Dec 13, 2012

.. and now the end is near... 2012 was defiantly on a speed-jet. In a blink of an eye it has come and go...

I cannot really tell you what I did this year, except giving attention to the twins and their needs. It as a full time job which I enjoy to the fullest. Its a job that feels as if it just are going to quickly.

I miss the small little baby-stage sooooo much, and it is so sad to know that there will never be  small babies in this house again and if the pregnancy I lost this year ( due to the ectopic)  went thought.... I still wish, with my changes of zero.... the baby was as we speak on the way!!!

But my two little miracle, I will not change –in for anything!! I just adore them with every inch in me.

I am still in “un-believe-mode” I look around me and if I see how my house, change in this miracle-disaster! I don’t have a care in the world, because its my kids that have done it, and I am so glad there are two little people who are living with us now and that they have change my world up side down!! I am addicted to this chaos!

My to do list for 2012 are as long as an elephant’s trunk, with a few out standings form 2011... but Saturday night at 23h00 me and Luv have finish the first thing on the  2013 list. We paint the walls and fireplace. The red colour on my walls I painted 6 years ago after a failed IVF, it was my angry colour!!   I hate it every time I look at it the last few months. We paint it the colour I hate most.... white, why you will ask  just get it white, I am not finish with the walls I ‘ve got plans.... and we needed to paint the fire place inside, because I am fed-up with the millions of stuff in front of it to keep the twins out and to keep them clean.


When they wake up the next morning they just could not believe how lucky 2 people can get!
...can this be true????

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