Feb 28, 2014

For long we did not do stuff we did BC kids. but more and more now things are happening at our house. One afternoon after work we took our canoe(covered in loads of dust) and try it out again with the kids on a farm dam. It was great and the kids, who look like Baby-Bob from the Barney stories with their lifejackets just love it. they even want to swim and jump out of the boat...

                                       Before we hit the dam.......

Little brother busy "body painting his sister!
                                       Just love the paint!!!but they don't get clean afterwards.

Feb 24, 2014

One of the things I hate most in life is “TO HAVE MY PERIODS” that bloody bitch is killing me and after all she just ruin my life with her appearance.

And with my non-working-uterus with her monthly party-trick of only shedding her lining I have had enough!!

I have had an operation 8 years ago to get rid of my endometrioses and it was heaven on earth afterwards but I think it’s back home again! So I talk to my gyni and about a month ago.....are you sitting down for this....

ME THE INFERTILE WENT ON CONTRACEPTION!!!  Yes it’s out!!!! Can you believe!! After all these years I settle for it. I’ve got the loop! The Mirena is my new friend.

I def not went on contraception because I was scared I got pregnant with twins without my tubes.

..  for the never bleed again ever!! I never want to see blood again!! That’s why I got it.

I t still feel like a joke to be on contraception.

The last month I was reading an article of Dynamic women. Because of my terrible monthly flowing this was an amazing story for me.

Most women don’t think about sanitary pads and tampons you just put them on your shopping list because you need them. If you think that the average women will use 16 800 pads or tampons( I think I have double that)  But there are people who is living on a extremely low budget or in very rural areas that can afford it. So what do they do ( I was always wonder about it)

Some kids are missing out on school when having their periods because of not having pads. Some girls using newspaper or share pads or using bags of sand in their panties. Which is terrible and cause infections.

Sue Barnes have start this project Subz ( Project Dignity) where they give out a girly hamper to these girl with panties and design pads which can be wash. This is just amazing!! You can just imagine what dignity it give this girls.

I am defiantly giving them some money for this project!! I know how bad this montly periods can be.

Go and have a look on her web site. www.subzpads.co.za

Feb 19, 2014

                                          Suro-sus and Me ( No, she don't want to give me trips for my 40!!)
                                           Having breakfast

... and then the BIG 40 hit me !! and I am only recovering now.
                                Kids love the outing!


This past weekend we went to my parents farm where I meet up with friends from different stages of my life ( childhood( my brother and sister) school, swotting, just married and later in my life.( I suppose the only people not invited was my infertility-team)

We stay on the farm and some did camping we where 15 adults +kids.  It was such a nice chill time. These people know me probably the longest and the best and they all have been there for us all the way. I love them all.

The Saturday morning  we went for breakfast and the afternoon we swim and chat and some sleep and others picnic in front of their tents.

The evening we did stir-fry outside( what a disaster!!) the wind was bad( it kills the flames and it start drizzling) whwhhwhwwaaaaaa and that’s how most of my life turn out...... NOT LIKE I HAVE PLANED! Luckily I am used to that and my friends know that too. They did told me they did not think all will go smoothly. Sies you all!!
 One of my friends arrived early on my Bday with freshly baked banana-muffins ( I am not even fully wake and we are having champagne)

We ended up finishing the food on the stove. But the party was so nice and we have had so many laughs!! The whole weekend was so special!!

And then Monday on my Birthday I had a “girls night” in my garden...... why I always want to do effort and  so many  all on my own ( I still don’t know?) but I wanted it to be special and chill and after all you only turn 40 once. It was difficult with two kids just turning everything  up side down . At the end I phone Luv and told him, now I wait till you got home and then I will neat to finish quickly, because at the moment I  am doing things twice.
  Do you see the un-dress guest on the left??( party animal)

The night was wonderful with stunning weather!! Good friends, stunning food and wine!!


My  40 ties was a great party which I will treasure for long!






Feb 13, 2014

Every parent brings up their kids in the best way they think. ( or so I hope)

But more and more I see sitting-on-their-ass-parents. Kids bulling others ( and make no mistake mine did that too) but if with other kids I as the parent need to look out for that and learn my kids it’s a No No!!!.   But some parents just say..... The kids need to sort themselves out!! Have you ever!! Are they just stupid??? How the hell do a one year old stand up against a 4 year old?

And how do kids learn if the parents are too lazy getting up and helping their kids. And always funny how the bully of two who’s idiotic parents say sort it out is still the bully at 18!!

And then if you kids cannot swim and you just leave them to look after them self( the sitting on the ass parents know there is always “ the Other Parents” who will look after their kids two!!  And if “ the other parents” look after their own kids, and not yours and something happen , who is crying the hardest them??????? Sitting-mommy???

And sometimes I wonder how must a kid feel if mommy is never  looking out for them? Because this is going to be their life for ever. Will mommy came and watch their school games( or do “the others Parnts”need to cheer your kids on) will mommy ever have time for them, or do they need to sort their own life out ???? Just wondering??

Years ago a girl of 19 told me how her parents are irritating her because they want her to come and visit all the time, but her whole life her parents was always busy with their own stuff, entertaining and parties. The kids need to sort them self out and keep busy by themselves all time. She are so use to that so why now when she have  her own life her parents want to have attention?? They were never there for her??

 Is this how this kids going to feel one day?

May my kids never feel left out !!!

Feb 9, 2014

I think you always think of your kids like baby-size and you don’t keep track of time, age and size. You think they too small to do a thing and the next moment you surprised by what they have just done. I was scrolling through my phone this weekend and came upon a video clip of the exact day a year ago. It was a clip of the two of them on the squash courts I was shock at how small and unbalanced they were. If I see how they operate now on that courts it amazing!!


Daily they are doing more and more dangerous stuff. Funny how you don’t want them to get hurt but you also know you have to let go otherwise they will never learn, life!

To see the difference between boys and girls are so fascinating.

I am much geared for accidents but please hope I will never need to use it! I don’t freak easily but when things happen to my kids I freeze!! Thank you so much for angles protecting them daily!