Oct 12, 2012

 Wium are getting new teeth again so he is a bit like a whizz now, moaning and complaining. Shame poor chap! Nika have decided this is not for me and still only have 2 shining teeth.

Their sleeping during night turned into a night mare!!! We where up all night. But now they have turned one.... and we decided this is IT. On Sunday night we decided we are just not going to get up for them anymore. They must start learning to sleep. We will only get up when we hear after a long time that they not going to settle. And the outcome....wonderful nights!!!!! They only wake once now, which is heaven on earth. It makes a unbelievable difference for us....more sleep!! We really hope this will last, because with babies, they always do things that amazed you.

They can stand for longer times now and give a step to something near, for me this is not walking ( walking is when they walk) so for now I will call they trying to walk babies. But they are on the move now and I cannot leave them for a sec.

They love climbing stairs ( I think if they can they will do it all day long.) and they can get down too, after lots of practice. Nika is better than Wium she is more stable. They are getting onto everything; the coffee table is where they almost sit all day. Its funny how you think they still babies and then they do stuff that shock you like yesterday.

I went to town and while talking, I get them out of the pram so that they can crawl, what they did. They climb onto their pram by themselves, and wanted to get to the top bar. They just wanted to get onto EVERYTHING!!

Then when I got home I put them on the grass. Wium wanted to swing he loves that. Nika is always playing around the slide, her favourite. I put them on the grass and quickly just push the pram inside the house, it took a few sec’s. When I turn around Nika was climbing up the slide.......my heart nearly stop from shock!!
Nika is not scared of anything....she climbed to the top!!

maybe she is a monkey and not a baby.....

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  1. Oh my word Christelle! My hart sal gaan staan!