Oct 23, 2012

Sunday we went for some shopping at a nearby town. Just to fill-up all or cupboards and baby stuff we are in need of. After an hour in the mall we have done NO shopping, just diaper change and giving food!

Before kids..... in that hour , I would have finish ALL the shopping !! now NONE.

Then we sleep over  at friends, which are always a bliss!! To see them and to have so many laughs!! Thanx for your hospitality chaps xxxxx

Next morning 9h we visit the chiro, Nika was having a bit of discomfort after her leg got stuck 2 weeks ago and I have had terrible headaches lately  ... now we sorted out!!

Then it was vaccinations time, I am always feeling so sorry for them and then they take it was a breeze ( maybe use to needles after their stay in ICU)

Nika is weighing 10, 7 kg and her length 79 cm.  Still only have 2 teeth and she got her first torn in her foot ( and she can not even walk where did she got that from?) Wium are weighing 9, 7kg and his length 78cm and busy with tooth no 8.

After that they fall asleep and I hit the shops while Luv did car-baby-sitting, amazing how much you get done on your own!

As we hit the road they wake and so we end up at a coffee shop where they played on the grass. For them to be in car seats all day not nice at all.


Family time are just so cool!!

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