Jun 26, 2013

From this weekend till yesterday I have been on the farm with the kids with out Luv.

This kids enjoy every second of this. To run around and climb and explore every square.

And there new hero’s their nephew and nieces. They were running and screaming and try to catch and release each other. Nika was addicted (just as her mother) to the 4 month old baby!! To see how she wants to hold the baby and touch it, it was so cute!! I think she want a little baby sister!!!  Her brother hated the baby!! Maybe scared mommy snatch the baby. I ask my brother’s son if I can buy his little sister for R 100, then he said she don’t have teeth... so I only put in an offer of R50!!


Luckily they did not sleep in the car back otherwise they out of there sleeping routine that goes so well now!! ( and sorry I think it was tiredness fault the typing  error! Kids goes to sleep between 20h00-20h30 and not  21h30,like I said! Luv was asking me  after reading it... where am I because they never went to bed that late) 20h30 are the cut off!!
Now we all back and tired

Grandpa's tower!! whooooooo
Sunday lunch
Outing with "ouma"... Lettie in pink went with....
Look at the Koi's, ouma!
Two Jockey's on a dead horse.
Look!! one of Rio's friends
Smelly goats.
Wium just LOVE the dogs!
Nika showing her necklace to little "M"

Jun 21, 2013

The twins are daily busy to go through the house and get stuff which they think are so interesting and then that “thing will be at their side the whole day.

Most of the time I am not sure where they got it from? Somewhere in cupboards.... which they where unpacking.

2 days ago when they wake the morning they were talking and talking .... and the next moment they appear with the swim goggles. The big thing then is to get another pair!! Of goggles and if you haven’t use it for nearly 3 years, its difficult!!!

I enjoy them so much seeing what they up too!!

I am not really into winny the poo-cars-barney-lollos-micky-mouse-liewe heksie. My kids watch TV half hour in the morning and half hour in the afternoon, so they don’t know all the cartoon-characters.

But when they get to other people and these kids have this character dolls. Nika will crap them and will not leave her newest-best-ever-friend-of-the-hour. And when I leave she don’t want to give it back!!!

And I will take it off and give it back!! Because I know everyone say you can bring it back later....let me tell you!!!! NOBODY BRING IT BACK!! Most of my toys did not get their way back home!!

After another clining to someone elses Lollos doll. Luv took them to the shop to get them one.


They went ballistic and  when they saw ”Lollos and Lettie” and they did not let go!! To get it scan at the till.....went up in tears!! From Nika! When we went for coffee after that, when someone touch her “lollos” she cried!! When we went to the squash club the night she did not leave her “Lollos”

When we bath, she cried bitter, because “Lollos” need to bath with.

“Lollos” went to bed and “lollos” wake with  her this morning!!

Mommy are not the hero anymore!! The “Lollos” are and I am jealous!! Lollos got more kisses and hugs, than mommy!

 Nika with Lollos and Lettie!

Jun 18, 2013

Nowadays I  just don’t get so much time on the computer and the internet. And the days fly like jets. Just so much to do and no time!!

This weekend it was fathers day! Luv’s 2nd and very special. We made milo for daddy in bed and some flowers and letters with their handprints on. So when dad wake we move upstairs, Wium with the flowers very excited and Nika with a pizza cutter ( why don’t know she wanted it from the cupboard and wanted to give that to her pappa!

Most of my days now circle around just to try and recue my house from explorers! And the victim who need an eye 24/7  WIUM !!!

I think the angels are watching him  all the time. This morning I was busy organizing some stuff on the phone, when I turn around we came with and apple with a knife right through it with a few cuts on it!! He love apple and wanted some!! How he did not cut off all his fingers!! I was so shock! And where did he get the knife??

He is very double jointed and flexible its unbelievable where he can get himself on-under-through!!

Later today I watch him while he pull himself up over a couch back to get a wooden chair and with the chair he got over the couch and back ( the couches are move to keep them out of the fire place....not Wium!!)

Last week he burn out a hairdryer!! I was busy with the washing, when I smell smoke I run the tumble dryer, nothing when I came into their room , black smoke was all over !! wium was plugging it in and out and burnt out the dryer!( there are protectors in the plugs , he can get them out in no time)

He is just interest in everything which I think is good!! His sister is much calmer. And I think she is scared of me shouting at her .

She have cut two more teeth yesterday and now they got the same amount of teeth!.

And the best !!! they are sleeping nearly through!!!! They will wake between 4-5 once get their morning bottle and sleep till 8 !! they go to bed between 8 and half pass 9! At night   ( its the one thing we are very strick on! From the start)

Wium put the knife through the apple...on his own.
up and up the ladder !!!

Jun 14, 2013

I have always believe that when you stuck, you need  some drastic steps to get yourself up and going, and for me the best is a challenge way far from what I am capable of.

I just don’t get my ass fire up to do exercise on regular base. At the end of the day when I have time...... I have zero, ziltz energy left and the best them is to just floor onto the couch and ...RELAX.

Peace......quietness....me-time....normal stimulating talking to hubby....please just NO exercise!

 Someone awhile ago told me about this race, and it sound GREAT!! But most  challenging.

A month ago my brother call, telling me guess what?? The “mudding moles”( he and suro-sus) are doing I_M_P_I race. I was so piss!! I wanted to do it , I jump on the computer but the entries have been closed, within an hour the race was sold out... must be popular! I wanted to do that too, I

 don’t want to watch eating the hotdogs at the side ,I wanted to be part of this event!

And then yesterday I got an entry on a cancelation....... I was super excited!!

...and then when I press that paid button for my entry, my heart start to race!!!!

What did I do ???? I am super super unfit!!! Actually the unfitted of my life! And I need to do 12 km off road!! ( hate off road) PLUS obstacles!!

So now I need to get my running shoes on!!  Don’t know anyone in my timeslot, but I need to finish this!!

This is the wakeup call I have been waiting for!!!

So October its www.impichallenge.co.za  time!!

Jun 12, 2013

Since Wednesday I felt like a train run me down, think it was flu. To look after kids when all you want to do is get in bed was a thing and it always felt like then they on to you all the time. ( feeling much better now! Thanx to rest)

And to put the cherry on it, kids was busy getting their last missing teeth. So moaning and tears was with us.

We went away this weekend, may sound that its best to stay home when feeling this shit!! Sometimes it made you feel better feeling shit at a different place.

It was pouring and super cold in the Wilderness where we went. But we did quickly pop in at the night market and the Sedgefield market ( very nice) the rest we made fire in the fire place and watch movies and tennis and bake pancakes and just have fun.

Kids thought it was great, new place , new beds, new furniture. Kids had their own room, but after Wium think he was very smart opening the window and waving out ( it was a double volume) we all move to one room to keep a eye on them. Would not be fun picking them up on the outside when falling 2 stores down.

When the sun show his face we took them to play, they run like ducks.

On our way I got my eyes test, every time bad to see how age rip you down. Soon I will get my new spec”s for better viewing ! watch out twins!!

PJ fam!
from the balcony
all packed to go....
the pancake team
look where I am sitting...

Jun 6, 2013

Suro-sus Smurf cake she made!!!

Yes, she made this too! and you can eat it!
The smurf-with-out-his-sister
Cape Town was freezing!!! not nice if you got outings  planed.

We have been away for few days , Luv for work and we just to not miss him too much.

First we took Wium for a second option, after we have been given the only option for an operation. Second option, the brilliant doc fix it in the consultation room with local anaesthetic product. Luckily I am one of that people who will find 10 opinions. I am not too dive in to the first anyone say. So Wium got fix.

We stayed with suro-sus it was her and her eldest Bday.

Then we moved to a friend. Its here where Nika at 4 o ‘clock in the morning start to vomit!! And to have a vomiting –kid –at-some-one-else’s-places = chaos.

Its was through all her bedding and clothes and  then next it was my clothes and then her daddy’s.

It was pouring rain in Cape Town and freezing cold!

So I just took Wium to his Nieces 6th Smurf Bday party! Feel funny with only one at my side!. When we got back to my friend, Luv start to vomit with her and her husband next in the row!! It was terrible! Every one vomiting just me and Wium got save.( I think because Wium never sit for more than 10 sec the bugs don’t have time to knock him over) So we did not do allot, except for washing!!

Monday we got Nika’s eyes tested, at my dear friend!! Thanx everything was fine. So my babies are all tested and fine now! No op’s and no more worries.

Tuesday was hectic and we got stuck due to a few things out of order and only arrived at my parents on the way home at 5.

So we let the twins play which they love and bath them and got in the car after 8 at night.

When we arrived home at 22h00 that night we just pick at the twins put them in their cots and jump super tired into bed!!

It took me 2 days to just get all the washing and all the things on their place, and now its weekend again , jippee!!!

I think we start to get our old life back( I think the kids love this mix-up live of their parents, just go with the flow and be happy)...and the bonus the kids slept through both for the first time!!!