricane-W&N have hit it at full force, with only one mission on hands.....TOTAL DESTRUCTION !!

But I will redo-revamp-repair my house when they big one day, after all I enjoy them so much!!!! They have rock my world down to up.....
to get them clean after playing....put them into thier own foaming-jacuzzi! what a bliss..

Jan 29, 2013

We had a busy past weekend. We did so much.  Visit friends all over, wonderful to have our past life back, a normal life without planning around treatments. We now can just pack and go and enjoy.

Went to friends always nice to catch up and we have had so much laughs. And we did go to bed LATE , not much rest but worth it. We went to the shops which took hours.... with twins!! Two hours, years ago took 7 hours now.

The twins love friends and its so nice to see how they play with kids and start running around after them, and I think most time irritating them.

Monday they went for vaccinations, they make us so proud with their progress and Wium was just looking while he got it. They still the same length  and have grow allot!!

I saw a baby who was born on 33 weeks who was now 4 kg and its so cute and on Friday I saw prem twins of 2,5 kg and geez I miss my premmies!!!!

Afterwards  I quickly pop into a charity-shop ( love it) and the twins spot 2 ancient squash-racket (R15,,,yes ancient). And wanted it!! So for the rest of the day they were holding it, hanging onto it for dear life... even slept with it!!

I went shopping with Nika and her  new best toy, the racket... and got hit on my upper lip!! Luv was just laughing, me with a pop-up lip!!

They so much fun right now!!!

At our friends there was a cover over the swimming pool and the twins could not resist it!!!!
havening lunch with a playing-stuff for the kids.
dad trying to give Nika her supper, she is running away on the pool cover.
Wium so tired!! before bath-and-sleep-time ( on the pool cover)
very tired in the shopping trolley

Jan 24, 2013


Jan 21, 2013

This weekend we where way with friends to the beach and it was so nice to catch up again and just have fun and do nothing! I just love weekends to chill out.

The weather are so wonderful, summer is just for me!

We took the twins that did not want to sleep to the beach. Luv was on his days a huge-fisherman. He like it, he love being on the rocks and looking at the sea-animal-life it can occupy him for hours. I on the other side are shit scared I will fall on the rocks, which I did several times before, I have learn my lesson.

The twins walk to the beach and directly take a move to the rocks!! Nika was just like her father climbing over them putting her hands under the rocks and grabbing small shells some with craps in. It gives me the freaks! She is not afraid at all. it was so cool to see her operating and she loves it. Wium loves animals he was sitting watching the small little fishes and wanted to catch them.

I can just see from now on , many hour will be spend on the rocks, they got their first little nets , so next time we will catch some little fishes. Can not wait to see their faces when touching the fish.....

We only got back late yesterday and then....FOR THE FIRST TIME.... BOTH SLEPT THROUGH!!! May this be the beginning of wonderful nights!!!!

Yesterday 5 years ago was the day I lost my boys!!! And it was also a Sunday that day...

The twins makes it so much better now...

Jan 17, 2013

I am a photo girl, as long as I know. I love memories. I got books full of memories from I was born till now.

Every year they all got tag and file and they are super organized.

But now I’ve got this huge problem I am 2 years behind, and don’t have a clue how to get it fix. And I have millions of pic’s. Where do you start?

On my PC’s screen there are sticky notes with...... 2011 photo book, 2012 photo book, 2011 collage, 2012 collage and now 2013 have also start....

I have decided that I will not do anything before those things are not sorted out, but the kitchen are unpack, cleaned and back in the cupboards again. The garden is all fix-up and ready for summer. The fact are the WHOLE HOUSE are re-fix.... but the pic’s not in order!.

If thing are total chaos and I don’t know where to start, what about the middle....2012!

So I start with the twins photo albums and now I am total confused!! All the photos are super cute; I just love the baby stage!

We will need a truck to pick up the albums..... it will be so heavy when finish in maybe.... 2051???

Jan 15, 2013

When you busy with normal life , I don’t think you so aware of what’s-up. Before we went on holiday the twins did certain things in certain ways....but when we got back home again. It was like a shock to see how they have developed in just 3 weeks. It amazed us. shocking!! I want my babies back!. They walking now most of the time, they can reach for stuff that was so out-of-reach just awhile ago. They understand when you talk to them and can do little things if you ask. Dad has learn them to through away their diapers in the bin and now everything got through away. When cleaning the bin we need to go through our stuff. They at the kitchen bin all day. Wonder what’s missing in this house already! They go up the stairs and play in their room which they just love and then they coming down. Its so nice to see they can go up and down by themselves, no supervision anymore. I have more time on hands. They adorable now!! I just love every moment with them. They love books and after bath time they point to their books and already have their favourites!! Which we need to read over and over again. Nika will sit as quite as a mouse and listen, Wium wants to touch the book, pointing fingers and telling you a story or two.
Mommy I trip over my blanky!! and look my pirate-eye!
I dont think Nika and I need this anymore ! so I broke it, hahaha, you did not think I was capable doing this.

Jan 13, 2013

Dad building sand castles
Nika doing her morning joga
Relaxing after after they wake-up
The sea can make you very tired!!
Family time were GREAT!!
a few holiday pic's
Christmas father arrived
Dad trying to feed the kids

Jan 12, 2013

Twins on the courts with dad

Jan 9, 2013

Hi all of you!!

I am back after a very nice break. Geez but time can fly; before you see, you all back to the O, so same routine.

We went to the beech for 3 weeks and it was an utter bliss, I have enjoyed it like someone that was on retirement!!

It was a holiday with loads of friends and family, nice brilliant weather of sunshine and fun with the twins, and at the end we did not do half the stuff we wanted to do.

After two- up- all- night, the twins cots arrived! The best thing to take with if you away for so long. They were so happy to see their cots and for the next 3 weeks they sleep like a dream and for the first time from their birth , me and Luv could take afternoon naps with them....unbelievable!! and for the first time I can say I am not so tired anymore, and for the first time we can compare and see,,,,how the hec did we manage  all the sleepless nights.

Christmas was my family’s turn and it was so nice to see all the fam and have all our chats and the kids just love all the commotion around them. It was nice to see how the twins enjoy the prezzie’s. Last year they were just “there”

Most of the mornings after the kids wake we went to the beach, Nika love the waves and Wium is like his father the warm needs to be warm otherwise he will nog go in!! He is more a island boy  where the water must feel “WARM” so  he was playing in the sand and was looking like an sand-lice at the end.

They took 2 naps each day, nice catch up time on reading for a change and now it over and 2013 have start and we cannot wait to see what the year will be like!!


I’ve got loads on  my lists....and still things for last year that need to be done, if it ever will.

May 2013 be a wonderful year for all of you and may ALL YOUR DREAMS can true.

Good luck for what 2013 will through in you xxxxx