Aug 31, 2011

Twin Pram

Yes, we got our pram and we just love it!! Can not wait to put the twins in and go for a walk. But this will happen must later, I suppose.

this pram so cool. It can turn 360 degrees. It weigh 10 kg so I can pick it up easily. I can unfold it in.....YES!!!!! 1 second and turn it to its normal position in ....YES   1 second.

and the best it can fit through a normal door!!!

Aug 30, 2011

28 weeks!!

We are 28 weeks and 1 day ( can you believe we have made it to here). After a month we have just had our scan. Don’t know how I have kept it up for a month. But I was thinking,  if I can wait a month, the time will fly.
Today I was so excited so see them again…and what a BIG surprise!!!

Twin A was measuring at 1,6 kg ( pick up 1kg in this month) I was scared that the one twin have swallow the other one. But the other one was measuring at 1,4kg. They are sooooo big and we are over the moon!!!!

… and I saw the scale when the doc was weighing Sus,  and drum roll …..She have pick up  3, 5kg!!. She is one of those lucky one’s that loose her own body weight and just the babies pick up. They are measuring ahead!!

The one is a leisure one , lying stretching out, taking up all the space and the poor other one is curling up in a very strange  Yoga position.

The doc put the 4D on and that cute little face is adorable!!!

Doc say everything is fine and the hospital is excited for our labour. Sus bags are pack and I am pack for months now. My whole life is in my car.

Look like the resting of Suro-sus is doing the twins good!!! For the 17 week scare she is a bence- potato!

Just for the record: I am in total EXCITED MOOD!!!!

Aug 28, 2011

Stork weekend

This weekend me and Luv went to my parents farm, My mother and brother gave us a storktea with all the Auntie's( and their hubbies) that I know from childwood, friends and family. They are all out of there skins from excitement!!!! and can not wait!! I think after the party the twins have everything!! with every parcel I opened, I realize what a wonderful circle of support we have!!!

This is my Grandma of 90 ( she look great), she have knit this jackets for me. She just want to meet the twins!!

Opening up all the goodies!!

Me and my mom with a cocktail!! my mother is under HUGE stress with me and Suro-sus...

It was a very nice party!!! we where having a jol!! As you can see... there was men too!

... and these "OLDIES" was saying it was their best stork ever!!!

Aug 26, 2011


I am at Suro-sus at the moment. Its nice , but we can see her kids know something are going to happen. So they want to know every single second of the day….”Where is Mommy???”

They can not wait for the babies, to hold them in their arms. The 2 years old one think there is 8 babies in her tummy so soon, Sus will hand me mine and then they will have the 8 with them ( Sus will crack if any babies stay behind.)

So what’up in SURO-WORLD…..

HOW FAR NOW?      27 weeks and 4 days. Still can not     believe we are here.

SYMPTONS?              Heartburn the moment she eat a thing and soooo tired!!!

STRECH MARKS?    Yes, defiantly! But there was already for her previous pregnancies. Strechmark creams are  not doing their thing.

WEIGHT GAIN ?       More or less 3 and a half, will see Tuesday at the scan.

SLEEP?     Struggle to get a nice angle. Uncomfortable a lot. Don’t sleep like she would have loved to do. Want to sleep the whole day!!

MOVEMENT?  Feel it a lot. Baby A is more calm than the fellow-womb-partner. Baby B never go to sleep, this is the kicker!!!!

FOODCRAVINGS?    None, just go on as normal!

MILESTONES?          Just to get to this point!!

EMOTIONS?     Irritated with her kids that just want to play the whole day and never stop.

GENERAL?       Cannot think her bump must still get bigger and bigger. Would love her normal life back ( me too!!)

Aug 25, 2011


The one thing that is on everybody’s lips is…….DO YOU HAVE NAMES????? And my answer is:

NO!!!! We don’t have names!!

Everything is still such a wonderful miracle and I think we still just can not believe what's about to happen soon. And because we don’t know what’s going to pop… we don’t have names and we need 2 of each names.( one is already a problem..) Actually we just want the babies, names are a side-order.

Names are so easy till the second you need one for your babies…then the big fun start.

If you go the family-name way, you know more or less what route to go, but we have decided long, long, long, time ago. NO family names at ALL!! Because we have seen so many times that the one with grandpa’s or mon’s name is the favourite. If there is one thing me and Luv hate , then its unfairness. My MIL ( mother in law) is already going like a parrot about the boy…boy…boy…( what if there is not a boy??? What if there is a boy, the other one, boy or girl, will just be there… She is defiantly going to get a surprise, because for her its all about the family-name.

So where do you then start. When I am thinking of a name…Luv just hate it. And when Luv comes up with a name, Its funny for me, or I just hate it.

We don’t know what we like , and to be honest we don’t like any we’ve got a problem a BIG one!!

Then we’ve got a long surnames and long names so when you need to do paper work you start writing down for years getting your ancestors, that are under the ground names, that you’ve have got, along the way down. SO NO!!!!

 We want easy name’s, short names, names that you can pronounce in English and it don’t sound, as if you have some or other incurable disease or coming for a space-island.

I think we will, the moment the babies will be born , will look and see some or other medicine name and names them after it. What about “Band” and “Aid” or “Det” and Tol”????

Actually the only names that will suit them best will be..

Hope and Patience… because that is what we have done all these years….

Aug 24, 2011

What a mess!!

O NO!!!!!! my computer crash!!!! and they are now busy to restore everyting!! I dont hope I am going to loose anything.

I want to post some pic's , but you need to wait , SORRY!!!!

Aug 21, 2011

27 weeks

I know she look great!! 

Aug 20, 2011

Stork shower.

Suro-sus ex-neighbour-friend with all her friends that want to give me a shower. It was so weird opening prezzies and you dont know anyone at all. But they were all so excited for us!! people that I dont even know is making this whole journey so special! At the left is, Suro-sus, she look great!
She is not a knitter but she have specially knit this for the babies.

Aug 17, 2011


Today Suro-sus EX-Neighbour-friend invite us to come and have tea with her. I have met her  and I like her allot!! She is just one of that amazing people. You just like her the minute you met her!!.

She and her friends are having a "stitch and bitch-club" where they meet and then they  all do some kind of a hobby , but most its about the nice chats and cake and coffee.

So today she invite us and when we arrive.....SHE WAS GIVING ME A SURPRISE STORK TEA!!!

There I was with a room full of strangers. I only knew  my sister's friend. 14 ladies that was giving me gifts for the babies!! Its people like this that make you think how super friends are. These people knew my story and are follow it all the way, and they don't even knew me!!!I was sitting there with tears in my eyes, some off them also  was having tears, because they care for me ( the stranger)

I got so nice things!!! cannot wait to show them to Luv. Will put pic's on next week when I am home again.

...and I also got my PRAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 15, 2011

26 weeks

This week I am with Suro-sus again for the week. We are 26 weeks!! Sus is getting bigger...and I think I am getting calmer day by day... May be because deep down in me I know we are going to be all right!!

and  we are getting excited to know whats inside... thats going to be a BIG surprise!!!! I can not wait for the moment the doctor will lift up the babies and we will know.... what its going to be!!

Every single day is a day nearer to the end, jippee!!!

There is still allot that needs to be done.. but who cares.

Aug 14, 2011

Do you still get that, miss??

Sorry for the triple pic-post Friday, that’s what happens if everything must happen immediately and you press the button continuously because it’s too slow for you.  But that’s my personality!!! You can just think what IF have done to me,   after all the years, that learned me to WAIIIIIITTTTTTT AND WAAIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!

I like gadgets that make the world and easier place to life in. but sometimes I have lost it BIG TIME like now.

Me and Luv don’t watch TV much, so we are not heavy on TV stuff ( I like Movies!!) so believe it or not ,we still have a Video-Recorder with that very old video-tapes.  One of my friends and I, have still this ancients-treasures. But after a power failure mine…..just did not come alive!! ( BIG PROBLEM!!) because we still record some programme for each other…so

I went to the shop and ask if they still have a video-recorders. NO!!! Okay do you have a  DVD-recorders? That must be the next step….NO!!! And the guy ask me. “Where have you been Miss???” I was feeling like a dinosaur!! Ancient and OLD!!!

SO now I have no recording equipment and must come to terms that I have been left behind!!!

Aug 12, 2011

Aug 10, 2011


Me and Luv are getting so many lovely things from people we know well and people we don’t always know.

All these people are sooooo excited for us, and it  is an eye-opener to see how super excited these people are for us. Its is really touching our heart's on so many ways.

One of my clients, or must I say “has-been-clients” was on holiday and she saw this book. She was telling me the moment she saw it, she was thinking of us and immediately bought the book. It’s a story of twin daughters and she said you don’t get many books with twins in!! That’s a fact. 

Its is so special, because I know she bought it for us and it’s a special gift from her heart.

And so ...many things are arriving at our home and these people specially bought it for us!!

Aug 9, 2011

Gorgeous is turning 2!!

Today  Suro-sus, little one is turning 2!!! And as you can see it's a BEE-PARTY!! and she bake the cake. Not only a good-suro... she is good birthday-cake-maker two!!

The 2 busy bee's at the party!!! Cute outfits!!!

I still remember the first time we saw the doctor to start the Suro-route, the little one was 3 months old!! and now she is 2!.

Aug 7, 2011

24 week-sus

From the front she dont look pregnant... she look much better than me!!!

The bump is getting bigger by the day!!

So we went to the Baby-Indaba and it was really not worth it at all. Nothing new or interesting. Same old stuff and if you have visited the baby-shops, you have seen it all.  Only thing that was funny was the people that want to show suro-sus the pregnant stuff, and she said that  she was  not interested at all!! And when I ask something they want to know why??? Are you planning to get pregnant soon??? And I wanted to say , yes  am pregnant don’t I look fantastic????

I only bought 2 baby grows, will put pic’s later on

It’s so nice to be back at home again this week!! It’s not that bad to be with my sus but it’s just nice to be around my own stuff for awhile and Luv…I miss him so much!!

Aug 4, 2011

Baba Indaba

I am still with my sus, and every day we pass is a day more to tick-off. One more day nearer to meet our babies!! Everyday that pass, my excitement is reving up more.

People that meet me want to know...and are you excited???? What??? are you crazy!! YES!!! I am over excited, and I know I am not maybe jumping over the moon or wearing the T-shirt. YOU LOOKING AT THE MOM THAT WANTS TO BE A MOM MOST IN THE WORLD!!

Whats going on in my in-side that nobody can see and only Luv's know the feeling of is: Is so sensitive-emotional-excitement!! We are sooooo near I can not breathe , but still its not the time to meet them. The longer they stay in the sooner we can take them home. And home is where I want to be with my precious babies.

A few minutes ago I have feel the one kick, its the most amazing feeling ever, and as I write this I want to cry!!! Its my baby I felt!! I am sooo blessed !! I love them so much already and I did not even met them!.

Tomorrow we are going to a Baby Indaba. I dont know what to expect???? but it will be nice to do the pregnant-baby-things!!! I will be the only one there expecting twins soon with out the bump!!! Cozzz maybe I must get myself  T-shirt... Yes. you are looking at an expecting MOM.

Aug 2, 2011

Luv have just left with the bus, his is going home and I am staying behind till Friday. I am going to miss him soooo much!!!!! but this is going to happen more often now till out babies come.

Did not tell you all the details about yesterday. Everything is fine with sus and the babies. The babies have turn and are now lying with their heads down under and their feet up high. The doctor have put on the 4D and we could see the one baby and it was AMAZING ! I don't have the pic, wrong button was press and pic= disappear!! O NO!!!!! All is fine and in place and  for the first time in our life we are in .......3 trimester!!! Unbelievable!!!

When the doctor was busy doing the scan ,S-sus was lying on her back and I suppose my kids was hitting a vine and she was feeling very dizzy and fainting. The twins are stealing all her space now!!

Suro-sus doctor who is going to deliver the babies is very nice and a bit of a interesting chap!! He will be the man monitoring us from now on very closely. Sus is feeling more and more uncomfortable day by day and are burning houses down( heartburn!!!)

I have also visit the hospital, yes I know its early but I just have had a few questions!!

We are wondering more and more about whats going to pop-out-soonly!!!

Aug 1, 2011

24 weeks!!!

Scan was so amazing, because I saw them today and everytime we just get more in love with them!!! They are both weighing over 700gram and have turn again!!!! and are lying now with their heads down and their legs up.

...and I have got myself a breast pump and the rest of the week I am staying with the twins and suro-sus and her family.

We are also going to start shopping!!! Jipeee!!