Feb 28, 2012

5 Months!

Our babies are 5 months old today ( I did think twice...5 months already!! Wow!!)

AGE: Actual-   5 months     Corrected age- 3months

Height:         have to take them again but they are growing like snakes!! They are so loooonnnnggg.

Weigh;        Growing so well. Nika have hit the average weight line and Wium are still a bit under.

Develop notes:     They are reaching their millstones for their corrected age and same real age thing too. I am doing so many things with them and I can see how they develop in front of my eye, its super amazing!  I am so proud of them.

On the count of 3 , when you have their hands holding they are getting their bodies up and sometimes to the standing position. Nika is better than Wium with this. But they are really getting stronger day by day. They can sit up straight when you hold them and keeping their heads up. They very interested in VERY thing and are following you all day and very thing that passing by. I could not believe when we were watching Luv  playing squash , how they follow him.

They smile allot and laugh out loud. Nika is Brrrrrrr like a car (wonder where she is going??? They just laugh it when I am doing funny things, in front of them, they think their mommy is a clown!!. They can grapping toys and very thing you put in their hands.

They love to see new people and things and are getting to know some of my friends that visit us often.

Eat:    They still on just milk and will start solids much later. They have NO routine they just drink when in need!. They not drinking their whole formula for the day , but are picking up weight

Sleep:                   they don’t like to sleep!! Me two!!  I am struggling to get them to sleep during day time. When I got them down, and think NOW I can do stuff after 15 minutes you see a hand or foot moving , and them they UP!!! For hours!! And they scream because I must sit with them and do stuff which they just love. At 5-6 they will drink and then we bath and they will go to sleep at 8 o’clock.

Then we have our things happing. They will they NOT wake once till Nika 5 o clock ( so from 8 till 5!) and then half pas 6 again Wium  will wake 3, 5, 7, sometimes he will just wake to play ( I want to scream then) but then I just leave him in the cot.

They love watching us in the morning getting ready for the day!!

So at 5 months they still adorable and I just love every second with them!!!!

Last night I was doing bath time all on my own with both babies on the same time!! I was running like a speeding horse, they was thinking it was very funny!! Mommy with some bells between her teeth to keep them busy while dressing them!!     

Feb 27, 2012

What a nice weekend this was!!! The last 2years was so full of driving around and when weekends hit we just crawl into our cave and relax...so we did not get much time for all of our friends.

But this weekend I saw so many of my old friends!!!!

Saturday we went to a 1st Bday party ( yes still funny to go to this events and sitting there with babies, feels a bit weirdy.) Always nice to see other babies and to see that our little ex-premmies are not far behind, sometimes even ahead! ( must be all the mommy-attention)

When we hit home we met with friends from our previous living home town, how nice to chat and seeing each other again.

And yesterday a bunch of “other old friends” hit our house.... with their kids, the kids boyfriends, just the dogs that miss the party!! The twins were not on their own once, there were just so many babysitters!!

This was so nice and I just reminder how much we miss out the last 2 years. We have had such a good time and so much laughter. It just pep me up, for  the week ahead!!!

This was a weekend......sooooooo much happen!!!!

Feb 23, 2012

Since we got married, I made a “collage”  with some of the memorable photos of what happen that year. Its very nice when I you look at it, a whole years memories is jumping to you. On my walls I just put the last 9 years and as I put a new year on the wall the older ones I put in a book.  I have my own rules and that was each year the collage, must be hanging before 1 off March,  and so it happen each and every year. So after many years and when we sit in an old aged home we can look through the book and think...

What a wonderful life we lived!!!!!!

I love  doing stuff like this, BUT.. the past 2 years was super hectic and there was just NO time.

So it is with must ashamed, that I need to tell you...today the 23th February I have just finish the collage of ......drum roll!!!!!!   

2010!!! Yes you are reading it.....2010!!!! I feel like a dummer, but there was just NO time between IVFFING!!

Now I am in it, so maybe 2011 ( last year) will soon follow, actually I think I can just put a pic of Nika and Wium in it.

After all that was 2011!!!!

Feb 21, 2012

A friend of mine is busy doing an IVF right now, and although I have my own babies now I still have friends who is busy with their TTC journeys and I am still following their stories and hopes for the future.

I have been so many years busy with it, that now with my friend, it’s like dealing with it, feeling her feelings and having her hopes.

I was waiting for her day 1, counting the day till day 8, waiting to hear how many follicles she have, nerving-up for the retrieval of the eggs, waiting for the call of how many eggs...

And from the moment I have heard that they have start, All I can think of is PLEASE LET THIS BE IT FOR THEM, PLEASE!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

Its the one thing you so badly want it, to be!! And it is the one thing you have NO control over. It is out of your hands you can just, HOPE.

I wish I was a fairy with a magic wand, who can give babyless-women  babies!!

Sometimes I wish I can let disappear all the heartache, sorrow and tears of so many women out there...

Feb 20, 2012

We went away for my Birthday....and it was so relaxing!!  My Birthday was totally different from ALL the others, in the past I was busy baking and making stuff, having friends over, chatting the night through.

This time I was running  and baby-bunning around making bottles, do feeding, patting babies to sleep, changing poo-panties so diffently, but still I just Love the chatting on the phone the whole day with all the friends and family.

The weekend at the beach we did nothing!!! Just sitting in our PJ’s all the time and sleep and eat...thats life!!!

...and a year ago I was on day 3 ...Suro-sus already a month on her Lucrin-fix...and we were making ready for our LAST and FINAL suro attempt.

Funny how my whole world has change after this...never think you know how the dice will fall...

Feb 17, 2012

Happy Bday!!

Today is my 38th Birthday!!! and the happiest one ever in a long time. If you look in the pic above you will see the BEST  PRESENT....a family!!! and its not a dream.

Since I was 27 I was thinking every  Bday that pass, maybe the next one I will have a baby, and then.....empty dreams.

the last 5 Birthdays I was thinking it will never ever happen, and look now...

I am a ancient mommy, with a body to "not die for"( all the hormones have knock me up.) droopy boobs and lots of grey hair!!

but I just LOVE to be 38!!!!!

Feb 16, 2012

Lately I don’t get any free time to do things around me....the twins want ALL MY ATTENTION!!!

They want me to do things with them all the time, they just love it and go totally mad the minute I say...”what are we going to do now” the excitement on their faces are priceless!!!!

The Playroom is slowly, very slowly getting into shape!!! Hope it will be finish, before they finish school.

They are getting more adorable day by day!! Nika are defiantly before Wium in all the things they do, but Wium are the more reckless one of the two.

5 o’clock is still the best time of day when the twins, DADDY arrive...

Wonder how you get both babies to sleep on the same time.... one in your arms and patting the other one with your leg...you can just think the leg musles I will have when they grown-up.

this is how Luv found me when he got home... both babies sleeping zzzzzzzzzz

Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentine xxxxxx

....from Wium and Nika xxxx

Feb 13, 2012

Because my house are more and more looking like a playroom and more and more kids stuff are filling my house....I have decided..

We need a room for all these stuff!! So we think that are “braai room” which we mostly use in winter time will be ideal!! Half of the room we can put a carpet in, do black boards on the doors, and have boxes with all the kids toys in it. Then when other kids and when mine is older they can play and mess up that room and not my lounge like now!!!

I have had this plan for awhile, so what happen if you have plan, you just leave that room , because you going to change it soon, and sooner than later  ITS A MESS.

This weekend me and Luv decided its now or never!!!!! And repaint the room, easier said than done. Now we have 2 little attention seekers that don’t want their parent s to paint on a weekend!!!

Have to say it was not our best job done, but we finish the paint, though changing poo-pants, feedings and some playtime!!

...at the end of the weekend... job done, will show you some pic’s when finish the whole room!!Who said if you have babies you have no time for extra things that need to be done?????

Nika sleeping through the painting...not easy to spot her!! I think she dont want to help! Lazy little Bee...

Feb 9, 2012

Spend your life with who makes you happy.....not, who you have to impress!

Feb 7, 2012

I know I need to get to bed....but I can  always scratch her and there and just don’t get to bed.....and I am on duty tonight and if you have twins sleep is utterly important , but I am a scratcher... always was.... like a hen.... sleep is not important to me.

The twins are getting so big now, they not like babies anymore and that is shocking!!!!!! And because I miss that I am browsing through their pic’s just to have a peek at how small they were.... and it was so small!!

this was just before we witness the greatest MIRACLE EVER!!!

Luv having a look at his precious little girl for the first time

Me holding Wium for the first time....it was beyond description......

I still am looking at my babies, and can not stop thinking, how my sister have made us the happiest 2 people on earth!!!!


Feb 6, 2012

This weekend I was really seeing forward to the party of my brother’s son, but on Friday we got a call...his kids both have baby measles. So we cancelled!!! What a bummer!!! I was so seeing forward to see Suro-sus and her kids.

I know baby measles are not that bad to have, but my babies are doing so great now, have not been sick and that’s a bonus. And after all the people always telling you , why did you not go..... go and have a look.....they all work and don’t look after their kids  during day time. The baby sitter is sitting with their feverish kids.

I love jokes but I think to have 2 feverish babies.....not a joke.

So we went to my MIL, yes the one that in 8 years only visit us 3x times for 10 minutes ( remember we did not have kids!) why mind us.

My teeth are grinning through..... When they sleep she will talk loud to them , because she wants to talk to them.....yes waking them.. When I finally get them to sleep with the favourite bunny in their arms, she will jump up and grap it out of their arms , because SHE THINKS they don’t like it. You can just think I was going through the roof!! If I am burping one baby and the burp is coming out SHE will say “ my burping was better and louder!”

As you can see I was the weekend in a competition with my MIL.

Me that is with my twins 24/7 knowing every single thing of them with my MIL  WHO JUST KNOW EVERYTHING AND IS THE BEST  IN JUST EVERTHING!!!!

Shame my poor little babies!!!!

Feb 2, 2012

Its my own babies, they have just been bake in an borrowed oven...

When life is not always working out like normal and different things need to be done to full your dreams.....its funny how many totally assholes are outside there in the world!!! Poor idiots!!

Me and Suro-sus was talking about it now. Infertility treatments, how it work and that it is not always in everybody’s understanding, but them ask!!! If you don’t know. DOnt go out there with your own stupid, off the ball ideas about things you have not a clue about.

AI, IVF’s, ICSI’s and donors.... blab la, is sometimes not even understandable  for those going through it, but then you get to Suro’s

I know when we start at alot of our friends ask us ( you can ask me anything, nothing is personal anymore) how it work.  All the whats, whos, how’s?????

And one thing that stood out was.....WHO’S BABIES ITS  GOING TO BE????????? WHO’S DNA WILL IT BE?????

HoW does it work and I loved it to tell everybody the whole process and why its NOT my sis eggs and MY EGGE AND its Love’s sperms. And for those reading this and don’t know the how’s....here it is, in a short version.

The doc’s put sus in a menopause .....that means they stop her to make her own eggs. To do that she enject her with hormones. Then the doc’s put me on a programme to start stimulate my egg-production ( its with hormonal injections and hormone pills) because we need my eggs for my own babies.

Then on a certain day in my cycle we both went to the clinic, they do a scan to see that there is NO-HIDE-AND-SEEK-EGGs  in suro-sus, ( we don’t want to have any surprises... the doc’s check it double with menopause and scans , you see)  because if there is any eggs, it will mean that it can be her baby-egg at the end.

She is also in a menopause because did you think what will happen if she and her husband do the wacky-panky-LOVE-DANCE.....and she is not in a menu pause and the doctor don’t check her with a scan and we do the IVF?????  Yes brain-box!!!! It can be her and her dear husband babies we are sitting with!!! Disaster!!!! Like Catrina in Orleans!!!

If they see she is clear they start checking my eggie follicles!! When they see my egg follicles are the right size I got in injections to let my eggs loose....

Then on the day of Egg retrieval I went in to theatre, knock-out and doc is taking position between my legs and with a catheter with a needle in front... go through my VAA-GI-NAA to where the let loose eggs are floating....its all microscopic!!! Before hand if they have seen maybe 17 egg follicles, when t I woke they will tell me we have found 11 eggs, Now you wonder where the  rest disappear???? Did the doc see I am this wonderful-stud??? Or did they take some of my eggs to sell on the black market????? No they did not. Not all eggs are mature right or not all the follicles have an egg in, yes you get dud’s even me have some, we all normal.

When I am in theare Luv is ask to do his sample, in |Afrikaans  its call a “monster” Have you ever see a monster in a bottle?????Funny I know!!!

When they got my precious harvest eggs in a Petri-dish they through Luv’s  wonderful sperms in and nature take place in a bottle) Yes we are the 2000!!! Designer-stuff are happening right under your nose and you did not ever know about it. .

I will then phone in and the lab-rat who will give my report on the eggs?? I’ve got brilliant eggs they have a report!!! Then on day 3 or 5 or what look best for doc, they will phone us telling suro-sus to stop being in a menu pause- stop being an old lady , girl!! They need her young body for pregnancy. Then we will go to theatre.  Sus will get on the bed with a FULL BLADDER ( its the worse of it all). Doc’ taking his front seat between the legs ( to put embies back, it is not a zip-in –zip-out story!!. I know Sus wish there could be zips on her belly, but NO. Science needs to catch up!!!! Soon!

With a catheter they go through sus VAA-GI-NA and put the embios in her uterus. After words they check to see that the embryos did not get stuck in the tubes of the catheter  ( that will be a waist) With the embies on board, the doc’s team wishing us like and pray to not see us again, please let it work!!! Sus need to lay for an hour flat on her back at the clinic.

What will she do this hour????????? She will hope and wish she don’t pee in the clinic’s bed, you reminder the FULL BLADDER!!!!! The sec the clock announces the hour’s end she will run to the loo and hope she don’t pee the babies out. Funny but everyone that have done this, is thinking it!!!! ( you cant pee them out- its just that, what IF!!!!!)

Then suro-sus is starting with the Monsterzilla-bum-injections!!! Its for her body to try to make it most baby-friendly ever. Just maybe the embryos want to stay...Please stay!!!!

Then the dreat full 2 week wait start and the wonder what if????? On day 10 she go for bloodworks and then drumroll......you’re world start to crumble in 1000000000000000 pieces or YOUR STRIKE IT LUCKY!!!!!!!!!! YOUR PREGNANT!!!!

So the babies inside is as you can read.....not SUS babies!!!!!!!! Its my and Luv’s DNA. The babies will look like us!!!!!!! She is NOT giving away HER babies!!!!! She is giving our babies back to us!! The just bake them for us.... you reminder.......