Jun 22, 2015

Hi everyone!! there are so many thing I want to share with you all but are I need to get everything first in action. And with my life style( if you can call it that) nothing get to finish. but I have hope!! at the end it will all play-off.

I am organizing something or must I say  more than one thing. I am making some stuff, and I am trying to do all the things that was plan  BK( before kids). All the dream-things I always wanted are dotted on my notebook and are getting to the end now.

Yesterday it was Fathers day!!! how wonderful to have a father in our house now!!!
Last week a girl who sing cabaret have had a show at my house and it was brilliant!! The kids love it!!
And with power failures that are now so part of our daily doing I don't get all the admin on the PC done!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Jun 9, 2015

on our way to the wacky wine festival!

Kids love the while weekend!!
This is the nearest they got to the wine...

Jun 3, 2015

Happy Birthday!!!! the best sister in the whole wide world!!!!! xxxxxxx

You are still the most special person in my life! I admire you for your unselfish heart. Sad we stay to far from each other, cause we miss out on all the fun and laugh's.

Hope you will have a bliss of a wonderful day- I salute you!!!! enjoy the last of the 30's!!!