Jan 26, 2015

I came across this blog and it brings me to tears....

Our kids are so precious; we need to make proper buckle-up our main protection.

Jan 20, 2015

                                        7 YEARS GONE, BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

Jan 19, 2015

....the rest of the holiday.... 
The day before Christmas I took my kids to a Foster Home, to the section their age group kids, that did not get place for the holiday. They give them each a toy and sweets!!

                                          Busy with a water-gun-fight!

                                           Very tired , Mommy!!

                                                      The love of my whole life! xxx
This is how you look if you want a chill out time
on the beach with their sport-stuff, we like buying stuff at second-hand-shops!! and then they will have it on their sides for a few days!
the last to be followed!

Jan 16, 2015

Here are some of the holidays photos.

                                            My precious ALL!!
They are telling what they want and all Nika say was something pink , please!
Ready to swim... I always wonder how kids see through the goggles, cause it's always full of water and yes they tell you they can see!

                                  On the farm , kids having some fun and games
                                                    Potato and spoon race!
                                           He arrive at last !!
                                      Gosh , My kids look so BIG!!!

                                         The bunch of family together!!

Jan 12, 2015

Welcome back everyone!!! yes we are back for 2015!! Unbelievable but we need to start the bus and see what this year will bring !! First year that I will not have any expectations, no lists, no nothing.... Just enjoy everyday to the full!! make most of all you do, even if it's just to sit down!

Just be happy, happy!! and enjoy my kids xxxxxx