Dec 11, 2012

We have been away for a few days due to Luv’s work. We decided to stay with a friend’s at their beach house. It was very nice.

But last night, just before 4  o’clock the morning my friend was hearing noises in the kitchen. She thought it was Luv ( it was his duty turn) thinking he was searching for something, Luv was awake hearing it too , thinking it was my friend in the kitchen fiddling around...

My friend was getting up to see what’s up with Luv, but there was no-one. She went to the loo and before getting into bed, looking on her cell phone for the time. While lying in bed looking at the cell phone’s light that was still on, she saw, something reaching for it. Next moment someone was grapping it next to her..... she wake her husband telling him something is in their room..


Next moment a man jump up and run away.  I know this is fuck!! But this is what happening all the time in SA.

He have take cash for the handbags and cell phone’s and from the neighbours where the same happen while they were sleeping they stole laptops, cells, jewellery, iPods and ipads.

You not even save in your own houses while sleeping!!! and to think they are next to your bed...

And this is the 3rd time it happen to us while we were staying over at friends, its freaking!!

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