Mar 7, 2016

Lately I am thinking of how your life change and all of life are in cycles
When you born your only thing that you have that are the most precious thing in your life are you mom and dad. They do EVERYTING for the best ( I hope) for you ! You don't even know about this but you are so valuable!

Then you start with your first thing that are just yours!!! this will probably be a soft toy, which you sleep with , take with, this thingy is your most precious thing in your life after your parents.

For the next few years that follow you will maybe have a room with a bed and some special your own things that surround you.  You can only enjoy life, cause your parents look after all your needs. Your only worry in the world will be if you special toy is sleeping with you.

School start and when in high school, you have all your special secrets thing, you decorate your room to your style and taste. This is your precious kingdom. Mom and dad are still take care of you, so no worries In life although you think boyfriends, girlfriends, style, sport teams ect are a big worry--- later on in life you will she this was just small stuff!

then you start working and now big life are knocking on your door, with own food to make and own bills to pay and making decision on your own. You very cool with all around you but you miss something taking care of you. Your first flat don't have much in, but you have a jol with parties and friends everyone around just having fun. Not much worries.

Then you marry or the flat change to something bigger and this is where the " life suffocation start"  more  clutter more and more and more and more stuff in  you place to make it nicer, comfortable, prettier ..... cats, dogs, kids arrive and more and more chaos clutter......

and then one day you look around you and your house want to suffocate you till a point where you want to take a vacuumer and vacuum everything around you and just through it away!!! THIS IS WHERE I AM NOW.....

my house my life are so full of shit standing looking at me from every corner, desk, cupboard.... so I am busy taking everything little thing in my house putting it in a room, paint the house and de-clutter my house! Its so not me!!! but I am going to try this new era I am in. My aura need her zing back!.

I can not wait for my new life with less!.

funny when you left life you end up with only a bed you lay in..... like when you enter life!!!