Mar 28, 2012

Mar 27, 2012

Wondering how the Sunday went....

When we hit the farm on Friday, BIG  SURPRIZE !!!!

Grandma Nonna bought a ticket from Joburg and landed on Wednesday visiting Suro-sus, keeping the surprise to us. ( for us she was moaning the plane tickets was too expensive for a weekend but in the mine while her ticket was booked.) It was so nice seeing her again. The twins love her.

My family are very loud and all over each other and they are a bunch of don’t-miss-anything-family-related!! So you can just think....the twins got back home HYPER ( not that they need it at all).

Saturday we  just did coffee-shop-hopping and chill around. Joking about all the people already waiting at church. The Cape Epic Mountain bike event start on Monday in Robertson. Its nearly 2 000 riders, you can just think the face of 2000 mini tents some of them around the church.

Sunday was chaos at home getting everyone ready. It was a super special day for me. When we sat down in church and I see the Big Bouquet of flowers. One pink and one purple. Tears just start to roll..... I was so emotional. It was just so unbelievable. I still need to pinch myself from time to time.

Suro-sus carried both babies in. And then all of us were standing in front, while the kids got Christianized. The minister made it very special and blessed. Wium start laughing when the water hit his head, and Nika was her old poker-face.

Afterwards the whole family and friends gather at my parents!!.

What a special day!!!

Mar 26, 2012

One of the phots before church ( at the back 2000 of tents, no it was people who attent church...its the Cape Epic that have start today)

In the newest edition (April) of the Afrikaans-women-magazine SARIE (  I have won the winning-letter-of-the-month....and what did I won????? R300 and 2 bottles of Versace yellow diamond perfume. Here is what I wrote...


When I was small, I was sitting in church with high-alert ears, listening to stories of Angels and Miracles. Would it not be nice to meet an angle??? And what about to see a Miracle?? It was a child’s dream.

There I was growing up with and an angel under my nose ( not even knowing it) my sister, the surrogate mom of my miracle-twins.

Now after 10 years, 9 miscarriage, lots of trauma’s, I am holding my twins in my arms. I don’t get enough of them, I am so blessed!

It was an amazing journey with my angel-sus. The loads of injections, the disappointments when the treatments did not work, the keep-on-trying, the through-the roof-jumping when we saw 2 blobs on the scan...and then the lots of talking, the excitement on the way to the theatre en the unbelievable moment when I saw the two little heads.

Just show you , it was not only in the bible where there was angles and miracles.

Mar 22, 2012

I was a bit absent......reason.......twins like attention!!! Alot is happening in twin-sel-town.....

This weekend we are going to my parents, because on Sunday we are going to christening the twins!!

We are seeing forward to it allot. It’s very special for us. We waited a long time to decide. The minister that will do it, was what makes-up our mind.

He married us nearly 12 years ago, and he is just this super, amazing, fantastic man you will ever met. For us its not about the Show-the afterwards-Party-what do I wear and will –who-ever-see me! No its about Wium and Nika and us. The minister is someone who feels the same and I know he will do it with a heart thats pure.

After all these years we have been so blessed!! Its still a miracle!! And I am so blesses God have seen us after all these years and blessed us with the twins! I will not lie to you, there was a time I thought God forgot me, or I wonder if He had glasses that made me invisible, because I think he forgot it was my turn for babies. But I know there was a reason for this very long road, and day by day things happen and makes things more understandable. Not all we will understand, that I know...but I like the person in which I have changed over the years.

This is how a "Oupa" looks that was scared of small babies!!

..and the crazy " Ouma"

Mar 20, 2012

Its diffucult to get a family pic!!!if you always forget to ask if someone is near.

Mar 17, 2012

Last year on this day was the day we got our blood test of our 3rd Suro try.

We always went early to get it done as soon as possible, but on that  day we just hang and hang...I think we were scared!!! It was our last try. And the out come would be our destiny for our future.

I still remember the sister of the clinic calling me and said: we still did not get your results and our nerves, with me saying....we did not do the test yet!!

It was after 12 o’clock  when we finally hit the  lab. Taking foodies of the bloodworks. I remember when we left the building, suro-sus said: I know you don’t want to try again, but if this don’t work, I will do it again!!!( Super sus)

I remember lying around at her house and then I saw the call. ( at the clinic they know they must not phone me with the results, they must text it to me) but now they call. I get up walking to another room and know I have to face my giants!!

When I answer,The sister said....I know we must not call you but!!!!! YOU BOTH PREGNANT!!!!!  And we are over the moon!!! My beta was not very high so I know it will probably crash , but Suro-sus was so high, I just know its 2!!!!

When we end the call.. I was start crying!!! At last Suro-sus got pregnant!! There I was shivering and did not know what to do..... I was speechless!! ( yes it can happen) I phone Luv and cry, I went to Sus and was crying( like I cried the whole pregnancy) and she was looking and said....I did not work again!!!!!!

And all could do was hugging her and said!!! You are pregnant!! And she was yelling!!!!!!!

What a day!!!!! We are so glad Nika and Wium decided to stuck at last!!

Mar 16, 2012

the twins lying watching clouds while mommy is busy...

The past 2 years I have not did anything in my garden ( I love gardening!) because I was mostly busy with treatments and if at home it was the last thing on my mind. And we have had a drought for 2 years where we were not allowed to water our gardens.

At this stage there is NOTHING in my garden...

Yesterday I have entered my poor garden again!! To start all over again. And boy it was nice!!!

I have planted hundreds of flowers and give food to all the trees and take out dead stuff. Was difficult with the twins because just as I was on a roll the one wants to sleep. Then its gloves off , patting, sleeping!!! Gloves on and there I go!!!

I think the universe I so glad I am back again, then last night the skies open and till now...

ITS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cat and dogs!!!

I think all my plants are blessed right now!!

Mar 13, 2012

Luv was away for work on Thursday and Friday a Magazine did a photo shoot with us. Will let you know when it will be publish.

Boy did me and Suro-sus have fun with the shoot. We have had so much laughter. Can not give you all the detail now but, will tell you later all the detail.

It was great fun, they did the shoot with us and the twins. It was a long day , we defiantly glad we are not models!!! Its tiring with babies because the one poop and then the other is sleepy and then the other want milk.  But this I can tell you.....we laugh!!!!

Then the rest of the weekend we took a break and yesterday, Luv put in leave ( for his Bday)so we just spend the day, as a family. The twins loved it when both their parents are with them, then they get 100% attention!!

Mar 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Today is Luv's Bday!!!

Happy happy!!! may the following years be just as precious and special as each and every day I have been with you!!

It was a very special day for him to spend with his family!! and what did we do.... he took leave for the day and we coffee and eat and just did nice stuff.

I just love you soooooo very much xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mar 7, 2012

1 year ago!!!

This is how Nika and Wium look on day 5!!! not many kids have this photos of themselves.

Last year on this day was the day, when we did the transfer of Wium and Nika!!

I still remember the chaos of the day.....

I still remember every little detail.....

I still remember the numb-feeling while lying on the theatre bed...

Because we SO DESPRETLY wanted it to work!!!

And now one year one ...who will ever have thought that this is how our life turned out to be!

When the lab-chap send me the 1st Fodies of my kids....I never think that this is how Nika and Wium will be!!.

One of the ICU sisters said: God took 10 years to make the most beautiful and special babies!! And this is soooo true!!

We just love every moment of being parents to our special babies xxxxx

Mar 5, 2012

Last week while I was busy folding up the washing...from the corner of my eye, I saw “ Wiggly-Worm-Wium” ...
He was busy wiggle himself out of the snug and safe, when it tip he slide to the floor and start to laugh.

Very funny for him, for me not at all!! Because it just shows me they getting bigger and you must make sure to put them on a safe place.
They just HATE it when I strap them, but after this strapping-up will be their future!!

Mar 2, 2012

At 5 months thinking they are " to big for their shoes"