Dec 6, 2012

If we buy stuff for the twins like toys, whatever, we do not buy two of each. For the simple reason,  how will my house end up looking? And from the start we want them to share ( something that no kids if any ,not even these two understand)

Sometimes I do get presents which are the same , but that’s where it end.

But their cots look identical. With the same trimmings and stuff inside.

Each have a 1 metre long worm ( the first thing I bought when we know its twins) we use it more for packing them tight in their cots, because they are turning like a “fun fair” there are a extra cushion that’s the one plus the one for their heads and then they got a small blancky-toy-thing  and then each got and identical same mouse.

This mouse’s, was the first thing I bought after our 3 months scan, after seeing our two precious identical twin boys ! I can still remember that scan, it was so cool to see them....I never bought baby stuff because  every time it ended in a miscarriage. But that time it felt so real.

After I lost the boys, I was putting everything in a memory box and when I felt the need, I open it and have a cry-of-life-time. In this box were all the scans pic’s, prezzy we’ve got and the 2 furry mousses.


When the twins were born, it just felt real to give them, their 2 brothers, little toys. I think it was like a healing thing for me.

The mousses are the exact same but for some reason there are a huge difference that only Nika and Wium can see. Its crazy I know.

We can do what we want they both cry for the same mouse!!! Even if I put the two next to each other they go for the same one.

This morning Nika got “THE ONE” first and showing it to Wium like “Look what I’ve  got” WEE LAA!! And Wium was charging towards her and she was going like the wind doing everything so that Wium just could not catch the mouse and her.


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  1. Beautiful post, you have come a loooooonng way!