Oct 17, 2012

We are a week and a half into our new very strict sleep routine. The twins did not sleep well at all and we where awake almost the whole night. Sometimes better than other but then when they hit it full on again!!

Wium never want to sleep. Nika is a better sleeper but then her brother wake her all the time.

I don’t want to move them away from each other tried it months and months ago they were so in need of each other so we won’t go that path again,

So we were in despite need of SLEEP!!!!!!!

But when they turn one..... Enough was enough and we both agree we will not get up anymore at night. They were never screamers at night , they just don’t stop talking......when they awake.


We start this not-going-you-2-too-manipulate-your-parents-anymore-ever-at-night-again...

And it works like a bomb!!!  They will go to sleep from 7-8 at night and will wake at 4 o’clock ( thats what you call heaven) have quick sip and sleep till 6-7.

Funny how scared you are to try something new, and then you wonder, why did it took us so long???

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