Feb 27, 2013

I am not you menu-planning-wanna-be-chef-mommy.

But when I got my babies, the one thing that is top of my list is to give my kids the best health options in life.

Kids have no say in life!! When still in the uterus they cannot say Mommy please don’t smoke !! you killing me , I don’t get enough oxygen for development, you giving me a knock on my system. Mommy don’t drink, you making me drunk and I hate it!. Mommy I need healthy food for development, not junk food. Don’t you want the best for me??? I thought you wanted me??

And then when they born, they have no say in what and the amount of stuff you put in their mouth. They count on you to give them the best.

I just listen to and doctor on radio and they said, what a big influence it have on a baby body of 18 months who are overweight, it’s so scary!  Its just not healthy. What you put in will show. Babies will not be overweight if  feed right. I can see what effect extra weight have on my body, you can  just think what effect it have on a small kid.

And this made me realize why I do all this effort for my kids, cooking healthy meals for them daily. Not being a sweety-bribing-mommy. Its for their future,hopefully they will thank me one day.


Feb 25, 2013

And it’s a Pinky !!!


 I am an aunt of a brand new girl.

And it so nice to be happy and not cry your heart out because you are , skip again. Being left childless again.

If  family get kids its much more harder than other people for the simple reason, ITS IN YOUR FACE ALL the time...

To all of you out there, that are still waiting..... I know how hard it is. Its breaking you piece by piece. May you all be off the hook soon with stars in your eyes! Its my wish for you xxxx

As I start this writing we are waiting in anticipation for the text of my brother. His 3rd child are about to be born, and we all wanted to know...pink or blue??

With all of his other kids they have knew the gender, and he was always saying, he wants to know!! But when my twins were born nobody knew the genders and it was such a surprise and the wait made them decided to not know this time.

So now, everyone are sitting again on the edge waiting !!! and just to put us on hold..... an emergency birth have just been push in....more waiting!!

My cell phone are glue to my hand right now....

Feb 24, 2013

Water Babes

They both love water. The diffrence....Wium love warm water and Nika...any water.





Ha ha Got you twice...ha ha

..and when the water gets to cold for Nika, she take a dive like a hippo in her warm-pool.

Feb 20, 2013

Wium sitting in his Grandma's Fairy Garden!! I think all the fairies have left when he enter their garden....

Someone have the frog around his neck...beware.

Feb 18, 2013


Yesterday was my Birthday!! The last of my 30’s!  Next year I am going BIG!

Years ago it was you aunty or mom’s friends that was this age , and now its ME!

But you only as aged as you think, and I still think I am in my 20’s with just loads of experience and comfort now.


Luv and the twins have treated me so much with coffee and roses in bed!! I am so happy!

Late afternoon my friends pop in  and we have had so a great time, thanx you for being such great friends xxxx

I just LOVE BDAY’S !!


Feb 15, 2013

We are back after our short break from Joburg.

And it was nice !!! I adore my home, but I not the person , who miss everything at home. I make the most of where I am, after all life is an adventure to be enjoyed!

When we left home it took about just over an hour to the airport, in this time the twins slept!!!  Wonderful...So when we hit the gates of the airport the twins was wide awake for their first flying experience.

They did not cry, they enjoy their new environment, but to keep 2 pit-bull terriers busy on your lap...for 2 hours. They wanted to climb over the seats, grapping their next-to-be-seated-neighbours laptops and smearing their cookies on the window. But all went well!!

Their grandma and friend pick us up at the airport and then we hit home. They enjoy exploring “oumas” house, do not think ouma and oupa enjoyed it all the time. Kids can destroy houses.

We went on a trip on the “Gautrain” which was very nice. Still a pity SA don’t have all the travel options like overseas countries. We went to Sandton, which was nice, would have love more time there.

And then we went to the hotel where I stay during days while Luv have had his meetings.

Was it nice with 2  one year old’s in an hotel, YES!! They love the room, mostly busy with the save of the room, ( I do think they have money somewhere which they want to save up)   we read book, which they love and they got an new book they wanted to read million of times a day and play.

They love all the attention, and Nika thought she was royalty, waving like an queen every time someone was smiling at her, with Wium doing everything his sister is doing!

To go out and have a bite was uncomfortable!! So if the food arrived one of us eats and the other take a stroll with them. Work like a bomb! One day when they wanted to clean the room I took the twins out. Just to go out, take some planning, diapers, liquids, purse, cell phone ect. To make it as quick as possible I just take off and go...

Twins in the prams, everything pack, trying to keep them in the pram, lift down ... and as I need  to  cross the road, interring a new hotel and entertainment area... I look down...still wearing my slippers!!! Whaaaaaa ( Yes I am a twin mommy, their brains some time got condemn)

All I could think of was “ not-a-tickey” I going back. I lift up my chin, boobs out, tummy in and walk and just did not look down, at my slippers. It was very funny.

Flight back was heaven !! we got up at 5 o’clock so when we got on the plain the twins was  sleeping  and they slept till we landed!!!

We have had great fun !

One bad thing, the twins where both suffer with teething!! I have’nt seen then in so much pain ever, so they were very grumpy and teary most of the time, shame poor things!
Enjoying the airport-trollies
Boarding !!!
waiting for our "ouma-pick-up"
Ouma busy with their swimmingpool
waiting for the Gautrain
at Nelson Mandela Square
Daddy reading stories, and my camera about to give-up !!

Feb 14, 2013


Feb 6, 2013

Tomorrow we will be flying to Johannesburg to Wium and Nika’s Grandparents who live there. Luv need to be there for work-related-stuff, so we extend it for a few days and make a visit of it.

And I am always seeing forward to anything that are different from the usual!.

I just want to go, I don’t care if the twins will not sit still ( because they will not)

I don’t mind if they cry, ( babies do cry)

I don’t care if it will be total chaos, ( it because it will be)

The one thing is just this....I can’t wait to board that plain, for the most simple reason...I AM ADDICTED TO TRAVELING!! And this will the first time on n plain since we have the twins!! And hopefully not the last!

One of my passions are travelling, and to foreign countries even better. It’s difficult to describe, but for me to be on a airport hearing different voices and languages to be total lost.... give me a buzzzzzzzz, I just love it!!! It make me tick!

I love the excitement and the seeing forward to the un expectant. When we travel I don’t want to know anything about the new place.... I want to feel it, smell it, hear it and want to enjoy it!! To see how other people are doing things, seeing their countries and way of living, and boy did we visit interesting places!!

While we had our First-class-seats( only First class ever, had the front seat),  on the IF-BUS there were times we skip some treatment and save our money to travel. If I   look back at our IF years, I am so glad we did travelling because that’s the good memories we’ve got in our sad life them.

Luv and me are the best travel-mates ever!! The fun we have and the memories we have together are high lights of our life, and we did holidays on strange ways. We did the low budget, the backpack, the working holiday and the strike it lucky holidays.

If there are one thing we would love our kids to experience one day, then it will be to explore the WORLD!!!.

For now we don’t have the extra money for seeing the world ( and I do miss that travel-bug that keeps on biting my ass) and I do sneaks on travel sites a lot and dream zzzzzzzzzzzzz

If my eyes roll over all of the countries that are reading my blog.... I go on a spin of excitement...maybe one day I will experience your country.

What will a life be, if we don’t have dreams!!


But for now Joburg here we come...

Feb 4, 2013

This weekend was my brother’s son 4 birthday. Yesterday when we arrived at home I could see the twins are totally exhausted after this weekend of playing, swimming and having fun!

They enjoyed the swimming so much and have learned to hold their breath when going under the water, which is so nice. And they not afraid of water. They love playing games in the water. I want them to be water wise.

They love the slide at the party.

Its nice to see how they interact with other kids, small and big  ones.

My brother and the birthday boy, suro-sus and Nika
ready...steady....go !
look who is still at the party at 18h00 (and what happen next?)
the slide collapse...I was going head over heels with Nika in my arms to the ground. the only one left on the slide afterwards was the little boy with the red T-Shirt !!