Mar 28, 2013

The twins are 18 months today!!! One and a half years. Who could ever think that 18 months ago our whole world would change....

The twins are super cute now.

They understand us, and can follow quite a few instructions. They can show what they want and what not. And if it’s not, it’s not!

They in a sort of a routine now which is nice. After been wake, they will show me they wanted their PJ’s out and they want they clothes on, for the day. They know who’s clothes is who’s. Its so cute, each getting their own clothes, showing they having their own identity.

They running all over the place and climbing everywhere and love playing and making stuff( its a mess) Nika think Wium is so funny, especially when he is putting something over his face, then she walk behind him and laughs. If he think he is funny, he have this straight poker face....Nika is the sweaty always giving her brother his bottle or toys. She also gives the nicest hugs!! Wium not the hugging type he wiggle like a worn still.

Their interaction with each other is amazing to watch and so cute!

They eat mostly everything and we try to keep it real as far as possible. Not giving junk and sweets.

They still in their cots which work like a rocket. Nika is a better sleeper than Wium, we all get sleep now, thanx for that!. They sleep only once a day for 2 -3 hours. They will come with their bottles and I will put them in their cots and they will sleep no hassle. So nice with them getting bigger and not fighting because they tired and don’t want to sleep.

They love going on outings and  we took them where we go.

They fill our life with so much joy xxxxx



Mar 26, 2013

Last night was one of our monthly “home-eat-out-with-friends”

We have changed the rules to; each has picked a month and a country. Last night it was Luv’s turn and the country...Turkey !!

We need to dress-up for the fun, and boy its fun. The nice part is all the different stuff you eat that we are not use to or cook with! It’s always special and so nice because for one night you don’t know anything on the menu.

Luv did a super do of it!! Thanx for the internet to get you ideas and recipe’s from. It’s my turn in 2 months turn with Egypt !!!

And the bonus.... Nika did not wake till this morning!!! Wium....did!


More weekend pic's
writing in the sand...
Love xxxx
BIG BED for sleeping over.

Mar 25, 2013

This weekend we went to the beach. Suro-sus join us and then we babysit her kids when they went to a wedding.

So it was a hectic weekend with loads of fun!! And running around after 4 kiddos, and the twins getting extra “Mommy is the one and only”and the “its our mommy” to give then all the attention needed, was ruff.

Suro-sus kids think for some or other reason I am a baking aunty????why  I don’t know??? I hate it! But when with me, its always.....what are we making?? So aunty need to rip all the stops out!.

I just love the kids in my house!!!!
All the chefs!
The cake is finish! baking is not for Wium!
No its time for bread-baking! afterall,  normal bread are just sooo boring...

Mar 20, 2013

Geeee did I have a laugh !!!!! I think this is so funny!

My mom has a wall where she put up all the photos of her grandkids.  Long ago she asks me to send her pic’s of the twins. Which I did.

Because mom are not all clued-up with electronics, we ( her kids) need to do the stuff. I send it to the photo-place and ask for enlargements. Why I don’t know they were struggling. Then I down load it on my mom’s PC. Yes she does have one.... many times I have got a call.... “how do I do this?”

Then I told her to ask my brother to send it. Which she did. Together she show him which pic’s she love to enlarge for the wall, with a note they send it.... please make it quick.

So mom went to pick it up, and as she enters she could see the people inside want to laugh. The man at the counter ask.....”so why did you choose this photo’s to enlarge ” Mom( very proud)...” its my grandchildren” and they start laughing!!!! And when they show it to mom, she start laughing !!!!

Whats on the photo?????

A LION and AN OWL!!!!!!!!
How the mess up happen nobody knows, and its enlargements! And as my mom said, not even a nice lion and owl.
Its pic’s from a trip they done, when she press the button to take the pic, the lion bend down, all you she on the photo.....grass with a lions ear.....and the owl are busy  scratching fleas!!
So my mom’s 2 grandchildren are a lion and an owl!!
..... wonder if she is going to put it on the wall??

Mar 18, 2013

The break was wonderful !! and the best to have  Luv 24/7 at my side with our precious twins. ( Luv cannot believe how much you miss if not with them all day)  I am still looking at the twins and can this be really be true???  “ we are a fam now !!”

When we always went on holiday, its not a holiday where we get home, well rested!! No we were totally exhausted and now with the twins....look like we are doing it on our old style. There was some days where we went out at 8 in the morning and only got back at 7 at night!!.

Its always like, let’s just grap a quick coffee, or quick swim, or a quick visit,which turn out to be.....ALL DAY!!

We have had a list as long as my arm to tick off, and we done it!! Only Wium keep us back for a 3 days with a fever of 40, which flare up every 5 hours. It was teething; they really suffer with this damm teeth. Thanx to my personal-doc I got it off after 3 days.

What did we do??? We did eat-outs, visit friends ( it was greats to see every one , sorry for the house mess up at some places) hop into family, which was such a nice surprise, and did loads of kids-stuff.

And being so busy we forgot to put the pram in the car ( maybe kids made your brain like candy floss?)  after a stroll! It was 3 o clock and when we got home at 7. Luv, ask where are the pram????? We forgot it in standing in the road!!... Thinking there’s no change finding it again, Luv got in the car to search...... GOT IT.... in a Liquor store!!!!

Played on the beach, went to and shark-feed at a super small aquarium, Wium love the fishes. Went to big kids-play-things and school-rugby and shops!!

The twins just love water , so where we got they went and splash in the water. Because Wium only like warm water we took them to the warm water pool. It was a high light!!! I have this thing to just get them water wise; I don’t want them to be afraid when they hit water!! And swim lessons only start at 2 at our town.

Nika is fine going under, but because Wium hate cold, he only did it once at my we put him into the warm water and he went mad!!! He jump in, go under, blow bubbles till you get him out. It was amazing!! We are so proud and impress!!the swimming was so nice! And to see how much they learn from us.

It was Luv’s Bday in this time, we got a babysitter ( friend’s daughter) she was great for the night and went out. It was this wonderful evening the weather was great, we went to a restaurant at the beach and have had a GREAT NIGHT!!

When we got back  I go directly to the baby’s room. ( they were sleeping on beds, not cots like home) Wium was not in his bed, I thought he was maybe at the sitter, NO he took his bottle and snuggle up against his sister, Nika. I was the most special moment!! I just love them!!

 And so we back home again !!!! see forward to the weekend already Suro-sus are coming and we are sitting her kids, they off to a wedding!!
busy drumming!
Please Mommy!! I need to rest... I am small !

Mar 6, 2013

It have been a few months now, where I am so broody !! I enjoy my twins so much ( and yes there are times where you want to kill them, I suppose it normal-  they are a hand full and so actively busy) but the joy and love we get out of them are amazing!! There are just so many fun times! But they getting so big now they are toddlers, and time are flying so quickly! To quickly

And I love to be part of this...but I would like to have another baby again. ( so sorry its totaly not possible)I want another set of twins again,( suro-sus will run away) I would just love it so much!!

This last month I have seen so many babies and geeeeeeee I adore babies!! Its the most special thing on earth for me.

I am so out of it to be blessed with this special twins, but still think infertility sucks!!!! Because you not in control too organize your family-tree, I don’t think people who don’t have this problem know how great it is to plan your family they way you wanted it to be! Hope they now how privileged they are.

To all out there who still on the road and waiting to be blessed with their miracles and those who so much wanted to add  a  little one, but don’t want to step on the hormonal-treatment which, fuck  you up, your time, your saving, your life.... I hope dream will not stay dreams.....
We will be off for some family time for a week, see you soon


Mar 4, 2013

This weekend it was the 10 the year of the CANSA ( cancer) Shavathon.

To give your support you could have:

Shave it

Spray it

Stencil it

Or Gel it !

I love being part of support stuff!! And I hope the babes will to!
dad shave it and spray it... and Wium stencil it !

I spray it !

Nika spay it!

Mar 1, 2013

Family isn’t always blood.

It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are.

The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.