Oct 4, 2012

Playing is I think one of the most wonderful things for, being a kid. You can play all day long and just have fun !!! and that is what me and the twins are doing ALL DAY LONG.

I don’t get any time more to do my own stuff, due to the extra help I’ve got. If I un pack the dishwasher, they climb into it( I do that in the evenings now) when I do the washing, they immediately crawl to the veggie-garden to rip it apart or put old snail shells into their mouth, it give me the creeps ( so now I do the washing at night ) because I was vacuuming for when they were only a few weeks old, they are so used to the vacuumed machine, when I put it on, they charge to me and start to attack the nozzle, it’ s a BIG GAME for them ( so now I vacuum at night) if I want to do any other thing they grip my pants, what leave me to leave what I was busy with and give my attention to them.

As you all can see all that’s left is to play all day long, and they just love every sec of that. Because we did such a lot of things they love to swing and slide( not on their own) love water playing and sand is a all time favourite ( can be of the lust for their new sand-diet) stairs is fun and the newest thing to put cushions and then climb on them into the couches ( it gives me nearly a heart attack, but at the end its part of life and learning)

So see how they develop due to playing is so wonderful and rewarding to us. I believe that what you put in ,you will get out double in life !!

 I want to keep them playing for as long as possible...
..playing at their party...


  1. Ek kan help om te giggel vir jou tweetjies se manewales nie.

    Ek moet sê Gian klim ook op die skottelgoedwasser se oop deur, op en af op die sitkamerstel, en klou heeldag aan my broekspype. Hy is besig maar dis so lekker!

  2. Dis so lekke om te sien wat hulle als kan doen!! ek sukkel om op jou blog te comment, moet ni dink ek lees nie jou goed nie.

    Kan jy glo hoe groot ons kids is!!

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