Feb 19, 2016

Through all of my infertile years I have keep journaling all my throughts and experience. For the simple reason I was so dam alone! How can you express yourself to anyone not in the same stupid boat?? So paper was the best option.

Firstly I felt better for dotting it on paper, it did feel better to get it out of my infected system. Then I have start blogging and met millions of people in the same situation, or feelings, or treatments, or wondering how to treat a friend who was infertile-diagnose.

Then my journaling was for my friends and kids( one day when big enough) to read about their interesting, wonderful, miracle journey to life!

And then people ask more and more about my story….


So the last 4 years ( due to kids I don’t have lot of time on hands) I have put my whole long drama TTC story in book-form.

And now I am on the edge with” my life” in book form, So next step I suppose is… publishers?  

Feb 17, 2016

This is more how I feel!

Feb 4, 2016

Before Hurricane Infertility got stuck on my back…..

I was this girl that had and Phobia for NEEDLES!!!!!!!


I was so shit scared!!! And the moment I hear the word injection-needle-doctor-hospital-dentist…. I pass out!!


Many times I was passing out before I hit the theatre. I know this was supper dooper embarrassing!! And everyone laugh about my situation..


But them my ridiculous life change into a life with needles, uncountable lot of injection, many doctors, many theatre visits. So Yes I was no affraid anymore cause this was the only life I knew!.


With my last ectopic as I leave the hospital I swear NO NEEDLE EVER IN MY BODY EVER!!!!


Every year I always have this list of things. This year one of my brand new project “ Give a piece of yourself” have just start. So on my way in car, they talk about give blood for people in need. Your blood can save 3 prem babies, and because my twinnies was prems I will start with this.


There I arrive after infertility, not scared of needles.


I got in the chair, kids running around mommy, they put the needle in , no pain! And then as I lay there…. I start to feel horrible!! Like years before IF and I know what is about to come my way!!!!!


I am fainting!!!!! Yes I know supper embarrassing !! but it happen!!!

SO yes I faint!!! Goodness what a way to save a life!!! But I will be back!! I am not a quitter!!

This was al the before pic's!! Things was still looking good at this point!

I still think it's great to do this!! I wanted to do this since I was 18 years old!!