Nov 17, 2016

                         Today is WORLD PREM DAY.... and my prems are 5 years old !
 Having fun holding are precious premmies.
our " half hour prem"holding on for dear life
First prem feed of 1 ml milk! and now at 5 they never stop eating anymore
after 2 weeks of prem life they have been putting together after leaving womb-life. They have miss each other some much
I am just so blessed!!!! My prems are healthy, cute, adorable and loveable.

Nov 15, 2016

My have done my 2nd trail which was great fun due to extreme rain and mud!! not much running more sliding and laughing. Like the one ouck said "today let the kids in you come out"

The run was call the Jackal trail and so the kids was worried the whole time the that Jackal have catch mommy!! sorry kids its not the Jackal its the slow mommy!!

this is how our feet look like...donkey feet!!
Next year I will be gear up for new challenges!!

Nov 3, 2016

Last night it was Charlize "Nika" Theron and Bruce "Wium" Willis yearly concert....A night with the stars!
Venue pack with parents, gran's and kids. All waiting for the stars of the evening 

He was a dwarf in snow white and the 7 dwarfs and she was a cowgirl from Toy story
Here the super cool dwarf arrive

Look at this cool cowgirl
Hi Ho Hi HO... off to work we go
Nika enjoy everysec of it, her partner did not pitch but  she did  not have a care about it,,,,, I suppose show must go on!