Aug 26, 2013

Up coming Piano's players

Kids have both got a mouth disease, first the pink-one and then a week after that the blue-one !!! the last 2 weeks was just about kids moaning and crying 24/7, no sleeping and no eating!! I am just so glad is over!!!

Now my old cuties are back and life can go on as normal!

To stay inside the last week due to weather means keeping two kids busy all day!!! What I have seen is keep the paint outside like in summer , winter and painting inside end up in a mess! Must be wonderful to be a kids, mess is part of life!
                                          we love painting, mommy!
                                              .... and body painting are the best!
                                               I always wanted blue legs like the smurfs!
                                           I think I want a green diaper!!

Aug 19, 2013

Finally, at last, after a long time, it had hit me, HARD!!!

My twins have, too quickly, past their baby-stage. I know I was looking and looking till my eye were dry but I don’t see babies in my house anymore, it’s gone.....gone forever!!! And it will never be back never again...sob....sob...sob!!!

I was clinging onto, so much maybe’s!!

Maybe it will not go so fast!!

Maybe they will stay baby a little longer!

Maybe I will have a baby even without any tubes again!!

But reality hit me with n bang!!!

I have kids who have start talking, eating by themselves, run, walk, climb and through tantrums ( without any noise), kids with personality and a will of their own.

So last week I know it was time to say goodbye! I was putting it aside for so long, but there are no more space left in my house for everything, I wanted to keep for my kids for when they got their own kids. Ridiculous, I know. We will need to buy another house and Luv was putting his foot down, get rid of all this baby stuff we don’t have space.

So very brave I was getting ALL BABY STUFF in my house, ready for action-going-away-tata-take the road!!

Ive got friends I want to give stuff so I start sorting boy/girl stuff. First clothes I have in my hands..... no, not this, this I want to keep, putting it aside, next thing, the same. I cannot do this and start crying!!! My soul out. It was so emotional... but I know I need to do this and start all over again. So I was throwing every single thing out, clothes, cots-bedding, sleeping bags, jumbo chairs, eating chairs, all the toys!! So my house is all sort out now. Baby-time....gone for ever...


But one thing I could not get rid off.....their prem-clothes!!! That will stay in my house till I die!!!

ta ta babygrows!!!
soft toys, disinfected and busy drying....for someone else's babies!!

Aug 15, 2013

From the beginning we did not give the twins sides in the car, on the swings or whatever. We were changing them all the time ever.

Every night at bath time we change, not taking the same kid to bath and putting their clothes on. So we where swopping all the time.

They did not have their own bottles, cups, or cutlery.

Only their own cots! And they decided each on a swing that was that!!!

But the moment we took them out of their cots and put them in beds, one with blue duvet and the other with red duvet, everything change!!

If there are 2 cups and there are a dominate  girl/boy colour they will fight over that. If so funny because we did not colour code them. But now they each got their own-decided-stuff and you can stand on your head they will not drink out of the other one’s stuff!

And Nika refuse to get pony tails because Wium don’t have... you can just imagine her hair ( look most of the time it rats made nest in it)

Twins are very interesting to watch!

And the interesting thing of all, we did not know the genders till birth Baby A was lying on the left and Baby B right. Baby A was Nika and the B was Wium.
And now in the car, were ever there are sides Nika will take the left side and Wium right just like inside their womb-nest.

Aug 12, 2013

Last week it was really cold, wet and winter. That’s days where I stay inside and play all day and just do nice things.
They love pancakes and rainy weather = pancakes!!!
Then they get snuggled in their own private coffee shop with their own butler-mommy-me that bake specialty for them..... This is life!!
And especially for you..... my best pancake recipe.
3 eggs
2 cups of water
2 cups of flour
1 desert spoon vinegar
1 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch salt
Half cup cooking oil
 And if you know me, I just through everything together and mix well!! Easy and quickly!! With no effort... to mix this and through that in first and then that.....will take to long!
 and the best the fire in the fireplace.......

Aug 8, 2013

Scooter-mania is here!!!!

The kids adventure now is hitting the road with their bikes. When they kick start that big machine's there are NO STOPS!

                                         Open these gates, please!!

                                                     Lets hit the road, Nic's

                                                Off Road are more fun....
                                              Night riding

Aug 6, 2013

With kids in the house you have so many left over’s. Pieces of bread, apples, other fruit pieces and sometime funny crumbs.

Because I feel so sorry to just through it, in the dustbin we have made a feeding place for the birds in our garden.

The birds think it’s the best-buffet ever, and the kids cannot wait everyday to go and put the little bin of food out for the birds.

And then all day they call me if the birds are sitting feasting on their left-over’s.

Mommy they are eating their food!!