Oct 29, 2012

The weather is changing and we just love to go out more!! And the kids like that too!

I can watch them for hours!! They are just so cute, and when I look at them I am thinking, do  I hold them enough, do I kiss them enough, do I say I love them enough??? Because time is on a jet plane.... but I am here with them 24/7 , and I haven’t miss one thing of them.....I COUNT MYSELF SOOOOO LUCKY!!  To have the privilege to be a stay-at-home-mom...its the best job ever!

Wium is racing to have all his teeth soon but Nika ( have the symptoms but no teeth showing) They getting more and more talkative , saying the basic one years old words, and their own twin langue. Nika can say her name!!! But I think it’s only because it such an easy name.

This morning she wake and I was lying in bed listening....first she call mamma....and then when she defiantly wanted me to come and get her....she call Nika..its so sweet.

They are sleeping so much better, I can not tell you how more sleep for us has changed my life. For the past 2 weeks( when we decided to not get up for them all the time)  every night one of them will sleep from 7 to 6 and the other one will wake once ( so much better than 10 time a night) for the first time in a year we have had time to start watching a series on TV, its addictive!! So soon all the last years missed movies will follow.

They are eating everything you give them and are not fussy about food, its great. And they love coffee shops ( maybe because other people are having them on the hip,  and they got attention.

We are going out ALLOT!! So when they saw I am getting out their Orange-bag ( with all their goodies in it) they go BALLISTIC !!! Then they will cling to your legs ( which mean you cannot move to pack) they will start to moan. I think they know we are going out and they are so scared we will leave them behind ( who will ever leave them behind??) if I pack for the weekend they will be on me the whole day till daddy comes home. If you put the one in their car seat the other one will crawl to the other side  of the car and sit and wait for the door to open.....just so scare to not leave with us. When they all strap-up.....they start smiling!!!

They love playing hide and seek for the past 2 months. They do it daily! One will go behind the curtains and then the other one rip the curtain open.....and then they think its the best ever. Last week I saw them each with a cloth over their eyes while they crawl.....it think you call that game hide-and-seek-on-the-run.

Their best game of all time, when I am lying on the floor and they can crawl, attack, climb and abuse me. Very funny for them to put the fingers in my navel....

..they love giving kisses and hugs!!! They adorable!! xxxx
if you catch them like this.......trouble

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