Nov 11, 2012

Awhile ago, friends of us where talking , how fed-up they get to make the same food and don’t have time to make different food and its simple to do a spread for only 2 people and bla blab la...

Then we decided ... every first week of the month one of us ( me , Luv and the other couple) needs to make food for the others.

The rules: something you never have made before, it must be enough food ( we don’t want to starve at the end)  you need to do everything on your own, the others just arrive, enjoy and go home, you don’t need to bring anything or help in the kitchen... and the best part we catch-up all the stories and laughter of the past month.

It’s something on the calendar that we cannot wait for every month.

I have had a turn, and the other lady too, Last week it was Luv’s turn. Here is the menu...impressive for a man!! And I think he defiantly needs to make more food in this house!.


It was Chicken snitzels filled with, basil-pesto, figs, and camberment cheese with a spinach, with strawberries, feta cheese and “biltong”( very south African) soak in cranberry balsamic vinegar.

And desert was Crème Brulee ( a bit burned but it’s the oven’s fault)

Its always great excitement to see what’s going to be on the plates. Nobody even give a hint of what will be on their menu’s !!!

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