Apr 24, 2012

You all know about the photo shoot we did awhile ago... it have hit the shelves. The magazine “Baba en Kleuter” wanted to do an article about Surrogacy and our story,  and called us.

If you know me and saw me and suro-sus in the mag, you will laugh your ass off. The ones that did see it , are now phoning and  laugh. They supply the clothes and they did our hair and make-up!

On that day me and suro-sus could not stop laughing, if we look at each other it was chaos, we look so funny!! When we saw the clothes on the rail, we both thought..PLEASE NOT THE ORANGE one for me.....at the end I was the orange-winner and I just hate ORANGE SHIRTS with a PASSION. Everyone knows that. And with olive green.....geeeeee . Not me or Suro-sus wear alot of make-up ever and my hair was a joke.

Most of the time if you see me, I will have hair bands on ( I love them and have allot of different ones, I am addicted to them) as you all can see from my photos. That’s one of the reasons, with my stork-party why everyone that attend, have had something on the head, it was a surprise for me

On the shoot day they gel all my  hair to the back with a teased bubble ( defiantly   not the style for me, or most people I know) Suro-sus, Luv and her kids could not stop laughing that day and in the car for the next few hours we laugh and laugh. Like suro-sus said, we look better when we do funny-dressing! And Luv said, I look 55.

When my mother saw us she laughs and when my brother enter the room he laugh and think I look just like Stefanie Forrester from the soapy “ the Bold and the Beautiful” If my family call me on the phone , they wants to speak to Stefanie.... big joke.

It is just so not us!!! Suro-sus said she looks like she arrived at the back of and “bakkie” After the shoot suro-sus said , if any one see this they will think shame this poor “Old Lady” with twins! Yes I look like somebody over 50!.

Like someone text me...”What were you thinking being dress like that?” Thats not one for the photo book, no one is going the surrogate route if they end up looking like that....you took some strain, girl.

And most of the calls.... what happen to your hair?

Luckily we can laugh at ourselves.....that I can tell you we have had FUN ! and we have had a peek at what happen backstage.

Welcome to everyone from IComLeavWE.  
Hope you can get some inspiration of my story, who at the long end ...have had a happy ending with a different route.

..and as you all know by now....I have a huge spelling problem, not even the spell check can catch me out !! I am unique xxxx ( sometime difficult to blog with a baby on your hip)

Apr 22, 2012

The twins are sleeping...we cover them with the green ponco's

Weekends are flying like jets in the sky!! I always have the blues on Sunday nights when I know the weekend is on its way dying!

When we home for the weekend the to-do-lists are longer than my arm, we have a just as long lists of fun-things-for-the-weekend to do ( friends, coffee-dates and fun stuff) This weekend, was stuff till the roof, and as I blog this ,I am so tired I want to die!! (Luckily I am off tonight!)

Today the twins were on their every first Game drive!!! 6 months and they can tick off their bucket lists) The nearby town have a Sunday lunch and drive “special” ( I love specials) so we met up with friends for this nice outing!!

It was a 2hour drive and I was hoping the twins will behave!( they normally behave on all outing!! Maybe they are scared we will left them behind) And  I could see the other people’s faces when be pitch with not one but two babies!

We pop then in the wraps and we did not hit the first animals ....when I saw they where sleeping, since birth, because we wrap then so many times, they love it and most of the time they will fall asleep.

So Nika and Wium did NOT SEE the elephants, rhinos, giraffe’s, antelopes, lions, zebra’s ect.....


Its wonderful to take your kids places and see who they just love it!!!!

Look the a elephant on the left are also  sleeping..zzzzz

Apr 19, 2012

The twins are now heavy on their-newly-trying-veggies-everyday. Nika just HATES everything, but Wium will eat anything that comes his way ( I think he will eat “mince-rat” if that passes his way too) he looks like a little bird when eating.

Eating time is a bit hectic, but great fun. And extra work for mommy.... now I need to do some cooking...a hobby I hate!!

... but soon the twins will have a buffet of food to choose from, and I can promise them, interesting combo’s will be coming their way.
I don’t like cooking, but I can make nice stuff. I never read a recipe, if maybe I will not follow it, because its boring and end up with the biggest flops ever. Like the pudding I did not follow, and it look like a Lillo-drifting-on-a-river, and the reason I did not put 5ml of something in....because what difference will that make.....A BIG ONE!

I do creative-cooking!!!! Which look super impressive? And after 12 years of marriage, Luv did not eat things twice, happy he, because I follow my instincts!

The cooking-mom

Apr 17, 2012

Sunday was our 12 Anniversary! And after all these years its the first one , where we are a FAMILY!!! 12 years ago we did not think the this is how it would turn-out, but now we are over the moon!
We took a long weekend and it was so nice. We went out for coffee’s and lunches....NO romantic evening dinners, but who care!
What do we do on weekends??? We can’t stop looking at our 2 lovely babies!

Apr 13, 2012

I now its early but we have put a nice play-thing up for the twins. At this stage they can only use the swings and love it. But better be prepared than, wake up when they nearly 2!! For me its important for later skills.

And the best part you get all the other kids that visit out of your house.... look like these days kids like it more to jump on your couches and fuck-up all your stuff.

Apr 11, 2012

Last week Wednesday we took the twins to get weight again. And they are

 Doing so good!!. Nika is weighing 8kg and Wium 7,5kg. Nika is now just above the normal growth line and Wium on the dot.  I am so glad they are doing so great and are not overweight babies. Although Nika is weighing more , Wium is the little eater!  He is drinking 200 -250ml more than she and are eating double what she polish.

They have grown 11cm both from end of January. They are tall, that I can tell you.

The sister who weigh them were testing their milestone, and she are so excited because they are doing great, if you think they have to be on the 4 month mark and she said they are on the dot for 6 months the only thing they cannot do is they cannot sit...what’s normal for preemies.  I am so impress with them , because I don’t want them to fall behind.

After the appointment I went for my yearly Gyni check up. Wonderful to be just normal after all these years. Not talking about IVf’s ect..

... and he was saying  the same as last year....Girl, what about contraceptive?? What??? I would love more kids..... but with your history ( yes I do have i history, and I know all the doc’s want me on contraceptives.

All I could say was, a miscarriage for me is like for you to go and buy bread!! I will be fine if another one hit me again.

I think after all these years, contraceptives are not for me, It just sound, too weird.

And then when he do the scan....your lining look good!!! And look at the good egg-follicle ??  First thing I ask was...on what side is that wonderful egg??? Its on your tube-less side, bummer!  So that little egg will not end up in my uterus, hope it will not come marching up my nose...all these years everything always look, o so good....but its not working like normal. My productive-insides are like, you think you just bought the biggest bargain ever....just to get at home and see.....ITS NOT WORKING!! And you have through a way the return slip!!

Apr 9, 2012

This is how it look if Dad needs to do things in the garage and look after the babies!!

It was a wonderful weekend...and its always terrible to be back in normal life, but I suppose that’s life!

The weather this weekend was bad, raining and cold, but we love it. So nice to be inside and just chill. We saw allot of friends this weekend who pop in and mostly the twins like all the attention. Our friend’s kids just adore them and were playing and goo-ing with them. Wium goes crazy if he gets attention!!!! And they love it if someone is holding them.
The one night we only got in at half past 2 the night.....not nice if it was your “OFF NIGHT.....YOUR SLEEP-THROUGH-NIGHT” and I was the lucky one!! I think because we went out from the start the twins don’t mind. They are not routine like babies. They just go with the flow!!!!! Lucky us

Nika and Wium looking at the fire, facinating for them

Apr 5, 2012

Have been a blogger-whizz lately but will catch up soon... its Easter weekend and the bunny’s are hopping all over the place. Twins are too small to search for eggs, but watch out next year.... then the hunt will be on!!

Have a fun time.... chat next week!!! I need a break and Luv will be with me for the next few day,,,,,, just love it to have family time and the extra set of arms!!

Apr 1, 2012

For the past feel like ages me and Luv went to the KKNK. It is a festival of art and drama and music. We did not miss it in all these years. We just love the shows.

....but this year we are missing it!!!! It has started yesterday. Its funny how everybody thinking its so funny for us not being there. One of my friends said that since she knew us we went every single year, and this is a first. But with 6 month twins its a bit hard!, but next year ...we will be back!! Twins and all.

Last year at the festival we were 6 weeks pregnant, just finding out its twins...and it was at the festival I felt sick!! I think my body was under tremendous stress!! Because all I could think of was ...PLEASE LET THIS BE IT.....PLEASE THAT THIS WILL BE ALIFE BABIES!!!

And I was sick the rest of the pregnancy...I was sick the whole of last year, it was sore throats a few time, coughing like a old donkey for months, stiff necks, flu, even my voice went on holiday for days. It was ridiculous how I just could not kick of all the sickness!!

And I was sick till the day the twins were born...and since that day not one thing hit me and I am as healthy as can be!! Just show you what an affect it have had on my body.