Oct 8, 2012

 And so a year have passed... it have passed so quickly that I am still in a super-space-of  “really” did I made it???

Did I get to the year mark ??? and O so many was telling me NO YOU WILL SEE !!! and I still waiting to see, and you know my eyes are wide open and I don’t see it ( not even with my spec’s or contact lenses) I am still waiting to see....

That made me wonder .... these “OTHER PEOPLE” of who is family and friends,

Is it just to have a say ??

Are they just a parent with no baby-skills?

Are you just super=dooper=damm=freaking-lazy?

Are just a parent for the shine ( you know the family with the nice fam-photo)

Or are you this know-it-all-parent ( who don’t even look after your own kids and are always without them because YOU NEED A BREAK and are always telling others how hard it is to have kids)


When I got my babies, it was my OWN decision to raise them on my own with Luv. I wanted to look after them myself ( afterall I have waited so long for them and I don’t want to miss anything they do) and its not that I am not career driven, its just my decision to be a stay at home mom. And because I did not have someone helping me at home ,people was sitting waiting to see that I will not cope...so from the first month I was hearing SO will see, you cannot do everything on your own just wait till they 2 months or this or that month....and no its a year and I still wait to see, what I don’t have a clue??

And I am coping well without a day nanny or a night nanny or a grandma or a babyguru. I have been with my babies all the time except the day I was in hospital with the ectopic. , I took my kids with where ever I go and it fine. Bit chaos but its fun.

So people can do it and some cannot, so if you cannot do it keep your mouth shut.

I don’t want a star on my forehead for...nicely done!! It was my decision. Why not give me some credit, because I have done it on my own and it was fun and still are... I love my babies to bits!!

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  1. I know you don't want a gold star just for being a Mom to your awesome two babas. But I think you should give yourself some credit, because I personally think you are a super star! For me I found coping with my twins in the early days to be very difficult and I have watched you and your babes flourish and cope so brilliantly. I am regularly in awe at how you do it. So I think you do need a huge congratulations for being one of those Moms who totally rocks Mommyhood so very well.