Jul 25, 2012

What kept me going for 10 years??

What made me not going cookoo’s ??

1.   My dear super cool husband !!!! and

2.   My plan of actions !!

And the last 2 weeks I am missing something......my plans !!  

The plans were my route to the future. I am believing If you don’t know where you going, then you not going, you stuck!! And plans don’t need to be major stuff, it must just be, a plan.

Years ago even before TTC I had a bucket’s list and because I had it, I belief, I have tick everything on it. And  there was stuff on that list that was really, just dreams.... but on very strange manners it, got tick!! With amazing memories....

So when the list was tick I was beginning a yearly new one. SO the beginning of the year I know what I wanted to achieve, then I did it and it got tick. These things give me tremendous power!! It made me strong and made me believe in myself. Because the route I was on , will break you down, O so low!! It will take all your power.

So I have had 2 different lives, The fuck-up TTC life and a super powerful fun life, full of adventures!!! And the fun life was my saving-grace!! That kept me going!! It was my seeing-forward-to

The last 2 years is gone in a way and now my new parent life, the normal life is here and to made this the best ride ever  I want to have goals again!! I can tick off the twins are on schedule they not behind, they can actually do stuff some other their age babies cant do.

SO for myself I want goals again, things that made life normal so a brand new list are about to get some ink on!! And I cant wait!

I you would believe the moment I was thinking of the list millions of things jump into my head...

Jul 23, 2012

As the twins are getting up to everything and crawl all over the place , and as we have stairs it was time to safe-up-the-house with little gates!

My father is a real handyman who can make “EVERYTHING” on earth. And as you all know a grandfather and mother wants the best for their grandkids. So he made the best ever gates for all the un-safe-places where 2 little rascals can hurt themselves.

This weekend he visits us to put up  everything.  The twins just loves their “oupa and Ouma” to bits and when “Oupa” gets out his drill , they lend him some help !!  you can just imagine.... it took much longer than usual.

The rest of the weekend we just chill and it was so nice, the extra hands and luckily the twins love the other 2 pair of hands, Nika doing everything new her Oupa learns her.... one is a terrible laugh that sounds more like something you will hear in a horror-movie. And Wium looks like he has been in war. His is bumping is head against everything, he is scared of nothing!   And Ouma is at his back-side, helping him up when head-have-hit-the-targets.
The proud OUPA

Jul 18, 2012

I have  been so busy lately..... baby-sitting my own kids.  We are on a roll for 10 months  and boy they keep me on my toes. Both are crawling like busy ants. I think they have ants in their pants, because to sit still.... never !.  but I like it allot!! I am so privilege to have normal healthy kids, Its a blessing.

Mostly EVERYONE said the following..... wait till they crawl then your problems will start??? Okay they have been crawling the past 2 half months and it was heaven, the problems???? Still been waiting for them.  Now they can crawl to where they want to be, the kitchen if I am there, where they want to go, they go. They crawl to their playroom and sit and play and go to the spare room and sit in front of the mirror , meeting their new best friends.

I think why people don’t like the crawls, because now you need to get your ass from the couch and go after your kids

I let them explore everything and to see their development is amazing! And I did not pack away things or make my house child friendly.  For 3 days they was at the plugs and I was telling them NO!!! And that was it , They leave it now!! You can’t believe how they listen and know when something they do is wrong.

Somedays they like dogs, If I am saying its “food-time” they start crawling to their eating-chairs ! and at night when we go upstairs to bath, when we hit the stairs they go wild , because the last step we let them get up themselves, they think its a play.

They have start getting up against the furniture and now they look so big for me, they racing the time to their Bday.

Wium have got his 2 upper teeth yesterday, he looks like I guy that do things in 2’s. Nika are on the gums still. But her hair has started to grow, so we don’t need to do a tattoo  hair clip anymore.

Nika have start words like Mama, Papa, baba, and Tata and Wium ..... is the listener, no recognizable words from him.. I think we will leave it to Nika to learn him some words. They have their fights and Its very fun to look at. Wium got this funny little jump he do on to NIka, and she is hating it!!

Their nicest activity right now, Mommy their  Jungle-gim. They love it when I lay on the floor and then they climb and fall and roll  on me. Every night in the bath I see ...new    bruises.

Jul 17, 2012

Long ago I bump into this blog and I really enjoy it allot. It’s about a woman, a very creative women. When she was on maternity leave , and her baby was sleeping ...she was imagine  “ what her baby was dreaming of”. Its amazing !!  She used stuff in her house, and now she have publish it, in books

Go and have a look, its super cool !

Jul 14, 2012

It is freaking cold !! I am not a winter-person-its-just-to-cold-for-me. And this weekend is heavy, there are snow on the mountains, and although it may sound”what-the-hec” for all of you overseas people. In SA we are totally not geared for winter....we don’t have central heating in our houses.....What is that????  Here you can sat in front of a heater or n fire, and please don’t get a pee....because if you move for the heating you are mostly freeze!!.

This weekend we are in front of our fire place...( NOT MOVING AND INCH ) and just snuggle and watch movies and EAT !!!! if its this cold its all I want to do !

Twins have running noses and are grumpy......

.... but what a nice  not moving weekend, eating pancakes and soups and please don’t forget the chocolates!!
Friday after work.... Dad busy with his best part of life... playing with his kids

Jul 10, 2012

I was reading a magazine on line a week ago. I love reading, but don’t get the time now-a-days so internet reading help allot. If I have a quick few sec’s I read some articles on the internet.

I know I have kids now and are a mommy, and loads of people always have this thing of you have to move on its a new life blab la blab la....irritating.....balbalblabla.

YES I did move on... but infertility was my life for ¼  of my living on earth and  I am not robot-like , so you cannot just press the button. I still have friends in the fuck-up-life-IF  and I love other peoples stories!!

SO I read the story.....about “ we have struggle for 3 years and could not fall preggers, and so we went to a fertility clinic and the doctor discuss IVF’s..... AND NOW FOR THE PART THAT JUST FLIP ME OVER..... While I was sitting there God was saying to me.... “this is not right to do IVF, because its not from me...it is unnatural” so I decided we will not do it AND DRUMROLL!!! The next month I was pregnant.

Stories like this gives me a cramp !!  Because actually you said. If you do this treatment you are WRONG !! have this idiot ever think that IVF’s success rate is 25-30% so if the clinic was a god the rate would have been 100% so the doc’s just got brains to help you they don’t make babies!! They just assist.

And what if you are not the like one that could fall pregnant after 3 years, what if nothing work for you. I still think I could have gone to the extreme to adopt a crocodile or  join the circus , but a baby myself never!!  I needed a different way to have a baby. And what ever way, go there if its all that work for you!! 

If this person maybe got sick like cancer will she go for chemo?? will that be from GOD?

Like the one celeb said in a magazine.... if you can not have a kids , do IVF  It work the first time for her and its so easy!! How de hell can you say something like that ( I don’t think she have brains any case) do she know that there is women who can do IVF and IVF till you die, and it will not work. To do IVf is not for sissy’s its hardcore... if  your first IVF that don’t work.... it will make you feel like you busy dying.

SO count yourself lucky if normal sex is your answer for babies!

Jul 6, 2012

Help.... Mommy, there is someone sitting  next to me.

Jul 4, 2012

Monday we took the twins for their 9 months vaccinations. I hate it, I felt so sorry for them, bit its for the  best!! And the lady doing it , is a absolute star !! she is so good. Nika did not even cry for the first one, but the seconds one, the tears start to roll.But both of them did not cry long just a short time and then they start to play again. They on all their milestones and doing unbelievable good.They start to get up to all the furniture , so now everything needs to be place out of reach!

Me and Luv before the kids, could do go out for the whole day doing so many things....then you get kids and all you hear is....wait till you get kids ...then your life will change and you will not do all these things. You now what , we do all the things we did!! Nothing change , we just make different plans.

We do the injections then go for a coffee, off to the Chiro ( we all did get a knock after the accident and Wium’s neck was not good, so glad we all in link  now) then we went to a mall for shopping and the twins go along. I think its because we took then along from the start, Most people I know can not do things with their kids by their side, its so much of an effort.

Then we go to friends for a sleep over-visit, always nice to just catch up on old stories!!

Next day we went for a photo shoot, we did not have nice family foodies. It was very nice, a dear friend took them and the kids think it was party time. Little Nika think she is a Diva and just love the camera. Wium think is was a ball-of-snot. He just want to play!!.

We got home just before bath time, so two full days of going all over the place. The twins just love this lifestyle!!