Feb 26, 2015

Today I read this on a friend’s page.

She got 2 sons. One has finish school and the other one is at boarding school.

This is what she said:

“I am reading the story about ##### sick kids, chaotic house, washing that are piling up, and and and....I walk through my neat and clean house with nothing that is out of place, and all I want to do is jump on the beds, throwing wet towels on the floor like my sons did. I miss the glasses and cutlery that was all over the house. The rooms that was always upside down, the music that was always  playing so hard, the mom what are we eating?? I miss their smell in their rooms. I miss making sandwiches for school, to drive them around to sport activities, I miss the all moms do things.

So enjoy the chaos in the house, the sick kids, cause this quiet, neat house sometimes drive me nuts. I miss my kids!”


This is so true sometimes I  think will this chaos ever end?? Yes it will and I am so scared for that. Sometimes I have nearly broke my ankle in my house and my head spin If I look around and just don’t know where I need to start..... But I have kids and I JUST LOVE THIS. They can take over my house, which they did, they can take over my life, which they did.

I am so bless due to miracles and a angel to have my twins!!!


I still wonder how he did this??? it took 3 days to get the pink of!!

Feb 24, 2015

Who don’t want to be hug and kiss most of the day???
I really hope this is what my kids want, cause this is what this mommy is doing 100 of times a day!.
I just love cuddling and kissing and tell my kiddos how much I adore and love them daily.
I am so scared there will come a time where they will like most kids, don’t want mommy to show any affection, especially in front of their friends!!
May my twinnies always love this mommy, cause she is addicted to them!

Feb 17, 2015

x Happy Birthday 2 me!!!!!
                      Last year it was the big one and this year I just want to enjoy every single silent second of it! I love my own Birthday! it is so excited!!
I bake myself a cake which the kids just think is super cool!!!
They was jumping up and down to bring it to me in bed this morning, you could hear them a mile!!

Luv  and my kids have made this day so special for me and thanx to all my dear friends!!!!!

Feb 10, 2015

I just could not wait for my kids to start swimming classes. Cause I just love water!

When they was one I call the swim-aunty and she said you cannot learn kids before two which show she cannot give swim classes.


And now there is someone new! And she is qualified! So jippee the twins are going for classes!!

Till now I have take them when there was n gap and try do learn them some I know water safety skills. More playing in the water. They not scared and so the classes will benefit them.

Mnr W think he can swim and he will jumped in and try swimming ( not the right way) but very keen!.Mrs N is the one for leisure!!! And every time I told then the swim classes start next week she said, I am not going to blow bubbles in the water, okay!!

So the week before I brief her allot on all that will happen! I did not worry about mr W.

So when the swim class day arrived, I told them W will go first ( to let N see what to do) but when the girl said who’s first.

Nika jump in and do everything she was told like a pro!!! And then Wium said I wanted to go first so now he don’t think his leg are working anymore!! And he refuses to get in that dam pool!

I nearly kill him! I know that if I said its fine he will do it every time, so I jump in with my dress!! This was so funny for the kids!. And I did what need to be done cause they don’t want the girl to touch him! And all he wanted to do is bombs and splashes in the water.

What you not will do or kids!! The next week his sister was with him on everything. They want to make turns cause that’s what they do all day!! ( twin stuff) the girl offer them lollypops if they will do what she told. then she said 2 lolly’s NO! She said it’s the first kids she could not bribe with sweets!.

So I ask them why they don’t want to swim all the time and W told me. You give swim classes allot better than she!!! ( thanx for the compliment!) and their swim teacher stinks!! They have smell her! What nonsense! It is just to make it hell for me!!

So one day we will sit at the Olympics’ watching them or they will sit outside the pool cause swimmers stinks!!!



Feb 3, 2015

It’s February and this year is going so quickly. New year new routine new limits to live to.
                                  My sweat hearts going to school

The kids have started play school again, which they love!!! It’s a just play all time school what I want for my 3 year old ( babies) they hate it when I call them my babies)
                        Someone need some desperate fishing skills!

They have start swim lessons.... the story will follow soon..

And we have done some camping  on weekends!!   
                                    Beautiful place, Skurwekop
The grass is always greener on the other side...like the neighbour campers