May 26, 2014

If you think you can not do it !!! remember this....

May 19, 2014

                                                   In the Gardens.. squirrels under attack!!

We have been away on a holiday break this past week. And it was great. We went to Cape Town, after all the years of sitting and making up time in Cape Town while busy with IF treatment and then when the kids were born, I can really say WE WHERE FET UP FOR CAPE TOWN. There was NO urge to go there, we have had enough!
                             Having coffee at the Twelve Apostles
Nika think this place is utter boring!! she slept zzzzz

The other thing is when we went there,  there are always hundred and ten million things we neat to do and buy and found out prices of, But this time we decided we are going on holiday!!  NO Shopping or Mall visits! Just fun. And boy this was great!! We came back totally exhausted .
                      getting into the Big wheel at the V&A Waterfront
                                  Table mountain in the back ground

First weekend the dates match up with one of my dear friends 40th so nice to meet all the new people. I love parties where I don’t know anyone! While driving into Stellenbosch this feeling of bless cover me and all emotions dust on me of the twins birth in this town. I got this still-cannot-believe-how-lucky-i-am-feeling. I cried! So I  drive around the venue just to get myself wrap up again. I stay at friends where we always enjoy the company. It was here where while at the party and Luv doing babysitting  nika decided to NOT SLEEP ( her father was under the impression she is fast asleep. She went to our room open my little bag full of cutex and decided she is in def neat of and manicure. She open 10 bottles of cutex ( yes 10!) and did a mani and a pedi, painted our sunglasses  and redo the duvet. When bored she neatly put back all 10 bottles different colours of cutex back in the bag and closed it neatly ( she just did not put back the lots of any of the 10 bottles) she then went to see if the baby in the next door room was sleeping..... with her wet-just painted-feet on my friends duvet. The lesson...... don’t ever think if it’s quiet, they are sleeping!!!!
Having fun!!!

The  week we stay at a place in Sea point, where daily we went out at 8 and getting back at 8 again. We drive all over Cape Town, went to beaches and let the kids play, visit many coffee shops! Maybe this is the reason when we took Nika to get her eyes check, they women show her n picture of a cup and saucer she said.. Coffee!!!
                                                 Truth Coffee Bar

Gee ,we have had a great time!!! And the kids are so use to always travel and going around, each day the took there naps in the pram for 2 hours!! This  was when me and Luv could sit down for lunch or coffee.
                         Watching Suro-sus kid's first hockey game

And the High light to end it up!! Suro sus and Fam offer to look after the kids one night!! This was like Christmas! We could not believe our luck!!!! We went to a night spa for the night!! It was great and so relaxing, but to stay awake was hell!! I don’t know who was snoring the hardest? Me or luv?
                      Always know they will make the world turn round!!

This was a wonderful break, and just in time!!!!!
                                                   our date-night!


May 8, 2014

This weekend In Cape Town  The Infertility Awareness Association of South Africa will have
Infertility Seminars with wonderful people and doctors that will give some talks.

So if you know anyone who are on the bus, was an infertile or is in need of info '''''''LET THEM KNOW!!""

May 5, 2014