Aug 31, 2012

They could not wait for daddy to finish their brand new sand-put

Aug 29, 2012

 Tuesday we hit 11 months. In 4 weeks time it is the twins 1YEAR BDAY!! Its unbelievable. A year has gone by.  So now its time to start planning their birthday and because this year was on a jet plane, I am not geared!!  I think they still small little babies, but Hello Mommy we are one soon !

Where do you start, to plan a party? My whole life I was waiting to do the next few weeks I will start panning their miracle-celebration-party.

They are so busy now, so I don’t have time for anything, you have  to keep an eye on them. They are destroying my house, and I love it! They love playing hide and seek with each other ( which is funny) and to be outdoors and walking with the pram is a daily trip .

Nika is talking all the time and Wium is laughing. I think they’ve got inside jokes. They are  standing against any and everything ( to cook is a mission with 2 hanging kids at your pants) they are eating everything you give them. Nika are more attach to me at this stage and Wium love giving hugs.

They adore pets and friends. Their highlight of the day is before bath time to climb the stairs to their room. Wium go like a rocket and Nika is looking back after EVERY step to see if we are watching her...she love attention.

Sleep time??? What is that?  They don’t sleep and its getting worse day by day. They suffer with teething and that keep them up all time. Some or other time it hopefully will change, please.


Aug 28, 2012

The 20 reunion was super great!!! I have had a jol...still recovering of it ( and its not the booze, like the 10 year I am recovering from, its the lack of actually NO sleep for days!!)

Friday night it was just the old school friends that meet up! And boy it was great to see everybody, catching up on chats and just being together. Alot of us where in school from primary till the end. And although it was years I haven’t seen most of them , you pick up the loose ends and go on. Geee we laugh and told stories and just being with each other was great. Yes I did feel as if I was 18!!


Luv babysit the twins and as I was off. Nika start to cling for dear life!! How did see now I am going....6th sense I suppose or maybe a girl thing.

Saturday morning we went on a school tour, what made me scared I did not remember allot from school. Guess right...I was more there for the fun as the real schooling.

And Saturday night WAS ME AND LUV’S FIRST NIGHT OUT, SINCE THE TWINS!!!! It was great!!


Their grandma on the other hand was petrified!! And we need to have our mobiles on ALL the time. Why she was afraid of the twins???? Don’t know!! And I think they also know we needed the break, because after we got home they wake like 10 times each it was chaos!! And till now they still wake the whole night.....yes I NEED SLEEP NOW!!!!  Do you get a hangover-from-no-sleep?? Thats how I am feeling now.

The Saturday was at a restaurant with the partners. I know most of the partners and it nice seeing them too. The partner night is always a bit more tight than the just Matrix class. Nice to have both. The Friday night defiantly rock!

The laughter we  have had was super great, I just love weekends like this.... but now I have to wait for other 10 years Eeeeck!!!

To all of my school buddies!!!! Thanx for the weekend !! love you all xxxxx

Aug 23, 2012

This is just a bit of fun we are laughing about( for a few years) so here is one of the things that happen to me few years ago, and it so me!!

It was Luv’s 20 year reunion.  I am an a on-the-last-minute-person always wait till the bitter end, and then it turn-on-me-most-of-time.

I was getting up that morning, looking at myself in the mirror ( don’t do that alot) and thought..... I look dull, maybe I must “Quickly” ( this is the disaster catch....quickly!!)  shooze myself up. What about I put some highlight-foils in...all by myself??

So I put it in, while I was busy cleaning my house. When the high lights was finish I look and see OO NO I want more, and what did I do??

I rip out the foils, clip it all together with a hair-clip and do more , start vacuuming my house and forgot about the highlights, and...the all-together-pieces-of hair without the foils mix all together.

When a wash the high lights out, there was the huge lots of hair...white!!! it look as if I had a small hat on, actually I look as if a bird have shit on my head!!!! I was a joke. What did I do then, put a hat on run to the store and buy , hair colour.


Put that over and when I wash it out, the white part was ORANGE!! Freak I look like a clown!! Now time has run out on me!! My friends laugh their ass off ( and I was laughing at myself!)  I could not colour it again, my hair will fall out ( that have happen once to me, also a funny story)

All I could do was getting colour mouse and dap in on my hair, but the moment a shower, it was orange again!!

And all I could think of is why did I wait again till the night before MY RENION???

As I am blogging , I am waiting for the colour to set..... Luv can wait to see the end result.

You all can see .I am not great on hair, and I cannot go and sit in a salon , it take forever and I cannot sit still so long,,,, after all my hair style, you call a mess and I just adore it!! After all the world is not a perfect place.

Aug 21, 2012

This coming weekend is my 20th year school reunion!!

Yes, 20 years is ancient years ago. Still remember when I as was in school , I thought 20 th years reunions are for old people, any case now I am the “old people” times are changing!

I just love things like this, seeing everybody I have not been seen for years, I went to school on a small ( not that small now) town where you mostly know everyone, and allot of us went from pre-school  till the end.

I have contact with some but always nice to see others, you only see on reunion stuff.

I have already exchange my duty nights with love after all I need some party time.

So what change over the past 20 years???

I am sitting with small twinnies ( I am so lucky)

I am sitting with 10 kg more ( thanx to fertility drugs)

I have drooping boobs even more now ( twins think its there to climb on and drag them self upwards )

I have wrinkles ( not from age....infertile worries...I wish)

I have grey hair ( same reason as above)

I think of myself as the girl that looks the same and then I see in the mirror the lady that don’t match the one in my head, but....

After 20 years I like the girl I saw in the mirror MUCH MORE!!

She is much more me than  the young girly from years ago. From the 10 years to the 20 years reunion, so much have happen in my life!! I am still in bomb shock what happen the past 10 years, but it have made me so strong!! It did not destroy me, thanx for that!

So I am of trying to just paint my nails to not look like “Sandy of the Sand dunes” because there is not time to get my wrinkles ironing out, wash the grey out of my hair...the twins keep me to busy

My personality will need to do the thing,  the look ?????hope I don’t need a name tag.....

just got my hands on this one. Me standing 3rd from the right in the back row. Was at a fun day , I am going to see all of these girls the weekend just 2 of them are not coming

Aug 16, 2012

My days are now so “jam-pack” with different stuff, than the last few years. I  have got kizillions of time for myself. Time was my pleasure and boy did I move. I love it to be super busy, it make my feel alive.

But now...I have NO, not even a single second for myself. All and that is more or less 24/7 of my time go into in babies. Its a decision I made years ago if ever I will be so lucky to have my own kids, and after all I don’t want to miss one little thing they are doing.

 more or less all of my energy that go into them now, its an investment  to my kids, and what I got back for all of my effort is astronomic after only 10 months

I don’t want my kids to be “Einstein” one day, and I don’t want them too get a gold medal at the Olympics’ ( maybe it would be nice for us as parent sitting in the audience-but  then I will be so old, would I see them?? Or what if I fall asleep just as they broke the world record? That will  be a disaster)

What I want for my kids, it the opportunity to experience life. To have a life and at the end to say, I have live life!

That’s why we show them as many things and possible, we taking them where ever we go( we are not the “take-a-break-parents”, they love coffee shops, restaurants, shops, outdoor life and they like people. It thinks it things you need to stimulate them with.

When I look at them, they are exploring-kids ( they destroy  my house completely) but that’s part of learning. They don’t watch TV. It don’t interest them, thanx goodness, they don’t know who Lollos, Barnie or “oom Jan de Wet” is. There will be a time for that just not now, when they cannot concentrate for more that one sec, I don’t want small little couhies.

They got personality showing expressions and thats what we love. When the doorbell ring they start looking to see who is visiting, the phone they want to peep-listen .They cry when Luv go to work and go ballistic when he got home. Its priceless to see their faces when they saw him and then their laughter when he took them upstairs when he jump out of his office clothes in to casuals. Then he played and sing for them and its their special time. Pappa , defiantly have time for them.

And then when we put them in bed, and I am so drained, and just want to take a bath....and it take some time to evacuate half of the animal-bath-toy-kingdom and just to get into the bath and as you finally sink into the luxury of the bath and the froggy-bathmat stuck to your don’t mind at all!!

It all worth it!!
even if they lick the bin... I was thinking they are playing nicely..

Aug 13, 2012

I defiantly love the crawling stage, but the standing one???? NO !!!!!

Geee the twins look as if they went to war....they are so full of bumps, and bruises from all the knocks.  Yesterday Wium was pulling  a chair over on blue eye ( look as if he was in a bar-fight) bruised lip and  scratch eyebrow.

The weekend was so nice, weather was bad, but we stayed indoors.

The twins are suffering with teeth, and Wium was having a very high fever for 2 days, it went up and down the whole time, having us on our feet all the time. He is very active and the moment he is a bit off, you sense it immediately! His gums are sensitive, shame!! Nika still toothless.

Funny thing.....and it sound like a candid-movie.  This weekend we were driving out of our parking at a shopping centre, next moment a car bump into us. We got out......the car was without a driver !! People who saw it , said the car just start running out of his parking, the brake failed! Can you believed,  we are the lucky ones again. And the “slept” to get it fix again.

look who can not wait to get into the bath

Aug 8, 2012

I am so glad a long weekend is about to knock on my front door. This whole week it was pouring rain, and super freezing cold. Not here where we are staying, but in other places in SA it “SNOW” not something you see often here. And we are not geared for this.

I am a summer person, so winter is not for me, and as I look at the twins they don’t like it too. We could not play outside or went for walks. We need to stay inside, and what do you think the twins did....

.... they did everything they were not suppose to do. Like broke a few things, throwing every single thing that was inside a bucket outside. Not leaving the cupboard, and putting strange stuff in their mouths.

They are standing against everything they can, don’t even think you can make food without two babies clinging to my legs. Luv’s hairy leg get a knock (shaving legs can maybe a answer, Luvvie??)

I am enjoying them so much right now, to look at the stuff they do, and as I am blogging here ....the sounds I am hearing... make me scared!!

I’ve got two very little special persons in my life right now!

7 years ago  this time,we have been in America for 3 months. It was one of the most special times in my life, with so many memories!!! It was a break from IF, and who would ever think this is how it will turn out at the end??... not me!!

Tomorrow it Suro-sus little one’s Birthday ( 3 years) and she have made a stunning cake, will try to get some pic’s.

When we started this suro-journey that one was only 4 months old!! Looks like time fly when you have infertile-fun... I wish xxxx
Daddy forgot the bucket with the fire-wood nice to nibble on small pieces of wood......and the newspaper.... Mmmmmmm

Still wondering who did this???? maybe Wium is afraid Nika will bite him

Aug 5, 2012

Aug 3, 2012


I just love the pic's!  A friend of me took them, she is an photographer and I just love her work.

When I hold the photo's for the first time, I start crying !!!
...because they are so beautiful
...because it's still unbelievible
...because it's just so special
...because we are really a family now
....because it's a MIRACLE
....because I AM HAPPY xxxxx

Aug 1, 2012

 My PC was off for few days, but here I am.

The twins turned 10 months this past weekend and with every week that past they get smarter and sweeter by the day.

We have been away allot lately, it’s like the old old days , you just never pack away your weekend bags. I know its a lot of packing with babies, but the breaks from home are so super freaking nice. I don’t mind packing, only thing that change is in the past, I pack in an I pack the whole day ( we need to play in between and Nika and Wium are doing more unpacking than I can get the stuff in the bags)

I have minimized the packing to the limited stuff!. Not nice to look like a tour bus on vacations! Or hooking on 10 trailors...if that happen  I will stay at home . In one “BIG”bag I get their clothes, blankets, sleeping-mouses, diapers, wipes, bathing stuff, night lights and monitor. One bag for them !! that’s for packing , ne! And the 2 plastic bins for bottles, milk, food, dummies. Very organized I know.

I really don’t take everything they own and need, and you know what, they think its holiday time two. They love the different routine.

If the twins see I start to pack they go ballistic, and Wium start to move like a lizard on hot sand, he is so excited!. I think they know its new venues, people and places.

They love to explore and don’t leave a single thing. Not funny to find them in the wet shower just after I dress them. If they get a gap into the bathroom the fight to get into the scale, When they press on it, the digital letters appear and that’s fun for them. I told Nika there will be a time when a girl hates a scale, so don’t fight about it now, girly.

When we went for walk and I say the word “pram”....Nika move to the pram, she don’t want to be left behind and Wium move to the spare room , I need to catch him first, very funny little game.

 I got my family photos, will post it soon!! I just love them to bits.