Jan 26, 2016

and so my two little "babies" hit a new play school. So more schooldays but miss N have already ship a day due to "school-sickness"  any case why do they need school anyway!!

a newbie on us was the colour-athletics !! big on the calendar.

ready for action!!!
the moms and dads waiting for all the speed-kings-and- queens
My little queen!! giving her all!
This is a VERY PROUD mommy!!!
and my little boy!! he was as fast as lighting!!
He just love every sec of this
Mommy's Proud!!! I made them medals( chocolate) to put around their neck, cause everyone that pass the line are a winner!! and with twins..... they don't do things the same way.

Jan 18, 2016

Welcome Back 2016!!!!


So here I am back from a wonderful break, with a slam-back it’s a new year with new freaking challenges.


But here is a few of my sweet memories of family-sea-chill-time!!!


What a way to chill!!
O I just love to hug and kiss them xxxx
Holidays can be so tiring!!
While Luv was sleeping and I was reading and they where boring....this is what they did......Luv is underneath ALL THESE STUFF !! I know you don't believe me but He is sleeping and the kids buried him!!
Waiting for Xmas father!!
High up in the air!!! best place for kids in the house
Boogie board is so much fun
Before bedtime and mr W think he is damm funny!!
Wow I love the beach mom