May 28, 2016

At dam last my paint work is finish… so now I need to do my kids photobook which are 3 years behind!! Which mean if I don’t do it now soon I will be 10 years behind!!!

And where are heading for month JUNE and all this mean is half a year gone by.

All I actually want to do it just have coffee in my garden but NO.


And then we have had last week in which I nearly turn grey in seconds.

The Monday night Luv coach squash at the school and we went with cause its great fun. This school are on the farm so its beautiful! We walk to the rugby fields and on the pavilion the kids run and jump and play and then Nika call me , Mommy I am going to slide down. I turn around and there she was sitting on the otherside of the rail at the point 10 metre down. My hearft nearly faint.So I just said no thats not n good slide just climb back again please!! And when she back I lost it! Shit kids can give you such a scare!!


The went to Stilbay for the weekend and the Sunday while having a coffee and the kids exploring the bushes and digging holes, Wium come running towards us saying I am so scared now, there are a octopus standing on one leg and he make Sssssss to us…… and he have spots on him!!!

I look at Luv saying goodness its n Pufadder  snake!!!! So we run towards where they saw it!! Then they show us where they where and where the snake was it was less that a metre apart!  I was nausea for 2 days!! Lucky their angles was doing overtime that day!!!! I don’t even want to think what could have happen!.


And then the Tuesday on our way back home we visit friend and Wium fell his head open. He scream and when we got to him blood was streaming over him . It was blood just where you look!!!
we took him to the pharmacy to get some sterri strips and meds and plasters. They said we it needed stiches but I was not in need of trauma to my kids so mommy just strip him up and he was all happy and went playing with his friends.

Realy now I need my coffee!! Please!!