May 27, 2013

Twin always fascinate me in many ways, since school. Always wondering how they think and do and operate.

Now to watch my twins is such a bliss and interesting. If they grown up to ask all the questions and the I were always wondering about ,can’t wait to see their development.

I know twins have this special bond, things that no-one other then they share.

After all they with each other since conception, joined by the hip always together!! ( sometimes you do get the exception  but  rare.

Yes, you always get that one saying my kids, just differ one year, they just like twins!! Bullshit!! They call it twins for reasons. You don’t have kids “like twins”, they twins or not! Twins are on the same emotional and physical level. One is not running around and the other cannot crawl. And then you call then “like Twins” always if someone say my kids are also “like twins” I always think shame the one must be way behind( at least 9 months) to match the smaller one’s level

And it would be interesting twins, that are identical, same sex twins and pigeon pair twins. All would be different.

My twins at home are always just a few steps away from each other and they at a age now where they always watching out for each other. They want the same all the time ( sometimes hectic with just one toy of a sort) but they can talk long conversations with each other , laughing and directing, just understanding each other. Its so special to see. When we got up this morning I put them in the same cot, They where there for an half an hour ( giving us time to get dress) reading their books. And Chatting!! I so wonder what they talking about. But we don’t understand their “special” language.

When they sit down its most of the time in tandem. Why I don’t know! But tandem they are.

I adore these special little human’s running through my house so much!! And too see what's next...
where can they be??? reading their books. Tandem...

May 22, 2013

what a mess
soak up !!

Sometimes you just get days which rock the boat!! And yesterday was just such a day.

It begins with Nika getting up first. When they wake they will sit and chat and play till we fetch them. We did not hear Wium and he was def wake for awhile and with no one pitching to get him !!!

When I hear the moving of the cot on the wooden floor I go up and fetch him.... he was so bored he took off all his clothes, diaper as well and pee all over his cot!!!!!!!!!

I struggling to got everything washed, while getting back from outside after hanging all the washing it was dead quiet in the house! What did I discover next....... they climb onto the cupboard got the bum cream and was busy smearing each other !!!!!!!

 While cleaning everything up again which take time I hear a sound I don’t know, running upstairs....... they got a tissue box!! And destroy it!! I want to cry!.

While cleaned up this..... I got down stairs while they were busy with yogurt smearing that onto my carpet which I washed the previous day!!! How they got that??? I don’t know? I think they are lifting each other up to get what they wanted!!

We ended the day with working in the garden!!! They all soak-up!!!


And I have had friends over for dinner!! How the hell I got all wrap of the day.... don’t know!!!


May 21, 2013

Yes, she is full of sites now!!!
Busy puzzle-ling.
Look mommy!
so much better with extra help.

May 16, 2013

Boys will be Boys !!

Yesterday me and the twins where busy gardening, planting new plants and watering them.  They with their watering cans ( which they love) actually they are watering themselves more than the trees. 

Its then when Wium catch a grasshopper!! Poor thing was kicking in is captivity, with no escape at all. Wium was not letting go of his new friend.

And he wanted mommy and daddy to look. Grasshoppers give me the creeps!
The Prisoner!
Just love them!!!!!


May 14, 2013

The 2 fisherman and girl!! ready with their nets

We've got him!!!

Fishing is not for me!

May 9, 2013

Little Elizabeth was born with a life threatening disease, SMARD ( spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress)

She is such a special little lady and her mother a real inspiration! I know her mother and to read her story  you can just see what a strong little fighter she is.

Kids are such a special gift, that take over your whole life, no matter in what way... Its a blessing.

May 7, 2013

Weekends are so nice to just have a break and with daddy at home.

This past weekend Luv made a comeback, since the kids have been born he did not do sport ( very un usual for him) so he enter a mountain bike race 44km.

I took the kids to have a look when daddy finish. I was at the race for 20 minutes before they start rolling in the mud !! I wanted to cry and them were having the time of their lives. There was not one single place on the body that was not covered in mud. I ended up sitting next to the muddy pools for 45 minutes took of all their clothes put diapers on and go home!! We did not see daddy finish!!

Daddy was having fun !!

Twins was having a ball!!

Mommy was working!!

I painted the doll house, looks like a ice-cream shop now!! They love it! Sunday we just chill in this wonderful sunny days!

Kitchen are getting loads of attentions we painted last night till late , another night of paint and we finish the pics will follow soon!

Funny how things get finish when you put your head on it!! I just can not take all this loose end jobs any more!
Sunday Lunch!!

 The "new" Ice-cream shop

May 2, 2013

 It have been a year since my last ectopic!!!...geee, a year have past since that dread full day!!

So for a year I have been clean from doctors, pain, pills and theatres its a first for me because for years it was part of my life !!! clean for a year!! Jippee!!

It’s just wonderful to be part of normal life!!


My kids love dress up’s and last night we needed to open up Pandora’s treasure box for an event.....the kids jump in and got some spec’s which stayed glued to the faces till they went to sleep!!!!


And when they wake after their morning nap, they wanted pants on their heads!!! And now they think they are very funny, laughing for everything and they went on a strike they don’t want to eat!! Just laugh.... very funny for me!!

Nika have catch up on some teeth. 4 in 4 days!! Wonderful for her and mommy near crazy!!

Very impressive!!
Pants -on-the-head....