Dec 15, 2015

and so the end of 2015 are here....only a few days  left!!!!!! for all of you may you have a peace full, enjoyable, happy time ahead!!!

if this year was not a happy one I hope and pray that all your dreams will come true in 2016!

for now I am going to take a break with my family  one I am seeing forward too.

I will be  back with loads up my sleeve for 2016.

Will be on my blog-spot the 20 January.

After days of nearly zero sleep and a spasm drum rolllll drum rolllll....

My UMKA's are all finish!!

I have made them for a market that have start today till the 3th of January.

Where I  got the time for it I really don't know. With twins this was a BIG job!!!!
I took the nicest pics for you..... but due to brain failure and total exhaustion.... I forgot to bring my cam sorry for this phone pic's.

The Umka ( last letters of my twins names) is a soft toy only one of a kind no one look the same. They have soft ears and some have t-shirt string hair! They adorable and the kids love them!! you can play with them and took them with to bed! and rub their ears till the sandman arrive .....zzzzzzz
in front you can see the wooden toys. One is for golf, a putting game and the other you roll small balls(alabaster) where you can try to get it in from 1-10 or see you make the most point! defiantly something that will keep the kids going for hours!!!

My my Label!!!

Dec 11, 2015

And another end of the year is on us.....and it totally caught me off guard!! This last month I have been so busy with craft stuff I made for a market that will start next Tuesday for 3 weeks..... and yes it was another project of mine which I was totally stupid to do!!! I really did not have had the time . Lately I have been sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night to just get everything finish and it is still not the end!!! Must say it look great and the people love it. Monday night I will post some pic so you can see what have slurp all of my time!!

and in between so much have happen!!!!

we have had a Christmas party with friends!!

Kids write some letters for Christmas father which we post!! things they want for xmas....goggles and a snorkel, marshmallows( why??) a bed( they have one) warm clothes( they have) I think they doing they praying list...... mr W wants a lion catcher ( so Africa here we come) and a Tiger catcher( where you gets this I don't know?)
we did swim lessons!! I am so dam impress with this lessons at Jenny!! she is an angel!!! my kids can swim and to see what they can do amaze me!!
Thanx Jenny for learning my kids to be water wise!!!!
the big high light!! to put all the trimming at one place!!!and to think it look great!!
Last day of play school!!!! next year its a new school with more time for me to find myself which I lost along the line.

Berry picking.

Nov 17, 2015

World Prem Day

Today it’s World Prem Day!!


I just cannot think it was just 4 years ago when I was the prem mommy with two 32 weeks  prems in NICU

Mostly to have prems is abit of a shock. But in our case we knew suro-sus was too small to go to the end. So there was this change of having prems.

And then things were  about to change from 28 weeks….so weekly I was reading up about prems. To be prepare!.

I remember how I weekly call Luv to show him pictures of 28 weeks, next  week 29 prems…….and every week was this HUGE milestone if they where  still save inside!!. It defiantly help with  the prem shock to come.

But in my case with every baby I lost and all the dramas to just get a baby, I think certain feelings just get cut off! And seeing my twins dying in my hand. All I want was a baby who is alive!!

But  before we hit the theatre they call me into NICU and when they open the door…I  nearly had a breakdown….It was reality!! And we don’t know what will happen from now on!. they told me in hard words what will happen the moment they out. They show me all the things that are going to be put on and in my baby! To prepare me!. Scary but I was excited!!.

And then my two precious premmies was born…and I was swaps into this world of uncertainties…confusing machines and tubes. Lights that beeps. Alarms that went off all the times, babies that stop breathing, and got infections. What help was that for me they was alive and I know this people was the best for my kids. They know how to help premmies.

All you want to do is holding your babies and all you can do is standing next to this open air crips, looking at your miracles feeling so helpless!.

Because the hospital is not near us I spend every day the whole day in NICU. The sun was shining and dying and I was sitting in NICU. Your eyes looking constantly  at the monitor above their beds to see how they doing.

And every time you leave so tiredly and when you wake up the drive to the hospital feel like hours and you don’t know what to see when that door open. You get to know all the dr and nurses insides out. Hand sanitizer become you new best friend.

You have a new life a NICU life that is all you know. You think about the hospital as your new house and then the day come to leave….

And you scared to be on our own with our alarms and monitors and professional people at your side!

 in disbelief you  go home!!!!


And now 4 years later my premmies is rule ling me , my life , my all!!! We did survived the prems!!


Thanx to all the pro-people that are looking after the prems!!!!

Nov 9, 2015

Kids have had their first school concert!! It was so sweet and they love to be on stage, all they want to do and be on now. To wait a year….. I think will get long!

Then a spider bite me…. Geee I felt terrible! For a few days I just wanted to get this horrible feeling over.

I did the whole house at-the-end-of-the-year spring cleaning!! Why do you end up with so much grap in your house???

And I went for my yearly gynaecologist check-up!!!

Sometimes it still feel weird seeing a gynae only once a year…

The night before I was thinking so what is he going to do tomorrow???? And with a flash okay it will just be a internal dildo scan!! ( maybe cause that was what gynae’s is about it the still the first thing flashing in my head… and then I think NO!!!! its not an infertility visit!! It will just be a PAP smeer! So jippe that terrific!! It will be quick and easy!.

  I enter this so familiar doc’s office. Get a seat and start looking around this place with so many of my emotions, tears, un answered questions and so many of my traumas… when I sit there waiting my turn so many thoughts cross my mind!! With this dr of mine so many thing have happen.

Funny how when you sit there and watching your waiting-fellow-pasients. You sit and sort them out in our head!!

You look like you can maybe pregnant???

 Sorry,You too old, must be a yearly checkup??

You to young to even be married? Did you mother send you due to heavy periods?

And then the door open and a couple come out. Making no eye contact, making appointment for a theatre. They have no emotions showing, and while waiting to pay the bill the girl just turn around and walk out leaving her husband to settle the bill. And from where I sit I can see  her out of the window and all I see is the moment she step out that she start to cry!!!!!!!!

And my heart want to break into pieces for this girl I don’t know. Cause I recognize the poor me!!

 She has had a miscarriage!!

I remember the terrible feeling when it happen and the doc  asking if you fine, you lying saying , yes sort of!! And all you want to do is get your ass out of this place and cry!! Cause you where so full of hope and all you feel at that moment is total anger and bitterness and sadness.


I am just so glad I am finish with that!!Crap

I told my dr the best was, he taking my tubes out!! ( we always joke I so much  wanted babies but he have put a stop to it)  that is why that interfere…. I have a life now!! We can do things, plan our life without my hormones and that life are more or less normal now.


I think my  10 years will ever have a effect on me.

Oct 20, 2015

There was a fault with our internet connection but hope it's solve now!! or I will scream!!!

So the twins turn 4!!! yes 4?? still can not think they so big now!!!. I love to do there parties and this year they wanted.....
a Frozen ( must have been the milionest Frozen girly party but frozen it will be!) and a Spiderman party mr W have not seen single Spiderman movie or dvd but I think Spiderman are like guns it's printed in boys gene from the start!!!.

Must say it's was not the easy bake makerery for me the not baker at all but if my kids want it I will make it!!!!.

We are 4 Mommy!!
The prezzies are always the big high light!!
My Frozen-cake -try.....Olaf fainted a few time forward on the icing but nothing toothpicks can not fix!! and the poor Elsa/Ana dress is really not in fashion it's the new trend Flops!! But she think it was beautiful!!
Look at the great Spiderman!! the one I try to made look more like  Spiderman have fart and it got caught in his suit!! so I bought one!! look like Spiderman are doing kids olimpics over the ball!!
The first year that the party was be outside thanx for the nice weather!! NO mess and my house!!

All the friends!!
OO what a great party!!!!!

Oct 1, 2015

Okay sorry.... here the rest of the week away follow( yes I know it was 3 weeks ago) and in this time a BDAY follow and a first  concert!! but first the "holiday"

This was at my niece and her hubby's farm in the karoo. The kids have had a jol!!

Catching chickens what a lot of fun
Time to perform!!!!
a Braai in the veld!!
Look at this taxi in Willowmore!!
We have had the most wonderful time as a family. Peace, quietness, fun and we all came recharge back!

Sep 23, 2015

The place have loads of stuff for kids and "adults" to do it's just the adults can not do it cause they have kids. This one women told us .... Geez you are running around like ants all day form early till late!! yes the kids want to walk, swim, pony rids, feed the animals. all day long

Funny how kids think they doing horse racing!! at the speed of n snail!!

SO yes we swam in this outdoor-rock-pool daily! it was hot not steaming but warm.Everyone that pass the pool was dress in ski-jackets, hats and warm clothes!. we were the only swimming people, but the kids wanted to swim. The first day I got out I thought some one was burning me with a blow torch. it was freezing!
and after the swim we did the jucuzzi's!!

and if we take a break!! this is what they do sitting on mommy!! and mommy just love every sec of it!!

Sep 21, 2015

It is just so beautiful in the Drakensberge, This dam is near the clubhouse of the golfcourse

My 2 sweathearts!!
Nika so much want to swim in the pool but it's so dam cold!!
They love the pet feeding but when  the coat bump Nika her little brother was very upset!!

Sep 18, 2015

On the road....

The twin enjoy and ice cream at the mountain kwagga park near Craddock

So glad to be out of the car, dad get a wrestle, afterall they have loads of energy due to sitting in the car.
Watching TV in Queenstown
We hit the destination!!! The Drakenberge!! in  Natal

Sep 16, 2015

Nieu Betesta.... the first holiday stop

We are back from  a just over-a-week-getaway-holiday. A most needed one!!!!
 we book awhile ago after I convinced Hubby a break will be best!! He was a bit worry that it will be a to long drive for the kids and I just told him we pack them and off we go, otherwise we will not go!!

I must say I was a stage where I was so over-load over-tired over-fed up with "EVERTHING" I just wanted no sound  no noise and just wanted PEACE!!!! and this was acutely what it was. The most enjoyable holiday!!! as you can see on the above pic at the first stop there was NOTHING!!

This is Miss N sitting on the comfi chairs at a beer brewery!
very tired kids
First stop as at the town Nieu-Betesta a very very small little town in the eastern cape. Not many people only a few streets, load of dirt roads, no street lights. Kids love it!
We spot a every nice coffee shop, best coffee display I ever saw.
In front of a restaurant, kids feed this cement coats....dirt. and afterwards I need to get a broom to dust them off. In this town there is this "Owl House" with loads of cement owls ( I buy 3 of them and they catch a lift with us, hubby did not think it was funny) there is this cement sheep , camels, mermaids ect.
The every electric house we stay in, a kids dream.. the night walk with lights was a highlight for the kids.