Dec 13, 2013

May you all have a wonderful time with loads of blessing !!!!!  I am going to take a break for    the next month and will only chat to you in 2014 again!!

Dec 12, 2013

                                  A friend painted this for me...... never give up on your dreams !
                                               the blue and red heart are for my twins.
                                                     I just love this painting!!!!

Dec 11, 2013

The twins are getting smarter and adorable by the minute! I enjoy them so much and can not think each stage are speeding so fast daily. The stuff they do and the way they think and to see how different they are. I  give them space to develop each their own personality and that's amazing.

They love dressing funny and want to go out like that and I leave them. One day we go to town with swim-towels and one boot on. The next its face paint like cats or pants with second skins, or slippers ( maybe they have sore feet? who will know) some days I just want to laugh!! and they will also laugh about the photos one day!

                                                daddy leave me I look great!

Do you want to dance Sis?? yes they do think they very funny and ( he wanted to dress in her clothes)

                                                        We have so much fun  have together.

                look our nice car,'s the neighbours brand new walking-aid!!!!

                                                     I am addicted to my family!!!!!

Dec 10, 2013

                                     More weekend photos...... playing with suro-sus kids

 Grandpa is watching "lollos" with the twins.
I think Grandpa is loving it the most!
Waiting for breakfast!! ( Nika love funny dressing)

Dec 9, 2013

Suro-sus operation went well and she is out of hospital.  this past weekend we have had an party and my parents came to babysit the kids and suro-sus kids come with. My kids though it was heaven to play all the time and last night they fall asleep while I was drying their hair.

                                            Look at the beautiful cookies Ouma brought us

Dec 6, 2013

Today Suro-sus need to go for an operation. I know how terrified you can be when you need surgery. So today I am thinking of you Angel-sus and know everything will be fine xxxxxx Love you xxxxx

Dec 3, 2013

I always wonder this time of the year why I am so damm irritated? I think mostly because I realize all things I did not get time for this pass year. Things that did not get done.( There are so many) I am piss because of the time I spend with people that did not deserved. I am piss because there was just not time for all my dear friends. I wonder if I did enough for my kids?( although I am 24/7 with them, it always feel not enough) And I wonder why the hell again I give myself NO ME-TIME. I am so due for that.

I am  seeing  so such forward to the holiday. It will be the longest Luv is going to took leave in December ever.  It will be wonderful just to spend time together with the kids and fun time, and to not any routines and just to go with the flow..... I want to laugh! And that happen most times when talking nonsense to my family and good friends. Just yesterday evening me and suro-sus where laughing our souls out for “funny-fam-photos”

And I think I cannot wait for the next year, I have so many plans and life changes for 2014!! I have so many planned I am actually seeing forward to it.

Nov 28, 2013

One of my favourite's 

Nov 26, 2013

What a week!!! Last week I was in pain for 2 days  I could not stand, I could not lay, I could not think!

Thursday morning from 3 o’clock I was up walking around in the house due to this pain, I vomit and sweat.... but we have planned  a off day so I drink pain killers and off we went. I went for a haircut ( after months) and took some photos with the kids ( chaos, they did not want to leave their sleeping toys or their bottles!! And Nika just wanted to chill on a couch) and then we did shopping and took the kids for a swim getting home at 20h00.

The pain was back and so I drink pills again. Was up all night and Friday morning I was at a birthday party ( I felt like shit) went home phone the doctor.... Pain was getting worse so Luv fetches me and off we go to my doctor. I just through stuff in the car and there we go. I was so scared it was a cyst again..... Scans show nothing, thanx no theatres for me.  Look like it was my intestines or kidneys giving problems.

So with more painkillers we hit the shops and went to friends.  When we want to drive back( hour and half) at 20h00. The pain was back full force!! And now its this should we stay or go!!! We stay I was too scared to get home and need to drive all the way  back. Thanx to great friends!! It was not planned but we always enjoying seeing for dear friends. xxxx

With loads of pills I passed out in bed, waking with now pain the next morning what a relief!!! Something inside was back to normal again.

And then yesterday, Nika is cutting her last teeth, and she start to vomit!! And vomit!! And today she was feeling so weak, shame poor thing!! Hopefully we finish with all these, “sicky-noncense

                                        The beginning of the shoot
                                       Wium have had enough!

                                        .... and Nika hate photos!

Nov 19, 2013

I always wonder you wait till it’s this time of year before you want to start finish everything you have just   start when  2013 show his colours.

I am busy with all that did-not-do-stuff!!!

We have made a few changes in our home for better organizing and more order in this “House of Chaos”

Lately after two years I have time to do some gardening at last. And with all the rain we have had ,my garden are looking great again. There is still loads of work but we have start. The “WE” are me and my two helpers. They just love to be outside and planting and working in the garden.
The part they enjoy most is watering everything


Nov 11, 2013

Sometimes things just pop up in your life, that open up long time memories and thoughts.

Last week was one of those one of my friends always say at parties the women can only talk or must I say moan about their kids ( they mostly not even look after all the time) their house helpers ( who mostly do all the stuff they  suppose to do) and their Husbands!!  These are mostly boring to me to listen at. And if they pregnant it’s like a FULL BLAST TRADAGY in their life. I must listen to they had bad the 2 months struggling to get knock !!!! How extremely nausea they are!! And the tiredness. Poor shame idiots!! And it was there decision to get pregnant, but now it’s all this moan. This poor baby must feel like a total failure doing this to poor stupid mommy.



I was reading an article a girl writes for a magazine.  With her first pregnancy she sleep the whole day ( yes she don’t work or anything it’s only then when you can sleep all day) and now the baby is 18 months and she is pregnant again( planned) and now she don’t have time to sleep ALL DAY and its not right to the new born, so she is getting someone to look after baby then she can sleep! ( Have you ever) and she is complaining all the way. Do this ass ever think that there are millions of other girls how need to work all day, still need to do things at home and have other kids at home and they pregnant too. They cope and enjoy life. Why do you want to be pathetic?? And a sorry-suzy?? Shame, these poor kids to have mothers like these!! I can only say good luck!!

It’s while listening to talks like this when I think of years of struggling, heaps and heaps of hormonal meds that get pumping into you. The nausea of weeks ( and it’s not due to pregnancy) the hours and hours spend at waiting rooms. The days and days you need to sit out in life because you busy with treatment.

Please just be grateful if life, have give you the easy-baby-card and enjoy the most wonderful miracle that life can give you.

All the effort to get this two, was all worth it!!!

Nov 4, 2013

 ...and then I stay with my parents on the farm for 3 days!! The kids were having a bliss!!!

with Grandpa on the tractor
very smart in her own "car"
can you see the kids in grandma's VERY colourful décor?
Lunch time!
very tired after an outing!!

Oct 30, 2013

While in Cape Town we took the kids to the aquarium. They just love every moment. Running around waving to all the fishes, and talking to them. Maybe they have met before, just don’t know where.

They just go crazy on outings! They love exploring new places and new things and we are so privilege to have the opportunities showing them around. Its the best family outings ever.

Things do take hours to complete but as long as they have fun, we have fun, there will be a time where we will get “us-time” again.

Its only when they took their afternoon naps in there pram where we can go and have a bite or do shopping! And what a bargain when we want to have a coffee and in this centre, and one of their favourite’s where performing live!

Oct 26, 2013

Sorry for the absence... but I was away for a week, and now I am back again with loads that happen.

Last Friday I went to see a Knee Specialist. I am so glad I did that, now I know what to do. I have a typical 40ish (really???) knee. I do have injury to it( it show on the x-rays) and with  carrying the kids all the time it do put extra pressure on the knees and I do need to take care from now on.... No, running anymore ( sob sob, I like it alot) just cycling( hate it) and swimming ( love it, just not in cold water) ... and I did not tell him about the IMPI the next day.

So Saturday it was THE IMPI CHALLANGE. I did enter months before, did not have time or mostly energy to exercise for it. The last month did do hills( this save me) on the treadmill.

I think it’s our BEST friends( it mean alot to us) because they offer look after the twins for the day. Luv was sick the week before so he was feeling a bit down still so he decided to do it with me. As we drove off I wanted to cry to leave my kids ( first time ever for the day) but as we enter the impi-site I decided to just enjoy every single second of this day.! I needed this time away.

The week before I did think I am not fit for this what if I don’t make it, and then the old me kick in, There is a big reason why I want to do it( more personal after getting stuck in life) so come high or low water even I  need to drag myself... I will finish it. I never did an off road before.

The start was hectic with hills up and down that feel like forever, after that, we needed to swim though a ice cold dam with clothes and shoes... and after that 12km follow with loads of obstacles thing I never did before. The venue was absolutely beautiful !!!!! It was one of the races I enjoy the most, it was challenging and amazing!!! And the best Luv did it with me. I walk all the way after what doc said, and I think it was Luv’s ( hi is very fit) most boring race ever doing it with me, walking. But we talk and laugh and had so much fun!!!!

I have made it!!! all bruised-up and full of scratches...  it show I do have allot in me still!! Just what I needed now.

And when we got home the afternoon, the kids was lying on a picnic blanket in our friends arms chatting..... and they did not even miss us!!!!

I think this was what we all needed, thanx IMPI and FRIENDS!!!
                                 Just finish the race!
It was life and I decided to live it!!
Many people dress up!! here I already took an shower!!
Suro-sus and my brother also did the race the next day, here she is running to the finish. Go Sus!with brother cheering her on.
One of the many obstacles!

Oct 13, 2013

When things sound far away you always think, there are loads of time....and before you realise it.... its on you and...You don’t think you really ready for what’s to come.

Months ago I enter the IMPI challenge, for several reasons( most personal). A month ago we received an email “ DO YOU EXERCISING THE RIGHT WAY”  if you running on the tar road it’s time to get off road! At that time I was still on the treadmill and now a week before the race, my running shoe did not even get the smell of gravel!!

I have just did a 6 km to see how I am doing and I am fine!! Will I be ready for the 12km with obstacles??? That we will see!

Awhile ago I have made a appointment with a knee specialist,( its the day before the race) because for years I am have discomfort and now my knees are sounding like a horror movie, its freaking! So I am having it check to see what future hold for my 39years old knees!.

First when I see I am not going to get fit in time, I thought I will tell this doc about the race and he will say, No don’t do it!! And it will be great!! But now

The more and more I think about it, I so badly want to do it! Fit or not! For myself I need to finish it, if not it will be the first thing I enter and did not do! And that is so not me!! I am a never ender tryer!! I have the twins to show for that!!


This is what  one of a lot of obstacles will look!!

Oct 7, 2013

My kids was getting their hair very lately, and when Wium's hair start to grow it was very curly so he look more and more like someone who have to work at a circus. So the day before he turn two it was time for his first hair cut.... he thought it was great fun!!!
                                         Mommy I can't wait to see my new hair style!
Daddy stop laughing, Mommy is doing great!
Look at all my "curly's"
Gee, but I am sexy!!!

Sep 30, 2013

Saturday it was the twins second birthday!! Can you all believe two years have flash away in front of us? Two most amazing years, I still need to pinch me now and them to realize this is real.

The party theme was “dog and cat” and they love their cakes.

The night before a dear friend sleep over and keep me company and give a little hand while I bake the cakes! I did give her allot of short-cake- baking-ideas which she watch in amazement. Due to a new oven..... No flops this year. I am def not a pro, but I love to make all the things by myself. It took allot of time, thanx to pizza breaks and luv’s nice coffee, we got everything under control. Just before we went to bed at 1 o clock, we watch the birth video and it give a goose bumps all over....

Next morning Wium first wake ( with his newly cut hairstyle) I just laugh he look so cute now. When Nika make her entrance form the staircase, they run to each other and hug each other! As if they know it’s their special day.
                                           I love you brother!!

My parents arrived with all the nephew and nieces! And they all have had a jol and just play for hours before the party friends arrive.
                                       The family arrived!!

All their friends arrived and they blow their candles very proudly and the party start!!

Afterwards they were so tired!! And their parents too!!!

I love these kids 100 s and 1000s !!! I adore them!!!! They my everything!! I don’t want to miss a single second of them!!


....and to the most precious girl ( yes, she is a fairy with a wand) in the world who made dreams come true!!! Sus , I don’t have words for this give you give to us!! We love you so much!! xxxxx