Jul 31, 2013

The twins are all over the place, exploring and playing and wanted to learn more and more about everything!!

They two little sponges, slurping up, all life can through at them now. Its amazing to see what interest them and how daily they develop more and more. I let them play most of day, playing is learning!

Their high light is when daddy comes home after work and they kick-start-their-black-little-scooter and hit the road! Daily they put more adventure in it. Going faster and taking on more neighbours-drive-ways.

They want to do everything we do – sometimes very funny to watch.

Geeeezzz I watch pic’s from their first 3 months and I cried!!!! When I look at that foodies its all the memories..... just realizing again and again how special they are and how privilege we are to be their parents!!!

And less than 2 months.... the twins turn two!!! Wow!! Can this be.... mommy need some party-ideas!!!

Jul 26, 2013

I just LOVE photos and I love other people’s photos.  It tells stories and it give memories and some make you laugh...

I have millions of photos and I take daily photos, but then.... when you have to choose to make a collage( I am 3 years behind due to the fact that I don’t know what to choose???).... or made memories books( I am 2 years behind due to the fact I don’t know what to choose??).... or send you best pic’s ( months behind due to the fact I don’t know what to choose)

All photos are special, because they tell stories!!! And now I want to put some on canvas ( I spot a canvas special) the special end Wednesday, I know this the whole month, but I don’t know what to choose!!!!

And to make my choices even worse and put me on even more choosing-pressure, I think why don’t I just take new ones today???

With kids who don’t what to sit next to each other, the moment you put them outside to take a pic, they charge to the mud and look like pigs! Or with Nika that don’t want her hair done because her brother don’t have pony-tails.... and the moment you want to take the shot.... twins have disappear out of site!!
This was taking when they wanted this Argentina's shirts on !! after our Argentina's-food-night
This Photos was taking a sec after other one...its like they decided.. you look first and then I will, put don't let her catch us looking at the same time. We need to "condemn" her photos...its fun!!

How the hell are I’m going to get photos for the special-canvas??? Help!!!!

Jul 22, 2013

New way of twin transport lately..... Mom's Taxi....

Jul 19, 2013

Jul 15, 2013

Its  winter which mean more time inside, which mean more   “new-exploring-for-the-kids”. We have been lucky with a warmer winter this year but it seem like it hit us now!

The noise in this house !!!! its scooter with reckless-drivers on it!

Its  noises of enjoyment-screaming while rolling over couches, beds and floors.

They are having a time of their life! And I need to make another big mind-shift to let go and let them have fun! But all I can think.... MY POOR HOUSE !

Most of  the stuff they doing now are more exploring than doing bad, but weekly the exploring is turning my hair more into grey than anything.

When we were at my brother’s 2 weeks   ago ,the twins climbed through the burglar bars, great fun!!! So last week while doing the washing, they were in their room enjoying their new big beds....I was doing the washing when I pop to see what they up too.....they were busy trying to go through the burglar bars in their room. I got such a fright!! Because if through they on to the garage-roof!! I did not make a fuss just closed the window and leave it. I don’t want them to think I don’t like it be cause  then they will do it!.

Friday morning I thought there’s not much they can do ... I will quickly slip and take a shower and wash my hair. It was great, the me time!! But when I enter the living room , a cloud of ass was hanging in the room... with little buckets they have been in the fire place and was  emptying the bucket of asses all over the mat. It was the biggest mess in the world!! I wanted to cry!! And it took me so much time to get the mess clean up!!
and yesterday while me and luv was busy doing  some housework, they get on the spare room ‘s bed and took 3 framed painting ( I think the only 3 that are looking great ) they rip the back-side’s open and tearing it into small little pieces!!

They at a stage where they at each other side ALL the time, just having a ball!!


Kids having fun with family and friends...

Jul 11, 2013

                                        My New Kitchen!!

Rome have not been built in 100 years and it look as if Rome have been move to our address!!!

To get stuff tick off took 100 years!!


But at last my Kitchen-redo has been done! It took awhile due to, two extra’s we hire...they were very excited workers but OOOO not the best!! Sorry twins!

And then when the kitchen was finish there was just not time to took the pic’s because its never tidy anymore.


I repaint the  cupboards; change the lights, put new handles on and the best got a new WORKING STOVE!! You would not believe the joy of a working stove.. I am not the best cook in the world, but now, watch out!!! People! Masterpieces are showing their faces from that stove.
                                 Dad and his helper!
                                  The extra's helping!
                              You doing good, DAD!
                        The before....
                            Welcome in my home....

Jul 8, 2013

The 4th of July have new meaning for me... it was the end of a special baby-time and the beginning of the new era of the twin’s life.

Their sleeping cots got to small and Wium start getting out of his, in no time. So it was time for the BIG MOVE...from cots to BIG BEDS!!

If it was my decision I would have kept them in the cots till they were 18. Its work super. I got them into synchronized sleeping patterns day and night , but what will happen now!!

My dad made this super cute cots which I love !! and now they need to take the road! And I just cannot get rid of them, what if maybe-me-the-tubeless can get miracle-pregnant???? And I don’t have my cots????

So Thursday it was the big move after work, removing the cots, getting the new beds in ect!! It was so emotional for me. I said to Luv, I don’t want to cry in front of the twins ( he laugh) I cried my heart out and all he said, was its just emotional for you, the twins think its Xmas and I am glad they bigger now!!

The twins love their beds, they slept great and did not get off their beds till morning. When they wake in the morning they call us, to fetch them.

SO I suppose they big now!!!


Last night in their cots!!
Hello new big beds!!

Jul 4, 2013

Priceless moments!!

                                                 Me with my "swimsuit-I-will-not wear-today"

                                                 Nika 39 years later......

Jul 1, 2013

We bake some cookies a week ago and geee the kids enjoy it so much!!! They enjoy the mess!!

Nika love the cookie mix and Wium like the rolling part!

They end up full of flour and before I remove them from the counter I undress them  putting the clothes in the washer!!

They were so excited to watch the oven and when daddy comes home they want him to try their newly bake....


It was n first for them and me!! 1st cookies ever!.

Daddy love them..... next day none left!!

Master chef "Flour"
very busy...
WoW!! our first cookies!!