Nov 9, 2012

This week my parents visit us for 2 days, and it was wonderful, the extra pair of hands.

I have had the time to go alone to town for shopping that was wonderful and we went out the one night. Like one of my friends said, we did not see you the last year and now you are out every week.....I suppose things change. But now the “oupa” and “ouma” are gone so stay at home nights are on the list for some time.

The twins where freaking out their Oupa and Ouma with all their climbing skills...often I was hearing...are they supposed to do this?? Nika like showing off all her circus-tricks.

The twins love the visit and all the playing....but when my parents left. Nika start crying hysterically!! she will miss them, Wium just wave “ta ta”  

And their other Ouma and Oupa form far send them such nice prezzies!, thanx xxxx

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