Oct 1, 2012

And so the twins turned ONE !!! the few days before the party its was the weirdest feeling to know that I am going to bake a Bday cake ( have you ever thought that??? And our babies will have friends over to party with them....have you ever thought that will happen, and people will sing” happy birthday” to YOUR KIDS !!! can we be so lucky !! at last !!

It was a bit emotional for me and I cried after looking at our miracle day, a year ago. It is the best ever to look at our birth video. It bring back soooo many memories and moments!.

... and the girl with the golden heart who made all the possible... THE BEST SIS IN THE WORLD  and I am the lucky one to have her.....SURO-SUS!!!! I salute you xxxxx

I have had 2 cakes( one for their bday date and the one for the party-day) I enjoyed it so much to made it myself.

On the Birthday, Suro-sus and her family and my mother came to us. So nice to have the family over and we have had loads of fun. And the next day it was


PARTY-DAY!! Or do I have to say Circus day! It was a circus in my house, I have only invite just babies-friends for the first year, because nobody can really walk yet.

When I put the cake down...Wium get a  grip on the nose of the clown, and we could not get it back again... so it was n nose-less-clown. I struggle to get the candles going, they just want to touch it, my only conclusion of a 1year old  party..... its total chaos and FUN     !!

It was such a special day and I huge milestone in our lives!!

We were exhausted!!!

Nika and Wium I cannot tell you how much you 2 mean to me, there are NO words for that. I just adore and love you to bits. You are the most special babies of my heart and I enjoy having you ALL DAY on and over me. You have bring so much to me and you dad, we cannot think a live without you 2.




The family circus arrives

Their 2 nieces, sing to when on their Bday!

The cake I had made....clown with candyfloss-hair.

Nika and Wium with their Tummy-Aunty !!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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  1. Ag Christelle, BAIE BAIE geluk met die 2 engeltjies se verjaarsdag!! Dis sooo wonderlik om te sien hoe julle hulle geniet en liefhet. Maak mens se hart warm♥. Mag daar vir julle nog vele jare se geluk en liefde wees!!! Jolandi xxx