Jun 29, 2011

Going for a Dr's Visit!

Tomorrow I am going for my yearly visit to my Gyni. I am very regular on this. I don’t want there to be a problem and then it was my fault, because I did not go to the doctor. For not Iffers to go to their Gyni is a big issue, but then you are a infertile…this is so normal and nice . Its not a internal scan…Whoopy that’s nice for a change. It only that few minute and not looooooooonnnggg minute lying with an audience. There is no meds, just a nice chat. Sound like a nice’Outting’

Last year my Gyni-visit was 15 April. ( just after our 1st Suro-Ivf failure) Since then…

1                     I got pregnant on my own ( did not know it)(April)

2                     Had an ectopic – lost my tube( June)

3                     Got pregnant again(November)

4                     Miscarriage it again( November)

5                     Got pregnant again ( March)

6                     Miscarriage again ( March)

7                     Suro-sus got pregnant with Twins!!

8                     Tomorrow Sus will be pregnant with 19 week old twins. 

The doctor is defiantly not going to believe it , when he hear about my exciting life!!

Jun 27, 2011

Just a bump pic!

This was take on 18 weeks. I know she look fantastic!!! if it was me....I would more look like an elephant!!!

Jun 26, 2011

Around the world in One Night!!

The party was sooooo nice!! And all of my friends surprise me with their “around the world” party-outfits!!! They have gone through a lot of effort to get their dresses.

We have had so much fun and joy and enjoy the evening!! The food was great and the friendship excellent. At the beginning of the night my voice just totally disappear, very funny for my friends, because I love talking and do you know how weird is to laugh with NO VOICE???

It’s much better now, thank goodness.

Luv go like a Caribbean-pirate ( as you can see very sexy!!) and I grap a 99-minute Red-Indian-outfit.

Jun 24, 2011


Because we were busy Suro-IVF’s the last year. We did not get time to entertain friends, for the simple reason we were never home or when we were home we were defiantly was not in the mood for entertain. The friends are fine….but the  make the food, that’s the problem.

I am not a bad cook, but I hate making food-love to eat but not the making!! So would love to have friends over but when I think of me running after the oven clock the whole night and hiding all the flops in the cupboards. I get night mares.

But  from now on, things are going to change a lot and a owe my friends a invite.

So tonight I have 20 friends for an “AROUND THE WORLD PARTY” and I am seeing forward to it. Just for the record my voice is gone...

If you wondering how Suro-sus is doing??? She is fine, the bump is showing more, twinnies have start kicking if she is not lying the way they want, she is more tired and heartburn is killing her!!! But she is still my super-cool-amazing-never-complaining-sus!!! To go through this for me and Luv.

Jun 23, 2011


WOW!!!! WoWWW!!!!!

The twins have started to kick!!!! I am just sooooo excited and…..sooooooo jealous!! Still wishing it was me. I would have loved to feel them kick!!

Mommy are so proud of your kicking, because now your” tummy-aunty “can feel you are there. I think it was suro-sus youngster screaming at them, which made them start to kick. I think they want to play with.( good luck twins .. they are hyper!)

Some people have difficulty to post. Maybe this blog of me are the same as me. Not working always the way it is suppose to work.So try …if you write a comment, select you name . Then name and url comes up. Write in your name and url if you have one , otherwise just leave it open. And then post….nothing happen ….post again…nothing happen….post again ( just think its like me never stop trying) after 3 -4 times it will post!! Good luck!!

Jun 22, 2011

Made up your mind.

If there is one thing about me is that cannot make up my mind AT ALL!!!!!

Weird but thats ME!  I change my mind million of times… Yesterday it was happening again. For weeks I know exactly how something must look, what  needs to be made. So with everything write out on paper I walk over to the shop. Get a nice chap to help me. Tell him that this is what I want him to do…and as I stand there I wonder, is this it?? What if I change it to this and move that….so 15 minutes later the exact-thing-I-want change to something totally different. Now I wonder the whole time if they phone me and its finish will I like it, because it was not my first choice?  I am killing myself!!

If we go to a restaurant 99.9% I will change my order over and over again. Luv think this is hilarious!

One of the very FEW things I know for the beginning was, when I saw Luv….I KNOW I WANT TO MARRIED HIM !!!!!  And as you can see I haven’t change my mind!! Lucky me. Somethimes you have to stick to first choises.

I think when the twins arrive,,,,I will stick to them as well!!!!

But sorry for food, home décor, hair colour and styles and the paint on my walls…they will be change the whole time!

Jun 19, 2011

18 weeks today!!

Sorry for me being missing in action… but I suppose action is what’s going to be in my life for the next few months!!

Wednesday we went for our 17 week scan with Suro-sus doctor, first  time we met him, very nice.

I think I went on like a parrot saying , please DON’T tell us the gender on the babies. We DON”T want to KNOW!!! Because at this stage the doctors know what it is. So the guessing game is still on with most people saying it’s a mix ( easy guess suckers!!) then its 2 boy’s and then 2 girls!

Every time we saw them its real!! So real!! They on track, growing nicely ( showing 18 weeks, Luv’s gene’s) Suro-sus is doing fine just tired and her bump is showing!!!

We did baby-sitting this weekend… to keep a 4 year old with rolling eyes and a 2 years old who just want to see RIO-the- Animation DVD busy was really hard, but we love it!! It is a bit boring to play hide and seek in a mall for 2 hours. But anything to keep them busy!!

One of my friends have had a bit of problems in her pregnancy so on 30 weeks they take out her baby boy, he was only weighing 860grams! So tiny, but he is doing fine. Thinking of you a lot!!

Suro-sus phone me just now, the 4 year old was saying her bump is big now, is it the 2 babies?? Asking if it is my and Luv’s babies. She wants to talk to them, so sus say they can not talk. She put her ear at her bump and then say…they don’t want to talk!!! Then she scream….”what are doing inside????” We think the twins got a scare!!!! If they know her they will now start to hide!!

Jun 15, 2011

The 2 look great!!

Just got back from the scan. Everything look fine. We are now 17 week 2days and the twins are showing 18 weeks what mean we are on track.They are growing fine.

I think they want to escape from the house they are in, if you ask me.

Suro-sus are fine!!

Will post next week when I am back home!!

Jun 14, 2011

Scanning time

I cannot wait for tomorrow's scan!! after 5 weeks we are going to see our "miracle twins" and after Saturday's scare it will be great to just have a peek at them.

Suro-sus was suppose to go to a wedding of her husband's brother the weekend, she is not going any more, because it;s far and a bit remote. We was suppose to go with friends to Patennoste.r for the long weekend... but now change of plans. We are going to stay with her and the kids while her husband is going to his brother wedding.

So this long weekend is all about baby-sitting our twins, their tummy-aunty and her lovely kids!!

Jun 12, 2011

17 weeks again.

Having a fun time??? I was feeling nausea the whole day after my Mediclinic-call.

One thing I can tell you all , what a weekend!! And yes we got a few extra grey hairs…

Saturday weekend 13 of our friends in our town went to go and watch the Stomer.s and the Bull.s rugby game at New,lands. We went with a taxi. Great fun!! I was seeing forward to this weekend because the whole week was very tiring for me. This time-period in the pregnancy is super-hard on me!! There are no words to describe it to anyone.

I have lost my twins on 17 weeks 3 years ago. My whole pregnancy was full of disaster the whole time. And on 17 weeks before I know it, I was in labour, my water broke and I was having my babies at home, with just me and Luv. It still feels unreal…what happen that day is still a shock.

So 17 weeks is hard on me!! This time we are so lucky with suro-sus not having any problems, this is also unreal for me.

So just when we got to the rugby field, my phone ring…suro-sus. Telling me she got a rugby ticket. Me making a joke saying it must be the IF clinic that give you one. She saying no it’s the Medi.clinic, but only one…she is in hospital.!!! In seconds It feels like a want to vomit and faint… not again on 17 weeks please. (Worse I was sitting in a bus with 14 people  and I wanted to cry!!!!) Why do things always happen when you are surrounding with loads of people.

What happen…. At 3 o’clock  at night she went to the loo, and the next moment there was blood  flowing!! She was so shock! ( this is the one thing I cannot take any more, with me things happen and I am used to it by now, but I don’t want my sus to go through this stuff. Emotionally it fucks you up!! There are no other words than that. Its fuck up!!

So she rush to hospital they check, she is not in labour, her cervix is not open everything is fine. She was put on a drip  and they do scans. Everybody was on high alert!! Her doctor nearly got a heart attack when he got the call. The babies are fine. Alive and kicking measuring the exact same, nearly 200g. It looks like a blood vessel that was hit or don’t know in words to say what….. any case the blood is not near the babies and she stop bleeding. They kept her I hospital till this morning. She is fine!!

…and we are ???? tired and emotionally fuck-up!!

Sus only call me yesterday at 11h00 when they have done all the checks,( I think she don’t want to upset me) and then I was sitting at the rugby wishing I could only be with her!! It was so hard on me and to just keep your pose with everybody!! The rest of the day was emotionally hard on both of us, but we have had a great day and the laughter defiantly help!!

I was asking sus if I must come helping her at home, but its hard  to stay if you have only the clothes on your butt, so my mother is with her and then I will go Wednesday till Sunday.

We were so seeing forward to see our precious babies on Wednesday, so we are going to go for the scan. Just for peace sake.


Now we are off to bed… and just wishing the next few months will speed.

Jun 9, 2011

What to buy??

Lots of people are asking the following…If you don’t know if your babies are pinky’s or blues. What are you going to buy? Just go to the shops and look around.

When we got the first Beta’s, one of my dear friends was sooo excited she went and buys something for us. She told me the moment she saw the baby grow’s she just saw ME!!! And she was right, it is so ME! ( if you know me well , you will know I love it, the moment I saw it) and as you can see its not blue or pink, its green and red so boys or girls will like it.

I still have not done any baby shopping, but when we reach the 20 week mark, we will be out of our blocks, hitting the shops….so be aware!! If you see 2 confusing people that don’t have a clue what’s going on in baby-world….it will probably be me and Luv.

Jun 7, 2011

16 Weeks

Suro-sus.....16 weeks.... with the 2 most wanted twins!!!!!!!

Jun 6, 2011

Wine Weekend

Friends of the wacky...With Coffee???

Beautiful next to the river...

This weekend we visit the Wacky.Wine.Weekend. One of the festivals that is really super nice. There are about 50 cellars that are on the route. And then you can go wine tasting and most cellars have something to eat as well.

It was really so nice and a very chill-out weekend. We only arrive home last night at 21h00.. We have drunk nice wines!! ( one thing you can do when you have twins and they not staying in you) My twins was at their nieces 4 year-party.Ones  again as you can see they are having a joll-of-a-time.

Because the festival was in my home town I have see a lot of friends , old clients of me, and people I know. Lot of people with tears in their eyes, because of the miracle-twins. Have to say if someone cry, I am a bit rock.  I am also just trying to keep myself in control the whole time.

I have also seen our Attorney she was ecstatic!! And was saying last year this weekend we sign all the papers. And the only thing I remember was, Me sitting there with so much pain. I walked like someone with bladder-infection. Just losing a baby and a tube…thinking ….why in a millions year are we doing this, I am so screwed!! I don’t want to go through this again… and NOW One year later we are 16 weeks pregnant with twins!!! WoWwWWWWWW!!

Have to say my brothers 2 kids are getting bigger by the day, and sooo cute!!!

I am the Luckiest girl in the world!!!

Jun 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!!! Sus!!

Today is SURO-SUS  Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a ball of a day!!! I suppose the twins were the first to sing to you this morning??? I can only say, God bless and thank you for being the GREATEST SUS in the world!! 

I know you are not having a party today because you are tired, but next year you can  go and party all night through….I will look after you kids!!!! Just be back after a week , please!!!

A year ago this time I was in so much pain…it was the most pain ever! Because I slip and have this pain , I did not think for 1 single minute, I has having an ectopic pregnancy!!

The  Thursday I slip.

The Friday I had a serve pain, that knock me double. (Pain pills work!)

The following week I had this pain on and off. Actually is was soooo painful!!  I don’t know how I survive it, maybe I was a that stage so fed-up for dr’s after the April Suro/IVF did not work.

The next Friday the pain was unbearable, I did a pregnancy test. Positive with in seconds. Went for bloodworks, have to wait a whole day because the lab where they sent the  was 1h30 away.

A friend help me to make pudding for an event. She highly pregnant was making it, me was lying on the kitchen counter crawling with pain.

While I wait for the blood I phone Luv to come home NOW!!! Phoning the doctor telling I think I am  busy dying !! HELP!!

Luv pick me up rushing to the hospital 1h30 minutes away ( what a LONGGGGG ride)

Doctor putting the scan on… everything inside me full of blood, the tube burst. Me going straight to ER!!

I cannot believe it’s a year ago!! This time last year so many things happen, The Ectopic , the next day my brother’s 30’s , the Wac.ky Wi.ne ( and I did not  miss out a thing!!) I walk as slow as a snail…. And bending over like a 90 year old granny, but all the laughter  healed me.

Jun 2, 2011

Baking time!

                                   The Lion Cake!! Sus got Talent!

It feels as if I am in this “torture-game-with-NO-end” and the game’s name…THE SCAN!!!

We have been for a scan on the 13th of April and now it is 3 very long weeks ago!! ( it feels like one year ago! And at this stage scans is what I am living for. And the worst is, we are only going for our next scan on the 15th so ANOTHER 2 more long weeks to wait!! This is killing me right now!! Wowwww  the only thing that is not so nice is that we are not nearer to my sus-and-my-kids.

I want to see then so badly, I am wondering every single minute what are they doing?? And I miss them so much!

So mean while I am just trying to keep myself busy. The last 2 days I was crawling all over my floors. Scrubbing each tile and then I polish each tile. Why in winter time?? Wish I knew, because this is a summer job. ( then cold floors would be nice to crawl on)

And what are suro-sus doing ???  she is busy planning and baking for her little one's B-day and hers. The theme a “LION PARTY” that is what the little one choose, she is a 4 year old girl ( where’s the fairies??) You can defiantly see she like animals a lot!. Sus have bake a beautiful LION CAKE!!

 Her bump is also start showing now, me and  Luv can not wait to it! The nausea are away just the tiredness is on her all the time.

Jun 1, 2011


Life is a ADVENTURE 
      or it's nothing!!!!