May 24, 2017

At last my book that I was busy with are finish, done, have-come-to-end have reach the final!

Why I have write this book:

#         this is my release!!

#         to release all the emotions that have infected my body for so many


I have write this book to set myself FREE, to RELEASE me from years of infertility that toxified me, my body and my soul.


#         It was something I just needed to do for myself.

#         it’s for my kids to read in future to see how much I wanted them


and if one person in this caught-up- infertility-world feel less alone


                                                IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!!


The day I received my first hard copy of the book I cried for two days non-stop. It was this huge relieve!! On Friday I have received my printed books (I know this sound like bragging, but I am so damn proud of myself!). Wow I did it!!

And since Friday so much have happened (will tell you later), so much releasing have happened. I still cannot believe it! I actually want to do a warrior dance!!

And this is what’s it’s all about:


Imagine stepping into the shoes of someone who is diagnosed with infertility and is unable to start a family. Imagine how the situation captures your whole life: your friendships, your emotions, bank account and your marriage. It make you feel expose. It diminishes the way you think about yourself and finds you peeing on sticks all the time with a forced and sad smile plastered on your face after hearing of yet another pregnancy announcement. You get caught up in the world of doctors, needles, specialists, tests, medication, bloodwork, time, constant uncertainty, pain and waiting. You will dread the question, “so when are you having a baby?”

This was my world for ten long years. A world of whirlwind emotions: Emotions of hope, denial, grief, bargaining, anger, depression, sadness and acceptance.


…and against all odds….against all logic… YOU STILL HAVE HOPE!


This was the balloon release we did on Friday, the balloons was for all the babies I have lost. 10 white and two blues one for my boys.

I have self-publish so at this stage the book are available from me, only in South Africa, for R190 plus R50 postage.

Drop me an email if you want a copy.


I am busy with the process of uploading it on Amazon and hopefully it will be available soon for everybody over the border. Will let you know as soon as it is available.
               through all the emotions we had fun too

May 22, 2017

Soon my book will be available!!!!

May 21, 2017

Whoop Whoop Whooopppppp


May 3, 2017

SO at last… on the 25 of April my first hard copy of my book arrive at my home!!!

I cried from the minute I set eyes on the book!

It was sooo freaking emotional for me!!!


To see the final product after years, to know how much have been put into this project. Hours and hours, days and days, years and years…. And so many emotions!!!

This book I have write to get closure on my years of infertility. This is my setting free and to embrace new life!!

I am so excited!!!!!!

So we can start to print….