Jan 31, 2012

This is what we do the whole day..... we play!!!! (Wium left and Nika right)

Mommy and the 2 the that keep her busy ALL DAY LONG

They just love their jumping toys!! keeps them busy for minutes ( not hours yet)

Jan 29, 2012

4 months!!

The twins are 4 months old!!! Where is the time flying?????

Stop stop!!!!! You are getting to big to soon!!!!!

They are getting cuter day by day!!! They laugh for everything I do ( yes I do going on like a clown most of the day) Their necks are getting stronger and they love looking around and discovering new things around them.

This weekend they went to their first 40th Birthday and next week its their nephew’s 3th Birthday!!  I think they are party-babies, because they love it and sleep through it most of time.

Jan 25, 2012

Funny how things change!!!!! My house was always neat with everything on its place.... now it has change. Most of the time it look like a baby school with things lying all over the place ( its the things I use to entertain them the whole day)

All the scatter cushions are lying on the floor where they are most of the day.

My kitchen looks like a milk and bottle factory!! And diapers and wipes , just where you look!!

And soon I want to get a playroom for them ready where I can throw in all the stuff....a don’t-mind-how-it-look-room.

My house has been invaded by twin-aliens!!!!

... and I love the change xxxx

Jan 23, 2012

Friday was the twin’s vaccinations again... Wium was fast asleep when the sister inject, shame and he scream!!! I was feeling so sorry for him!!! After the Chiro fix his sucking last time , he was going all way. He now weigh 5,8kg and have grown like a giraffe!! From 52 to 57,5cm... he is longer than Nika for the first time.

Nika still have the advance of weighing 6,060kg, but beware... brother is at your heals, sister!!  And her length is 56cm.

They are both on track and if you see them, Premmie-time was long long ago!!! They have grown so much , my throat is blocking if I seen that , because I love the small babies.

We are very lucky they have never been sick and  are doing great!!

This weekend we where away and the camping cot thing don’t work, its just too much packing so we made a floor bed and they sleep like kings in it. They now went to bed between 8 and 9 and Wium will wake at half past 2 and Nika at 4 o clock . How we got here......dont know, but its super fantastic!!!!!

The 2 are gooooing ang gaagggging the whole time and its like having conversations with them. Nika wants to talk for hours and Wium think life is a joke!! He is laughing all the time!! When he wake early mornings its not so funny for us to laugh but he think life’s a joke!!! Looks like he will be our son floating through life, you go boy!!!!!!

They  were a bit grumpy after the injections but are fine now.

We are enjoying them so much!!!!!!

can you spot the twins in their floor bed????

Jan 19, 2012

4 years ago....

20th of January 2008....... the day I have lost my identical twin boys....

Tomorrow it will be 4 year ago, since that terrible day. The day I have blocked out of my brain. It was just so shocking.....

The first 2 years was utter hell, but now this year for the first time the pain is a bit better, because we now have Nika and Wium.

Thanx for miracles xxxxx

Tomorrow the twins need to go for their vaccinations again, shame! Would be nice to see how much they weigh... It’s hard to take them now because they are more knowing what’s going on around them.

They are more and more awake during the day. Wium being awake most of time. He now only scream when he is tooooooo tired but don’t want to just close his eyes!! Nika  is a dream ( yes , they have change over. Nika was the busy one first)

They giggle and goo alot  and just enjoy  little things I do with them. I do alot of stimulation activities and they love it. They laugh alot and it is so cute , I just adore them so much. Luv hate to go to work in the mornings, because he miss them so much.

I am very privilege to be with them the whole day. Some days to get hectic but I have wait so long for them, how can I be fed up and need a break???? The 10 year break was long enough, thanx

I have to plan my day to get everything done. I don’t have any help and I cope , well.

At night they are a breeze, Nika will drink her last bottle at 9 and only wake at 6 and Wium drink also at 9 and will wake at 3 and 6....but last night he only wake at 5!!  I was on duty so, it was a wake at 5 and 6!!! Great!! Every other night the luv is on duty , so you do get every second night a sleep-through-night!

 I am not doing any routine on them , just let them be and it seems to work!!!

Jan 17, 2012

The twins first swim

It is killing hot and yesterday the twins was so grumpy of the heat so we took them for their FIRST SWIM......and they just loveeeeeeee it!!!!

Jan 15, 2012

Rest in peace...OUMA

This is my Grandma at 90 years, seeing the twins. Its some of the last pic we have of her!!!

Then 2 days before Christmas day my grandma of 90 pass away!!!  Not a nice time  of the year to go...

So just after Christmas we went to her funeral. “ Ouma” was saying she just wanted to see the twins, please. The day when we left ICU for home....we pass her hometown and on the way stop to do our first feed out of ICU on our own and I ask my mother to fetch her .....she was  one of the first people to see the twins....she was so happy to have seen the babies and could not stoping talk about them....and now she is gone!!!

At the funeral it was the first time, where allot of family and people my mother know have seen the twins.  You can not believe how excited the people are to see them. They are adorable now!!!!!!

It was wonderful to for the first time ever to be a family on Christmas!! Wow we just love it!!! And we are just sooooo happy!!!!!! For the first time we enjoy it and feel part!

Not that the babies really know whats up but anyway!!!.

Suro-sus kids was so excited to see father “Christmas” glad you can bull shit them still...

Jan 11, 2012

Chapter 2

The weather this holiday was great!! It was amazing, best ever. It was the first holiday where we only swim once ( when friends did babysitting for a few minutes) and it was the first holiday with zero-tanning.

We did do allot of walking with the babies. Every morning and every evening till late. And they just adore it. They loved the walks with the ubbabubba-wraps on the beach.

In the holiday it was time for their vaccinations. Shame!!! The sister that did it was so surprise to see them ,because they went through a growth-BOOM!! I think its all the love they got from us.

Wium went from 3,58kg to 4,78 kg in a month’s time. He grows from 52cm to 57,5cm.

Nika  went from 3,78kg to 5,140kg and grow 52cm to 58cm. They doing so good!

After that they go to the chiropractor. Nika’s neck are fine now, its unbelievable what the chiro did for her. We told the girl about Wium’s sucking thats not good.  She work on his pallet bones and wholla.... he is sucking like a fish!!! And picking up weight like a hippo!

Suro-sus visit us for a few days. She is doing great! Her kids just love Nika and Wium and just want to help with the feedings and the baths and the diaper changing. I enjoy the extra help too.

beach walking....


ready for their walks...

look at my cute baby-sitters!

Jan 10, 2012

Holiday....Chapter 1

I will tell you my holiday in a few posts: so lets rock and roll.

After a very emotional, hectic and overwhelming 2011!!! A year that I still cannot believe end like that. We really needed a break. We needed a break to just glue as a new family and to just for the first time ever to be a family!! Still feels weird to be called a ”FAMILY”!!!! and geez it feels GREAT!!!!!

The 16th we went to Stillbay for the holiday.  

If you could see the car..... its was pack to the roof!! And if you know me ( who love.... flowers) there was 3 pot plants packed at my feet and a orchid on my lap. The twins at the back.... you could not see. So to get to them we needed to stop along the road. Have to say the twin stuff took up allot of space, but who cares. Me and luv can pack a car, after all you just need space to see the road!!!

From the moment we arrive till the moment we left.... the twins have grown!!!!! And develop!!!!!

At home they sleep in their own room , but the holiday they slept next to us! We make turns to be on night duty and it work like a bomb!!! Every second night you get a good night’s sleep zzzzzzzzzz.

Nika who was the little rocker turn into a sweet little girlie. She is a real dream!! But Wium turn into “trouble” he never want to go to sleep, not even at night time. So he is grumpy all the time , BECAUSE he is tired!!!! ( all everyone is saying...... just like his mommy!! She don’t want to go and sleep ever...)

If you put Nika in the cot she will get up in the same position, but Wium is like clock.....turning and tossing all the time. Once he was lying on top of Nika. When we hit home 2 days ago they slept in their own cots and it work wonderfully!

Nika will take her last bottle at 9 at night and will wake at 5 or 6 in the morning. YES she sleep through the night . jippeee ....and Wium????? He will take his last bottle at 9 at night  and then he will wake every 2 to 3 hours!!!  Thats the trouble with twins!!! ( I don’t think they know , but we are trying something new this evening.... hope it work!)

Luv doing a tandem-feed!!

yes Wium are tired!!! because he dont ever sleep!

Look Wium is pulling Nika's bow on her top, and she hates it!

can you believe.... he is a sleep zzzzzzz

Jan 9, 2012

I am back!!!

Hi everybody I am back after a wonderful holiday ( just what I needed) I am just busy getting my routines in order for 2012.  I will soon keep you posted with my "what happen in the holidays" but for now. Welcome back to my blog!!!!! and yes I did miss you all!! hope you miss me 2!

may 2012 be the best year for you all!!!! I suppose I have strike 2011 as my lucky-one!!
I hope all your dreams and hopes will come true. For all of you still wishing for you babies,  I pray that 2012 will be you baby-year!!!!
and the rest just enjoy what comes your way!!

Lots of love