Nov 1, 2012

Books, Magazines, papers....  I am in love!! They are part of my life!

When I was in school, I hate reading! I did not read at all. Not even the books that we needed to read for school. My friends did that and told me the info, and I pass!! My last year of school was my first book I ever was for the English class..Something like the “Mountain rocky road ???? did not make an impression as you can see. I thought it was my first and last book.

I have had a grandma who read every week 12 books from the  library. When she goes to get  new books, she have had this basket to carry them.

And I have had this roommate at school, who every week when we got our off day to go to town...she went to the library to fetch books and she was always reading...I was thinking it was waste-time.

When I was in primary school there was a reading month, don’t know which month and then they give out the “bookmark” and on it was an owl with spec’s on and it said....reading is power ( I cut out the owl to make gift cards....)

But then somewhere along the line I start reading and I have not stop doing it. I love reading! I love magazines and start at the first page taking it though to the very last,  I read 4 books a week, favourites are life stories that’s my best and when I don’t have time” mills and boons” because its only 2 hours and its quickly, I know loads are rolling their eyes but I like them.

In my house there are always books lying all over the place because I am reading a few at the same time. Each time we move to a new town the first day I will go to the library. And once I months I took the morning off to go and read the other  magazines I don’t have at home!!

And then I got the twins !! that leave me with zero reading time, or if I have time, I am to tired!

I did read my magazines, some took months longer to the other to them finish.

But 2 weeks ago I went to the library, they were so happy to see me! And got myself a book, which took 3 days !! and it was utter bliss, it felt amazing! And yesterday I quickly go and return and crap another one. I do the reading while I try to get them to sleep.

I cannot think my world without reading....and the owl was on the dot!!


 Reading is power!!!

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