Nov 5, 2012

This past weekend we went away for a break ( with the twins) just a family-get-away. I was seeing so forward to it.

We went to a hotel in Haroldsbay ( my special-eye catch this huge special for the weekend and we book)

For the moment we set foot at the hotel we where treat. The twins got their own room, which is nice , we struggle to sleep with them in the same room. We they have had a connecting-room. They think it was heaven all this new spaces to explore.

They love the breakfast-buffet in the morning, luckily we got time to eat while they was climbing on their pram . It was such a relax weekend just to do NOTHING!! And just enjoying our time together.


The Saturday I went to the SPA.... I love the treatments and just the peace.... and just the me-time which is very seldom now.... silence is golden.... ( wonderful hubby look after the kids) and after me he went for a massage.

We meet up with friends for drinks and then it was back to our rooms for bath and sleep time.


Before kids you operate at night, now when the clock tick 8 at night you stay in your room. Like I said to Luv, we don’t even know how the lights in the garden look at night!

But it was just what we needed!!! A weekend away!!
Nika enjoying her Latte
Mommy we can not wait to get bath !!
Twins taking a nap at the pool
Suppose to drink their bottles, while we having a drink
the "Fam"

the twins with their private driver for the weekend...Wium waving like a king

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