Oct 30, 2013

While in Cape Town we took the kids to the aquarium. They just love every moment. Running around waving to all the fishes, and talking to them. Maybe they have met before, just don’t know where.

They just go crazy on outings! They love exploring new places and new things and we are so privilege to have the opportunities showing them around. Its the best family outings ever.

Things do take hours to complete but as long as they have fun, we have fun, there will be a time where we will get “us-time” again.

Its only when they took their afternoon naps in there pram where we can go and have a bite or do shopping! And what a bargain when we want to have a coffee and in this centre, and one of their favourite’s where performing live!

Oct 26, 2013

Sorry for the absence... but I was away for a week, and now I am back again with loads that happen.

Last Friday I went to see a Knee Specialist. I am so glad I did that, now I know what to do. I have a typical 40ish (really???) knee. I do have injury to it( it show on the x-rays) and with  carrying the kids all the time it do put extra pressure on the knees and I do need to take care from now on.... No, running anymore ( sob sob, I like it alot) just cycling( hate it) and swimming ( love it, just not in cold water) ... and I did not tell him about the IMPI the next day.

So Saturday it was THE IMPI CHALLANGE. I did enter months before, did not have time or mostly energy to exercise for it. The last month did do hills( this save me) on the treadmill.

I think it’s our BEST friends( it mean alot to us) because they offer look after the twins for the day. Luv was sick the week before so he was feeling a bit down still so he decided to do it with me. As we drove off I wanted to cry to leave my kids ( first time ever for the day) but as we enter the impi-site I decided to just enjoy every single second of this day.! I needed this time away.

The week before I did think I am not fit for this what if I don’t make it, and then the old me kick in, There is a big reason why I want to do it( more personal after getting stuck in life) so come high or low water even I  need to drag myself... I will finish it. I never did an off road before.

The start was hectic with hills up and down that feel like forever, after that, we needed to swim though a ice cold dam with clothes and shoes... and after that 12km follow with loads of obstacles thing I never did before. The venue was absolutely beautiful !!!!! It was one of the races I enjoy the most, it was challenging and amazing!!! And the best Luv did it with me. I walk all the way after what doc said, and I think it was Luv’s ( hi is very fit) most boring race ever doing it with me, walking. But we talk and laugh and had so much fun!!!!

I have made it!!! all bruised-up and full of scratches...  it show I do have allot in me still!! Just what I needed now.

And when we got home the afternoon, the kids was lying on a picnic blanket in our friends arms chatting..... and they did not even miss us!!!!

I think this was what we all needed, thanx IMPI and FRIENDS!!!
                                 Just finish the race!
It was life and I decided to live it!!
Many people dress up!! here I already took an shower!!
Suro-sus and my brother also did the race the next day, here she is running to the finish. Go Sus!with brother cheering her on.
One of the many obstacles!

Oct 13, 2013

When things sound far away you always think, there are loads of time....and before you realise it.... its on you and...You don’t think you really ready for what’s to come.

Months ago I enter the IMPI challenge, for several reasons( most personal). A month ago we received an email “ DO YOU EXERCISING THE RIGHT WAY”  if you running on the tar road it’s time to get off road! At that time I was still on the treadmill and now a week before the race, my running shoe did not even get the smell of gravel!!

I have just did a 6 km to see how I am doing and I am fine!! Will I be ready for the 12km with obstacles??? That we will see!

Awhile ago I have made a appointment with a knee specialist,( its the day before the race) because for years I am have discomfort and now my knees are sounding like a horror movie, its freaking! So I am having it check to see what future hold for my 39years old knees!.

First when I see I am not going to get fit in time, I thought I will tell this doc about the race and he will say, No don’t do it!! And it will be great!! But now

The more and more I think about it, I so badly want to do it! Fit or not! For myself I need to finish it, if not it will be the first thing I enter and did not do! And that is so not me!! I am a never ender tryer!! I have the twins to show for that!!


This is what  one of a lot of obstacles will look like....help!!

Oct 7, 2013

My kids was getting their hair very lately, and when Wium's hair start to grow it was very curly so he look more and more like someone who have to work at a circus. So the day before he turn two it was time for his first hair cut.... he thought it was great fun!!!
                                         Mommy I can't wait to see my new hair style!
Daddy stop laughing, Mommy is doing great!
Look at all my "curly's"
Gee, but I am sexy!!!