Dec 14, 2012

The twins are super fed-up

To everyone that is following my blog, I am going to take a holiday break and a blog break till 2013. I am seeing forward to just enjoy this season that are upon to hit us. It’s so nice to start creating our family memories together. It’s  special!

So to everyone out there...

Geseende Kersfees

       Joyeux Noel      Frohe weihnacthen

Buon Natale           Felix navidad

Meri Kurisumasu        God Jul

     Mijlaad Majiid       Krisimesi emyoli



Hope you all have a wonderful time.

Will miss you, see you all in 2013 



Me, Luv and the twins


Dec 13, 2012

.. and now the end is near... 2012 was defiantly on a speed-jet. In a blink of an eye it has come and go...

I cannot really tell you what I did this year, except giving attention to the twins and their needs. It as a full time job which I enjoy to the fullest. Its a job that feels as if it just are going to quickly.

I miss the small little baby-stage sooooo much, and it is so sad to know that there will never be  small babies in this house again and if the pregnancy I lost this year ( due to the ectopic)  went thought.... I still wish, with my changes of zero.... the baby was as we speak on the way!!!

But my two little miracle, I will not change –in for anything!! I just adore them with every inch in me.

I am still in “un-believe-mode” I look around me and if I see how my house, change in this miracle-disaster! I don’t have a care in the world, because its my kids that have done it, and I am so glad there are two little people who are living with us now and that they have change my world up side down!! I am addicted to this chaos!

My to do list for 2012 are as long as an elephant’s trunk, with a few out standings form 2011... but Saturday night at 23h00 me and Luv have finish the first thing on the  2013 list. We paint the walls and fireplace. The red colour on my walls I painted 6 years ago after a failed IVF, it was my angry colour!!   I hate it every time I look at it the last few months. We paint it the colour I hate most.... white, why you will ask  just get it white, I am not finish with the walls I ‘ve got plans.... and we needed to paint the fire place inside, because I am fed-up with the millions of stuff in front of it to keep the twins out and to keep them clean.


When they wake up the next morning they just could not believe how lucky 2 people can get!
...can this be true????

Dec 11, 2012

We have been away for a few days due to Luv’s work. We decided to stay with a friend’s at their beach house. It was very nice.

But last night, just before 4  o’clock the morning my friend was hearing noises in the kitchen. She thought it was Luv ( it was his duty turn) thinking he was searching for something, Luv was awake hearing it too , thinking it was my friend in the kitchen fiddling around...

My friend was getting up to see what’s up with Luv, but there was no-one. She went to the loo and before getting into bed, looking on her cell phone for the time. While lying in bed looking at the cell phone’s light that was still on, she saw, something reaching for it. Next moment someone was grapping it next to her..... she wake her husband telling him something is in their room..


Next moment a man jump up and run away.  I know this is fuck!! But this is what happening all the time in SA.

He have take cash for the handbags and cell phone’s and from the neighbours where the same happen while they were sleeping they stole laptops, cells, jewellery, iPods and ipads.

You not even save in your own houses while sleeping!!! and to think they are next to your bed...

And this is the 3rd time it happen to us while we were staying over at friends, its freaking!!

Dec 6, 2012

If we buy stuff for the twins like toys, whatever, we do not buy two of each. For the simple reason,  how will my house end up looking? And from the start we want them to share ( something that no kids if any ,not even these two understand)

Sometimes I do get presents which are the same , but that’s where it end.

But their cots look identical. With the same trimmings and stuff inside.

Each have a 1 metre long worm ( the first thing I bought when we know its twins) we use it more for packing them tight in their cots, because they are turning like a “fun fair” there are a extra cushion that’s the one plus the one for their heads and then they got a small blancky-toy-thing  and then each got and identical same mouse.

This mouse’s, was the first thing I bought after our 3 months scan, after seeing our two precious identical twin boys ! I can still remember that scan, it was so cool to see them....I never bought baby stuff because  every time it ended in a miscarriage. But that time it felt so real.

After I lost the boys, I was putting everything in a memory box and when I felt the need, I open it and have a cry-of-life-time. In this box were all the scans pic’s, prezzy we’ve got and the 2 furry mousses.


When the twins were born, it just felt real to give them, their 2 brothers, little toys. I think it was like a healing thing for me.

The mousses are the exact same but for some reason there are a huge difference that only Nika and Wium can see. Its crazy I know.

We can do what we want they both cry for the same mouse!!! Even if I put the two next to each other they go for the same one.

This morning Nika got “THE ONE” first and showing it to Wium like “Look what I’ve  got” WEE LAA!! And Wium was charging towards her and she was going like the wind doing everything so that Wium just could not catch the mouse and her.


Dec 4, 2012

The twins are both now start walking which are so cute!  To see the small little bodies and their proud with each step. but if they want to get to a place quick they speed-crawl.

They are all over the place right now. I leave the safety gate on the stairs open, so now they go up and down all the time on their own. They love going up and play in their room. You can see its their special place, which they adore.  I think they like the new freedom.

They are climbing on to everything which are a bit dangerous because they not afraid( i hope the afraid will kick in soon)yesterday Nika climb up the ladder to the slide and slide down on her own.. if you could see her face, I did not think see know the speed down.

Its unbelievable how they managed their bodies in ways to get where they want to be. They are unscrewing everything that gets into their hands.

And the fighting for things is getting more. Both got a way of their own, but they battle their own fights. But to see how much they love each other is so special. Wium is a real little boy and Nika are the sweet little girly with the curly hair.

I’ve got them more or less in a routine that works wonders ( if that ever happen with twins)

They go to bed most nights 7 o’clock and a few times 8 o’clock but that’s it. Have to say at the end of the day its nice just for me and Luv to have our chats  and some time for our own things. I just put them down in their cots...tell them to sleep and close the door....and it work like a bomb.

They wake once or twice maybe at night so its wonderful the nights.

Thet getting so big now and want to talk the whole day to me. To see their personalities is unbelievable. There is such a mix!! The one will do things my way and the other way Luv’s way.

I love every minute of being a twin mommy xxxxx

And can you think its their 2nd Christmas.....Wwowwwww
I want your hat sissy!!